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Journal Archives

Amelia Tavella Architectes adds perforated copper extension to a Corsican convent


French studio Amelia Tavella Architectes renovated and extended a 15th-century convent on the island of Corsica, adding a perforated copper volume. Built in 1480, the part-ruined Saint-Francois Convent is positioned on a hill overlooking a village and mountainous landscape. Prior to the renovation, the structure had become overgrown with greenery and its stone walls were eroding and crumbling. Amelia Tavella Architectes looked to preserve the history and essence of the convent by adding a perforated copper extension that adjoined its ruined walls.

"I chose to keep the ruins and replace the torn part, the phantom part, in copper work which will become the House of the Territory," said studio founder Amelia Tavella. "The ruins are marks, vestiges, imprints, they also tell the foundations and a truth, they were beacons, cardinal points, directing our axes, our choices, our volumes."

The building is currently used as a cultural centre for the nearby town. Its new copper extension houses an exhibition room on its ground floor, a cultural space on its first, and a media library and children's spaces on the second. The new volume was designed to follow the plan of the existing building, following the form of the stone wing. Large arched openings on its ground floor were placed along the exterior of the copper volume and mimic the symmetry of the convent.

The studio explained copper was chosen for the extension for its transforming and weathering properties which, like the ruins, will tell a "story" over time. "I liked the idea of a possible return to ruin, that the copper could be undone - this possibility is a courtesy, a respect, to the past, to Corsican heritage," said the studio. The walls of the copper volume were perforated with small squares that allow light to filter through the walls into the interior corridors. Light is reflected off the copper through the corridors and onto the stone walls like a "stained glass window of a church".

Elsewhere in Corsica, Amelia Tavella Architectes built a school using traditional stone and pine that aimed to blend into the surrounding wooded landscape. The studio also transformed a 1950s residence on the Corsican coastline into a holiday home with ocean views.

Dick's burgers in Seattle just upped its minimum wage to $19. It gives workers free health care,

3 weeks paid vacation, 50% 401(k) match and $9,000 for tuition/childcare.

Its basic burger costs $1.80.

But I was told that paying people a living wage would make burgers cost $20?


Center Foward (a PhRMA-backed cut-out) has been running adverts pumping Sinema, they started

right before she came out and knee-capped Biden on his prescription drug deal.

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)




Full text of "Full Filing" for fiscal year ending Dec. 2019

Tax returns filed by nonprofit organizations are public records. The Internal Revenue Service releases them in two formats: page images and raw data in XML. The raw data is more useful, especially to researchers, because it can be extracted and analyzed more easily. The pages below are a reconstruction of a tax document using raw data from the IRS.


Center Forward contains two PhRMA lobbyists on its board of directors. Elizabeth Greer and Cindy Brown, both employed at Forbes Tate Partners, reported lobbying for PhRMA on their most recent quarterly filings on issues like prescription drug prices, the CARES Act, drug importation, data exclusivity periods for drugs, and more. Greer and Brown are both also registered as lobbyists for many drug companies, including Merck, Roche Holdings, Gilead Sciences, Novartis, Eli Lilly, and Sanofi.


New FL Surgeon General Wants To Fight Covid With Weight Loss, Fruit

DeSantis hires a whack job who dismisses vaccines. Be afraid, Florida. Be very afraid.


"Hey, I know! We'll hire a black guy with a Harvard degree who's batshit crazy, he'll take the heat, and I'll look presidential by comparison!" I can just imagine the strategy session.

Dr. Joseph Ladapo, a controversial UCLA medical professor and critic of lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates and other mitigation measures, has been named as Florida's new surgeon general, DeathSantis announced Tuesday. Basically, Lapido's a covid whack job, and if I lived in Florida and had any other place to go, I would get the hell out. Via Ars Technica:


Remember when the world laughed in his face?


La Palma volcano: Rumours of feared mega-tsunami debunked by experts


The Canary Islands have seen their first volcanic eruption in 50 years – causing old fears about a possible "mega-tsunami" that could lash America to resurface. Various misleading articles suggested the eruption in the Cumbre Vieja mountain range on La Palma island, which began on Sunday, could trigger a rockfall that would cause America to be hit with a huge tsunami.

Experts have stepped in to quash the fears, which are based on a 20-year-old scientific paper and documentary that have repeatedly been debunked. America’s National Tsunami Warning Center said: “There is NO tsunami danger for the U.S. East Coast at this time, following the eruption of Cumbre Vieja volcano, La Palma, Canary Islands.

"The National Tsunami Warning Center is monitoring this situation and based on all available data, including nearby water level observations, there is no tsunami hazard for the US East Coast." The eruption has forced the evacuation of about 5,000 people and destroyed about 100 houses. It began on Sunday, shooting lava hundreds of metres into the air, engulfing houses and forests, and sending molten rock towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Fears of a "mega-tsunami" were initially sparked in 2001 by Dr Simon Day and colleagues at University College London. Dr Day suggested an eruption of Cumbre Vieja could dislodge a huge section of the island of La Palma. The paper suggested this could lead to a vast tsunami that would be 2,000 feet high at the point the rock entered the water, and still up to 150ft high when it reached America.


Big Black - Rema Rema

Forced Exposure – FE-002
Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single Sided, Single
Industrial electro

BlackMatter (Russian hackers) Hits Grain Cooperative With Ransomware Attack


Iowa-based grain cooperative New Cooperative Inc. was struck by ransomware in recent days and has shut down its computer systems as it tries to mitigate the attack. The attack occurred on or around Friday, according to Allan Liska, senior threat analyst at the cybersecurity firm Recorded Future Inc. The ransomware gang, which goes by the name BlackMatter, is demanding a $5.9 million ransom, Liska said.

New Cooperative confirmed that they had been attacked and said they had contacted law enforcement and were working with data security experts to investigate and remediate the situation. “New Cooperative recently identified a cybersecurity incident that is impacting some of our company’s devices and systems,” according to a statement from the cooperative. “Out of an abundance of caution, we have proactively taken our systems offline to contain the threat, and we can confirm it has been successfully contained.”

New Cooperative has communicated with its feed customers and is working to create workarounds to get feed to animals while its systems are down, a person familiar with the matter said. The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

It is unclear to what extent New Cooperative’s systems have been affected. BlackMatter is believed to be linked to the ransomware group DarkSide, which attacked Colonial Pipeline Inc. earlier this year, triggering fuel shortages along on the East Coast. BlackMatter’s hackers are native Russian speakers and their code is in Russian, Liska said.


BlackMatter ransomware targets companies with revenue of $100 million and more


Sick Fisher 💙💜🤎🖤💘


867-5309 Jenny / Blondie - Rapture (sick fisher remix

Women and the Coronavirus Crisis

New dossier

Supported by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and the Hans Böckler Stiftung

Almost all the huge volume of discussion of the pandemic has been entirely gender-blind. Yet, unlike the 'mancession' of 2008, this time around the economic and social impacts have hit women hard. The evidence is striking.


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