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albacore's Journal
albacore's Journal
February 9, 2021

Hoax??? And Chinless Mitch was in on it??? WTAF!!!

The actual leader of the Republicans in Michigan says the Insurrection Riot was a hoax, and that Mitch McConnell was in on it.
WTF is wrong with those people??

"Mike Shirkey, the Republican leader of the Michigan Senate and GOP, said in a private conversation that the protesters in Washington, DC in January that led the Capitol riots were 'prearranged' and that the entire thing was a 'hoax'.

In the video, which was first reported by the Detroit Metro Times, Shirkey was meeting with Hillsdale County Republicans for censure for multiple issues, including his support on the ban of open carry of firearms inside the Michigan Capitol.
About halfway through the meeting, Shirkey was asked about "the DC thing", referring to the riot that ended with five people including a Capitol Police Officer dead.
Shirkey responded by saying it "wasn't Trump. That's been a hoax since day one and it was all prearranged." He said they were brought in on busses and "arranged by someone who was funding it." Shirkey then questioned why there wasn't enough guards there and said it was ridiculous and all staged. He then said that then-Senate leader Mitch McConnel (R-Kentucky) was part of it."

Available lots of places, but even Fox is covering this story...

February 1, 2021

What do we know about Gregg Smith?... Dem candidate in Colorado 3...to replace Boebert?

My campaign fund budget has recovered - somewhat - from November, and even though I live in a different state, I'll send him some money. But I'd like to hear from DUers who know about him.

Boebert has got to go.

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