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duforsure's Journal
duforsure's Journal
April 14, 2024

Does anyone else think even if tfg gets convicted of 25 or more of the charges,

He'll escape being jailed? Especially from Democrats whimping out , and then giving him a deal, and a country club lifestyle for the rest of his life. That would really be upsetting,

February 10, 2024

Frankly I'm very happy with President Biden's memory,

He remembers we're a Democracy , and the other guy wants to be a dictator .
Joe remembers we have a rule of law, and the other guy has contempt for it.
Joe remembers truthfulness and honesty,, while tfg lies most of the time.
Joe remembers who our allies are, and who is our enemy, where tfg idolizes international terrorist like putin and kim.
Joe remembers what respect is,, tfg has no respect for anyone, never will.

Joe is older , but he's not a fraud like the other guy is, or a criminal.

January 24, 2024

Nikki Haley should use one liners, funny ones, against him,

Like, This country has in its history never seen a male candidate who wears 5 times more make up then is female opponent wears.
or, My dress looks nicer than his white bedsheets and a pointed mask and hat.
or, He's too scared to debate a strong smart woman because he's a coward, and will look weak like he did acting like a coward in Helsinki towards Putin.
She needs to make people laugh at him, and quit being so nice.

December 22, 2023

Wonder if tfg is possibly bribing judge canon, and the corrupted SC justices ?

Dangling a supreme court seat, or wealthy donors providing 6 figure bribes? His pattern of corruption never changes . Wouldn't it be interesting if this was exposed. What would their consequences be?

December 20, 2023

Was Putin behind the Hamas Israel attack?

Are they tying to pull a Reagon hostage tactic to try making tfg look good?

December 20, 2023

What's putin and his puppet the Lying King's next move after Colorado,

They'll try getting their fascist members in Congress to pressure, bribe, blackmail red state banana republicans into falsely claiming Biden is an insurrectionist too, to remove his name from the ballots, or try to anyway they can. I think it would fail, but they would try .

December 15, 2023

Rudy is using the same tactics tfg uses

Remember when tfg claimed Obama wasn't born here lies, then he claimed he had investigators that were finding all kinds of things that he claimed would be the worlds biggest scandal. All lies.

Remember how tfg claimed Hillary was so corrupt, used Benghazi and claimed her and Bills foundation was corrupt, which was found it wasn't. Then after looking into his foundation they found his was corrupt , and forced to shut down.

Now they claim Biden and his son Hunter are corrupt, and tfg and his banana republicans repeat the lies they refuse to show any evidence of, but they want to go fishing for anything they can use against them. Tfg is doing the same thing claiming the election was rigged.

Rudy's pulling the same scam against these two election workers, projecting they are corrupt, knowing its a lie. He knows he is the corrupt one, and a liar.

Tfg projects onto others what he's done , over and over again. You'd think tfg supporters would catch onto the fraud king tactics. Rudy did.

November 14, 2023

TFG is projecting towards others of his actions, and what he really is,

Which is a corrupt serial liar, and racist , and a fascist and domestic terrorist who will do anything to hurt the American people if he doesn't get whatever HE wants. He's a sadist who will hurt people when given the chance by inciting violence every chance he gets .and to terrorize people into submission. Until he's stopped , his violence will escalate. Fascist don't do nice, or deal with the truth well.
The banana republicans by not ridding themselves of this cancer when they had chances , are destroying their party. The truth is what hurts them the most. Media needs to stop showing, or repeating their lies.

October 6, 2023

TFG and his followers aren't Republicans, or conservative,

They don't believe in the rule of law, democracy, the constitution, the truth, or elections they can't corrupt for themselves. The longer their party refuses to oust tfg and the fascist group, the more elections they'll lose, and it will take their party longer to recover . TFG is a serial liar, and a career criminal and con man, working at destroying the republican party. TFG is a fascist dictator wannabe , not a republican. Republicans could start by working with the democrats to retake the Speaker of the House position to stabilize their party to fight the fascist until they can oust them. If the remaining republicans don't align with Democrats, their party could be done.

September 8, 2023

If tfg is the gop candidate, knowing he's a national security threat,

How will this administration handle classified briefing updates, normally given to the candidate?

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