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Beatlelvr's Journal
Beatlelvr's Journal
March 27, 2024

A friend of mine, a Democrat, wants to see the paintings

By George W. Bush that are at the Nixon Library right now. I think they are portraits of vets. I said, wait, what? You want to go to the Nixon (war criminal) Library, to see the artwork of George W. Bush (another war criminal)?
She said, I thought you'd bust a gut over that one. But yeah, I really want to see the portraits. Well, have a great time.

March 27, 2024

A new Will Trent!!!

On abc, now, pacific time

March 21, 2024


What's Up Doc is on TCM. I forgot how funny it is.

March 6, 2024

May I tell a funny story about my mom?

A friend and I wanted to see the new A Star is Born when it came out. Mom said, Can I go too? She was 96 and using a walker. On the way to theater my friend from the backseat says, Now Mrs. Wardlow, I just want to warn you...there will probably be alot of swearing in the movie, you know, it's about musicians and could get bad. After the movie my friend and I raved about it, Want to see it again next week? Mom said, Want to know what I thought? It was too fucking loud!
Mom passed on January 15 at 100.

March 1, 2024

One way to help with Texas fires

I'm donating to Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team, who are helping with
animal evacuations and services due to the huge fire situation.
Please donate if you can.

February 28, 2024

Need help/advice on photo sharing apps

Seeking some advice on how to post photos here. I signed up for smugmug last year, but couldn't figure out how to use it. No step-by-step instructions. I think it assumes the user already has some experience with that kind of thing. I don't!
Any suggestions on a user-friendly app
that's EASY to use? I typically use my Samsung phone to access internet. Do I need to use my laptop for sharing photos?

February 18, 2024

More hearts!

I'm thrilled. Thanks!!!

February 18, 2024

I got another heart!

Thank you so much!!!

February 10, 2024

A question for UK folks

I watch alot of British tv shows, mostly crime dramas, some comedies. Every time there's an American character, they are rude, loud and brash. Is this the overall feeling towards Americans?
Yes, some of us are those things, but that's true of any nationality.
One time in Newcastle, my mother and I went to a pub for lunch. Someone had written "stupid yanks" on our bill.
I'm really just curious about this. Thanks for any feedback.

February 10, 2024

Another heart!

Thank you so much.
I love DU, first thing I look at every morning.

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