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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 08:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,226

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Over and over again he supports and praises terrorists,

Recently cop killers, but he's called nazi's and members of the KKK good people. He sided with international terrorist Iike Putin , and Kim Jung un, and did things to help them. He ignored Putin putting bounties on our service members, and allowed Kim tto develope nuclear weapons, and a weapons delivery system that could hit the USA. He incited domestic terrorists to attack our members in Congress. How many terrorists does he have to openly support before his supporters realize he's one too?

Are we in this position now because,

The DOJ failed to uncover ,before it happened , Putin and his puppets 2016 election rigging , which put him into office illegally. Why isn't the puppet already behind bars? How much longer can this be ignored before it escalates ? If it's much longer the wrong people are over it, and need to be replaced. We need results, not excuses. We also need the truth, all of it, and the truth about their failure uncovering it much sooner. This is ridiculous a former guy threatening us with domestic terrorism, and always siding with terrorist against us. Sorry for ranting, but it's gone on too long, and many are still walking the streets , instead of facing real consequences for all their crimes. Am I the only one getting pissed about this?

Orange hitler's losing power, his recent rally he couldn't even draw 300 supporters,

And now his candidate loses by a landslide exposes he's lost more support. Is he trying to hurt the GOP now because he lost for revenge?

The DOJ need to start a public PR campaign warning people ahead of time,

Anyone attending this rally on the 18th threatening, or acting out with violence , or inciting people at it to use violence will suffer severe consequences of the law, especially those that bring, or stockpile weapons for use, or attack a State or Federal government building will be met with the full force of our police and military if needed , and face the maximum sentences for their actions, so they are well aware of their consequences if they are violent in any way.
It also has a way of making some choose not to get involved, and lesson the chances it will happen, again. The DOJ needs to make a statement publicly violence will not be tolerated, or conspiring to get others to be violent will also have consequences. Domestic terrorism, or threats of it should never be tolerated, ever.

We have a deadly virus raging around the world, and this country,

While the biggest orange loser , who caused 100's of thousands to die, and still promoting propaganda, and creating chaos , is trying to sell tickets to a has been boxing match. That shows how desperate this loser truly is now. People he's fed disinformation to about the virus are dying because of him, and he wants to talk about a boxing match . What a loser. How un-American.

I'll like to see these two things looked in to,

Who in our government profited from the Afghan war, and the coved -19 pandemic, especially medications , donors involvement for campaign funding.

Is Abbott responsible for the spreading of Delta, and the newer variant Mu in Texas?

YES! By forcing children back to school , people back to work by cutting off unemployment, and demanding no masking policies, he is spreading the virus, and increasing the development of worse and more deadly variants in Texas. Abbott is enabling the virus with his policies causing more hospitalizations, and deaths, which are more republicans, and he thinks he's done a great job. He and Desantos are not protecting the people they serve, just the opposite, they're killing them.

The fascist radicalized mob boss like minority leader McCarthy,

Is now showing all companies what's in store for them under their control if they return to power. It'll be like in Russia under putin, you do as we say or else, you pay us with campaign contributions or else, you help corrupt everything for us or else we destroy, or take your business from you. Under their plans only the most corrupt are allowed to succeed like putin has done in Russia.

Wouldn't by exposing someone's health condition without approval,

Be a Hippa laws violation. So, couldn't a bounty hunter faces charges and lawsuits too? Could that be used to stop the bounty hunters exposing. Women's pregnancy and procedure history?

A Democrat ends one war in Afghanistan, Texas Taliban GOP increase their War on women.

When's this cycle going to end? I hope the American people understand what they're doing, and vote, while they still can.
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