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Beatlelvr's Journal
Beatlelvr's Journal
June 24, 2022

So here's a question about if something is explicitly detailed in Constitution

I'm wondering about Freedom of Speech. Isn't your "right" to donate a boatload of money with no limit to a candidate held under the freedom of speech concept? Unlimited donations are not explicitly mentioned in Constitution but it's been interpreted that way, right? (Also Hustler Magazine for that matter, but that's another situation.)

June 23, 2022

Question about uninstalling gmail app

My AT&T email was on the Gmail app for years. About a year ago I noticed it wasn't syncing or refreshing in a timely manner so I went to AT&T store. They said Gmail app was acting up recently but no solution. I recently missed some important emails so went to store again. The guy suggested installing my email on Yahoo app. It's working better now. My question: is it ok now to uninstall the Gmail app?

June 4, 2022

A good raincoat?

I need some advice. I just got back from a tour to the Adriatic including Croatia and Slovenia. It rained a couple days and my new Lands End "raincoat" was worthless. Wet hair, and wet arms! It was sold as good for light showers. No!
Looking online I see some but several revues say they do not keep out rain. Even some ponchoes.
Does anyone know of a good womens raincoat with hood that actually keeps you dry?
Appreciate any suggestions.

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