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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 10:28 PM
Number of posts: 11,702

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Dave Bromberg - Cocaine Blues

Whatta guitarist.....


Bob Weir / Kingfish - Big Iron - 2009

Kinda country....reminds me of "Me and My Uncle".....


Tom Petty - Learning to Fly.

Love this song....


Consolidated Communications - Centrl Maine - Internet Service.

Any problems? It took me about an hour to watch the Red Sox beat the Braves tonight ....9th inning only. Been 2 minutes on and 5 minutes off for 2 days.....any better solutions? In fairness, this problems happens about once every 3-4 months. The it is fine.

Well, it sure beats what dumps used to look and smell like.....

back in the 60's we occasionally went to the dump to get rid of stuff. Mountains of pushed up trash, open fires, all kinds of chemicals and rotting whatever. Rats were friendly, too.

Most improved landfills seem to understand the need to vent the methane gas. I see lots of upside down "J" PVC vents to address this issue. But, why not develop a system to harvest/capture the gas and turn it into electrical energy?

I am seeing lots of landfill's are being repurposed to include solar panel farms. So the juice provided, in part, from solar, can create more energy burning these waste gases. A symbiotic approach to electrical energy development.

Dead - 2/13/70 - Whole Show

What makes this interesting, besides being a great early show, is the audio mastery. Apparently this is was recorded when the wall of sound was starting...though I thought the wall of sound showed up in 71. Saw it in Boston.....NRPS started @ 6:00 and the Dead ended it after 1:00 AM. Whatta show. No Hart but Kreutzman, Pigpen, Lesh, Weir, and Garcia.....already doing incredible music to start the 70's off right.


Dead - Not Fade Away - Late 80s/Early 90s...


Damn. what a great rhythm band. Had Buddy Holly survived, he'd have happily plugged in with the dudes that crried his sound forward. Stone's recorded it....the Dead played it.

Lou Reed - Dirty Boulevard, London - 1998


Dirty John - Netflix

Watched S1 over 5 days last week Brilliant. Character development was awesome.

Watching S2....totally different story. Maybe even more disturbing. Psycho's I get, Guys like Dan in Season 2 is a whole lot different psycho....

Wynton Marsalis - A Train - with Tap Dancing in reheasal, 2007

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