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Member since: Wed Aug 9, 2017, 11:37 AM
Number of posts: 74

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NYTimes Hacks for access Thrush/Haberman

Running cover for Trump 24/7 all for their in depth interviews.
She is this generations Judy Miller.


Breitbart goes full Infowars


Trump crime family. It's Mueller time


Rachel Maddow wins again!

Covering that topic that apparently no one is talking about.


Here are 6 times Donald Trump sounded like a white supremacist tonight


It is clear that if you are a Trump Supporter still

you are in fact a Nazis Sympathizer and might as well complete your full cultism by seeking out a grave site of a fallen WW2 veteran/hero and spit on their grave stone because that is what you are doing at this point dishonoring their sacrifice.
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