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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 10:28 PM
Number of posts: 12,456

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Listening to RM, I wonder if Cohen knows why Alfa Bank had a dedicated server

in Trump Tower to Alfa (Russian) Bank HQ?

The Post Office is our daily connection with our Democracy and the Federal Government.

Sure, we all have moments where we deal with various other agencies (I'm looking at you IRS), but, on a daily basis, at least in my small town in Central Maine , it is a real connection as to how we view our national government. They are the familiar faces that we get to know in our trips to the Post Office.

Sugar Magnolia - American Beauty

Cool Song - everybody loved this, but


but did you know. while the Dead were recording American Beauty.... in the next studio over, CSNY were recording their seminal album Deja Vu ? And Jerry stepped in to do the Steel Pedal, on opener to Teach Your Children? Yep, spur of the moment and Garcia nailed the beginning of this tune. So says David Crosby.

I Second that Emotion....

Smokey would like, but this is not the Jerry Garcia Band. This is the Dead in 1971.....wowza.


I'm Not a Phish-head, but I really like this tune - Bouncing Around the Room


100 year Hall, 1972, Stutgart, Germany, Dead, "Going Down the Road"


1972, folks, the best sound engineers were recording this stuff. And, wow, whatta a 10 min. jam. The opening is wild. Kreutzman is totally on beat, everyone else is just sonically, together. I am a Deadhead, but this song is so friggen great, like I've never heard the band play. Enjoy.

If there is a better Live Band playing good ol' Americana in this timeframe (this is Woody Guthrie's song). let me know.

This is the core band. Garcia,Weir, Lesh, and Kruetzman. Donna, Keith, and Pigpen don't add to this, interestingly.....until the end and Donna brings her vocals in, beautifully. But it's all about the beat and the Dead were the best beat players....always on time.

And this a true interpretation of an American hero/musician. Woody Guthrie. If I had an the opportunity, I'd ask Arlo what he thought of the Dead pushing Woodie's music forward. If someone can, please report back on his comment,

This Magic Moment - Lou Reed


So I had to see how the opposite reality folks are reacting to the Harris pick....

Here's the primary thread from the braintrust at Free Republic. Of course, you have no way of knowing how many of these idiots are Russian bots or RNC/NRA operatives....but here are some of the comments worth noting-

This pick means that Biden and the Democrats are worried about California.
31 posted on 8/11/2020, 4:23:39 PM by Meatspace

Honestly, if one didnít know who she is, she wasnít an unattractive woman per se, before the surgery that is. Not only that but she ainít eligible for the office anyway, as if that matters.
32 posted on 8/11/2020, 4:23:40 PM by OKSooner

lol..good news for Trump. Nasty woman.
47 posted on 8/11/2020, 4:25:54 PM by DouglasKC

In a rare moment, Mike Pence is laughing his ass off.
49 posted on 8/11/2020, 4:26:06 PM by real saxophonist

Predicted it WEEKS ago. He buys her NOTHING in terms of electoral vote and probably cost him a few states due to her aggressive pot convictions while CA Attorney General.
Landslide: TRUMP!
65 posted on 8/11/2020, 4:28:41 PM by usconservative

I'm so happy!
94 posted on 8/11/2020, 4:36:19 PM by throwthebumsout

More likely they are the designated losers, like John ĎI served in Vietnamí Kerry in Ď04
110 posted on 8/11/2020, 4:39:08 PM by Magnum44

OK, you get the reaction. Seems like they are banking on the same warped idea that she's not a true American, like they did with Obama. Sad that they remain determinedly delusional after 3.5 years of Trump. Really, they are still a bunch of fucking morons. Some things never change.

Now, I'd like Joe to do a slow rollout of his cabinet. One pick a week.

Starve Trump of his political oxygen...give the news shows something to focus on. The coming Big Blue Wave Machine!

This is one of those great days on DU....

when I can never catch up with all of the new posts. You read one, refresh, and there are 10 new posts to read. And I love it!
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