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Member since: Mon Aug 7, 2017, 05:29 PM
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Yep. That's actually my point.

Build the case that tRump is a criminal and a liar and a con man and a tax cheat and cares only about himself and will break any and every law to promote and protect himself and his interests. Do it with witnesses, on the teevee and keep doing it. Go into election season with months of THAT, dammit, instead of waffling around with political calculations and boohoo! The pukes won't convict him.

For once, can we please take the fight to them, instead of letting them set the terms of the debate? Please?

I hope someone makes the point

that a preznit open to paying hush money is open to blackmail.

It is not about the affair per se, it is about tRump's vulnerabilities (which are legion) and what he is willing to do to protect his flabby orange ass.
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