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Member since: Mon Jun 4, 2018, 09:11 PM
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Step 1 "Poll" shows candidate #s are down. Candidate raises more $

Step 2 Candidate raises more $ and pays over most of it to campaign staff/advisors.

Step 3 Advisors order more ad buys.

Step 4 "Poll" shows candidate #s go up.

Repeat Step 1

Election/campaign industry is the devil that no one is talking about...

And it seems to work on candidates of both parties, too...

Agree or no?

Could some of the Senate Dems do this and prevent Kavanaugh from taking

a seat on the SC before the elections?


Could enough Dems hide long enough to keep Kavanaugh off the bench?

I could hear the republicans crying about the obstructionism of the Dems if enough of them ran away, but don't the republicans already cry about the Dems being obstructionists even when they show up for meetings?

If your opponents breaks tradition, bends the rules and over-steps the laws, then aren't you a fool to keep following the rules?

Oh, well! It was just an idea...
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