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Gender: Female
Hometown: London
Home country: UK/Sweden
Current location: Stockholm, Sweden
Member since: Sun Jul 1, 2018, 06:25 PM
Number of posts: 25,390

Journal Archives

DeJoy needs to be in prison, he needs to be the 1st of MANY, put him under the cosh till he squeals

I would wager those US House losses in FL-15 (Tampa it was our only real shot at taking back the FL delegation, it was a pure toss-up, but the Rethug won by almost 11%) totally possible R to D flip going in), FL-26 (Miami area, it ended up a D to R flip, against all the polls), and FL-27 (Miami area, it ended up a D to R flip, against all the polls) are HIGHLY suspicious as well

make those fucking fascist RW Cubans wail and gnash their teeth when their scum 'winners' are tossed out

I so hope (given this new 27% undelivered MIB South FL scandal) that we REALLY

drill down on the following SENATE races (plus POTUS in the ones listed)

NC (and NC POTUS race, which, like the Senate race in NC, is still not called)
IA Senate (we lost by margins WAY over all the polls)
MT Senate (we lost by margins way over all the polls)
GA Regular Senate (we already have a runoff in the Special) and GA POTUS
MI Senate (and MI POTUS)
ME Senate (still not called) and ME-2, the only one of the 4 Maine EV's that Trump will win
FL POTUS and all the close or upset House races there
AK Senate
KS Senate

plus ALL the close House races we lost (or even if not 'close' then the upsets or out of the ordinary results)

and State-wide races as well where we lost close races

I smell Rethug ratfucks everywhere with the mail-in ballots and quite likely other forms of bullshit

Over 100m USD shit away on a fantasyland Senate race (SC) based off a couple dodgy polls

a nice face, decent story, and disliking Graham so much that common sense was tossed aside.

it was NEVER a 50/50 shot. I meticulously tracked the Senate for close to a year and half, and SC was never listed by me as a flippable (and I had 13 of them). That wasted money (and the 100m or whatever shit away on the McTurtle race, pumped into a flawed candidate (she launched her campaign by saying she would have fully supported and voted for drunkey rapey Kavanaugh ffs!) who, if the primary had happened a week later or so, would not even have been running against Moscow) could have helped other more cash-needy races.

200m USD or so combined shit down the loo

the Senate is not completely lost, if Peters holds on, we need two more seats to get to 50

the races nor called yet are all Rethugs seats (except for Peters)

GA Ossoff still can pull this off and get into a run-off
GA Special (will be a runoff for sure)
ME Collins now below 50%, if she finishes below 50%, then ranked-choice voting may scupper her
NC (still not called, fingers crossed for a miracle)
AK (this is a stretch, it looks like the polls were bullshit)

Katie Porter wins re-election!


We finally lost Collin Peterson MN-7,2nd most conservative Dem, BUT in a ruby red district for years


Donna Shalala out in FL-27. RW Cubans again


Debbie Mucarsel-Powell goes down in FL-26, more RW Cuban flexing


Trump looked like a cokehead flying into Heathrow after a fortnight binge in Saint-Tropez

sounded like it too

Damn, Native American Freshwoman Xochitl Torres Small went down in NM-2


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