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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 11:28 PM
Number of posts: 14,375

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Back 12 years ago.....

I watched a lot of NE sports. That stopped 4 years ago. Not sure I can give a shit about sports anymore. Thanks Traitor-In-Chief.

A Live Dead song with no Lyrics.....from 1971.

They were a different kind of band. Going off-script and just.....jamming.


So I went to FreeRepublic, curious what the brain-trust there was talking about.

Turns out nothing relevant to todays trial. Kinda wierd, as I would think that there would be plenty of opinions about todays events. But really, nothing. Not a frontpage story for sure. So I think they must be moderating the shit out of the Impeachment....like, no impeachment is happening.

So, I checked the rest of the frontpage stories to see what they might be whining about and saw this post-

Fox News cancels Lou Dobbs’ show and is expected to part ways with the pro-Trump host and this was the 2nd comment in the thread.

The force of the drain causes speedy circling. Paladin2 may be onto something.....


The Senate Vote, aka, the Final Act.

Cannot wait to see how each Republican votes....

Acquit Trump - See you in the GE
Indict Trump - Good luck in the primaries.

Hypothetically speaking.....

if you were a Republican Congressperson, who would you turn to for moral/ethical guidance within your Party caucus? While I could fill a list off the top of my head in the Democratic caucus, really kind come up with any consistent voice in that club.

Will the House Impeachment team cover the "stand down" aspect of the Pentagon's

lack of getting NG troops to the Capitol? It really should...this has to be part of the public record. Mike Flynn's brother seemed to be the Trump stooge that blocked a response to the riot and that had to be part of the Insurrection planning.

Wynton Marsallis in Chile - Jungle Blues

300,000? At least....and they were connected...


I am an expert on Presidential Impeachments...been through 4.

Nixon, socially liberal, but totally paranoid.

Please stop sending me hearts, goddam it.

I do not deserve. Give hearts to the new peeps that show up, looking for intelligent conversation.

Should we close with Adam Schiff's words from the 1st Impeachment?

Nothing has changed Trump is still a criminal.
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