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Member since: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 05:28 PM
Number of posts: 2,142

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Who told Trump which documents to steal?

How does America deal with the threat posed by anti-American MAGA terrorists?

Aug. 12 (UPI) -- The armed, body-armored man killed in a shootout with the FBI and police after attempting to breach an FBI field office in Cincinnati on Thursday was a Navy veteran and appeared to be a prolific poster to former President Donald Trump's Truth Social website.

Ohio state police identified the gunman as Ricky W. Shiffer, 42, who had ties to Columbus, Ohio. Shiffer served as a fire control technician in the Navy, according to military service records obtained by The Washington Post.


Which is the greatest threat our nation faces, immigrants or the GOP?

Who is the bigger threat to the USA? Anti-American Republicans calling for violence and civil war because their criminal cult leader is under investigation, or people who love America so much they risk their lives to sneak into the country?

The anti-American right/GOP talks about the "border crisis," but is that the real or major threat to our nation?

Presidential Captcha

Asked and answered- aka murdered by words

Trump- How it started... how it's going

Investigating Trump sets a dangerous precedent

Raise your hand if your house wasn't raided by the FBI

Republicans look to the silver lining after their defeat in the Senate

Some RWers have become so mentally ill they are opposing preventing disease and death in the USA

Republicanism and conservativism have morphed from ideologies into a mental illness. Go to the CDC or state Health Department Public Health Facebook account. There you will see groups of Republicans and Right-Wingers being angry and mocking any efforts to reign in or control either Covid or Monkeypox. I mean, what sort of sick, demented person WANTS to see more illness and death? Our nation needs to deal with these monsters before they destroy our nation and possibly the world.
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