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Member since: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 11,351

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Why trump is hurting us now,

He's doing this now hurting us to use to get a deal with. He's used this tactic many times before in business, give him more and he'll stop, he'll claim for something in return, but he doesn't keep his word. It's also revenge, against the American people and both parties, and no matter what Congress sentiment , he would've come up with an excuse to stall it. He will escalate doing harmful things trying to pressure a deal .

If trump was proven to be involved with an extremist group that did this in Nashville,

What should happen to him? Could he pardon them to obstruct their prosecution, and to escape justice, and prevent them from exposing him? If a President can pardon someone for future crimes, could he then use them for crimes he wants carried out for him, forever?

I think trump was going to refuse to sign the stimulus bill because he lost,

To hurt everyone , and no matter what they had agreed to, he still would have come up with an excuse to not sign it, demanding something else. He's a sadist , and gets off hurting people, even his own followers, who he's hurting now. This is intentional , and he knows what he's doing to people but doesn't care. He and Jared already got millions in stimulus money.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

And know that within days trumps gone. Be safe and thanks to everyone for making this such a great site here on DU.

trump lied, again,

When he claimed he wanted to go big with stimulus. Nancy and the House Democrats wanted a $2,000 a month stimulus check, and more money for small businesses and state and local governments, but Mnuchin and Mitch never wanted that much, and Mitch was even lower, yet trump said nothing to them , or attacked them to do more. trump instead is stalling stimulus, and stalling money which defunds police, and now the military, while claiming the opposite, again. He did nothing to get $2,000 a month to the American people, and little until now to get $2,000 other than his normal pr propaganda for self promotion claiming this now to stall it rather than attack Mitch and the republicans. He's hurting his own followers now , not Mitch or the Democrats while Americans suffer when he goes on vacation at his Florida trump dump. This is backfiring on trump more than he realizes.

If the Republicans in the Senate had convicted trump when the had their chance,

We wouldn't be in this expanding crisis situation now, but they instead ignored the rule of law, and chose to protect and keep criminals in charge , treasonous corrupt criminals who use our government against us as a weapon now. Lets all hope the good people of GA will put Democrats into office, and retake Senate control to restore the rule of law again because with trump and them in control we're in a lawless state where the criminals rule.

trump's intentionally stalling stimulus and wanting to shut the government down,,

Which IS defunding the police and the military, both things he's accused Democrats of wanting to do. He also claimed he wanted to go bigger than the Democrats with the stimulus , when Nancy first wanted the American people to get $2,000 per month until the pandemic is over and jobs are back. trump pulled this as a pr stunt for attention and distraction, and revenge for his losing.

trump's pardons of liars , criminals, and friends will backfire on him badly,

They will after Jan. 20th have targets on their backs to testify after losing their 5th amendment rights, which they'll be forced to to tell the truth , or face more jail time. trump is setting them up by doing this, and some will lie, but some won't knowing they will escape prison. State charges also will await them in addition to new federal charges, and huge legal fees. This will backfire on trump, and his criminal associates .

The reason trump's causing chaos now,

He knows he lost, and he's promoting election propaganda to generate money for himself, and causing chaos as revenge , and to get a deal with to leave. He's used this tactic in business dealing . Hurt the others until they give him a deal or a payoff to leave. You can bet he has gotten information to use against others before him to threaten with. He often has broken deals he's made, and likely will again.he'll be claiming he has info that's bad on others.

trump and Mitch could of had the stimulus bill passed months ago,

Instead they chose to stall it, and prevent the American people and small businesses from getting anything. We can only hope they have consequences for all the pain and suffering they've caused, and they both get exposed for their crimes against us, and held accountable. If they escape justice our Democracy will not survive, and the next ones will be worse. Vote GA to help Biden help us.
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