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Kamala Harris sets her sights on South Carolina with first campaign swing

COLUMBIA, S.C. ó Democrat Kamala Harris represents California in the Senate, but her inaugural campaign swing through South Carolina over the weekend sent a clear signal that she sees the Palmetto State as the gateway to winning her party's nomination for president.

With its prime spot in the 2020 calendar and its high concentration of African American voters, the South Carolina primary could provide a launching pad for Democratic presidential hopefuls. And Harris' "truth and justice" campaign pitch seemed tailormade for competing in the state, which is scheduled to hold its primary on Feb. 29, 2020.

Over the course of two town halls in North Charleston and Columbia ó which book-ended stops through small businesses owned by black women, lunch at Rodney Scott's BBQ and a visit to Emanuel AME, the historically black church where nine worshipers were gunned down in 2015 ó Harris advocated for changes to the criminal justice and education systems and the nation's gun laws, while touting bail reform legislation and an anti-lynching bill she co-authored in the Senate. She recounted how her immigrant parents ó her father from Jamaica and her mother from India ó had met while both were activists during the civil rights movement.

WBNS-TV Colmbus OH

One Year Of Watergate Is Enough

Thank you Colin Kaepernick.

Image means a lot and your protest has transformed how the NFL is promoting it's image today. The lead up to this game would have looked much different had it not been for the courage of Kaepernick. Those watching know what I'm saying. I have seen a number of things that are great to see. Segments of MLK speeches, a piece on segregation, Cummings and King at the coin toss, etc.

I know he impacted other areas as well but image is huge. Education is huge. Historical context is huge.

Thank you Colin Kaepernick.

I see no way Trump will sit down with Mueller for an interview.

I know I would never allow it if I was representing him. If Trumps ego got in the way I would have to either quit or handcuff him to his desk.

Trump's legal team rebuffed request for Mueller interview in recent weeks


I believe this position will hold even under threat of a subpoena.

Mueller is far along in his investigation. Just look at the oligarchs and corporations he has indicted. I donít think he has to wait for anything on that front as most of it has nothing to do with direct campaign coordination. They were stones he was turning over along the way. Some pretty legally complex stones.

I think he has everything he can get on Stone and has simply been monitoring him. Stone is worthless in the flipping department. Stone completely lacks credibility and will spoil everything he touches. I think Mueller has all he needs from him. Stone is going to find himself yearning for Mueller before the trial but Mueller will offer him nothing. Poor Stone.

Stone was directly coordinating. I donít think there is much further to go. Itís the cornerstone of the investigation. Mueller already had a lot of Stones communication. Mueller has what he needs here with respect to what happened. Itís just about scaring the shit out of some people in case there is more he hasnít found or because they will be more legitimate witnesses than Stone.

We are at the meat and potatoís. I believe Trump is already nailed as Cohen rolled on him. Remember that one of the charges Cohen plead guilty to was getting excessive campaign contributions at the behest of the campaign or individual within the campaign. The Stormy fiasco was clearly an illegal in kind campaign contribution that wasnít registered as such and Iím confident Trump was directly involved. Trump is already toast, IMO. Mueller has him.

We are going to see a handful of more indictments that flow directly from Stone. I think that will almost be the end before the report. Almost? I think Trump will be indicted soon after the next round of indictments and before the report is handed over. He will be indicted but no move for arrest will be made. The WH will immediately go to court and settle the big question. Can an indictment against a President stand.

Trump will be impeached and convicted. The conviction will come even with a Republican Senate because Mueller will have him indicted. That will be the nail in the coffin.

Trump will be indicted. We already know enough that a GJ would hand one down.

Those are my thought. My opinion. Lots more against Trump Iím just hitting on some of the bigger picture.

I believe we just watched Trump at the top of his game.

Never has he been more hands on in a negotiation. He didnít have his high powered negotiators there to do the work for him. With the house being in Democratís hands he only had Mitch, who appearantley didnít like Trumps strategy and became Missing Mitch.

Trump played every card he had to get his wall wrapped up in the funding bill except one thing; paying off legislators. He doesnít have the power to do that like he does in the private sector. Itís something he should have tried when Republicans held both chambers of Congress. I feel the wall would have passed in the last budget had Republican leadership only loaded up some goodies for legislators. Itís what would have happened had Mitch and the rest of the leadership really wanted the wall. They saw the writing on the wall and knew their numbers were going down.

Instead, Trump gave it all he had and proved to the country that he is a weak and pathetic negotiator. His position held firm on the wall but everything else changed by the hour. What the wall would look like, reasons we need the wall, what the money would go to, grand lies about its effectiveness... his message was all over the place. Then there was his brilliant move to call Pelosi and Schumer to the WH. Trump, you arenít a negotiation leader. You arenít qualified to pull such a stunt. But he convinced himself he was a negotiator. It turned into another failed tactic. He caused pain among millions and thought that was going to be his Trump card. What an idiot.

What does it look like when Trump heads up his own negotiation? Not only does he not get a single thing he wants, he paid a price. Public opinion went against him, he burned through political clout, and in the end he let the country know that none of it was worth it. He threatens that the government might shut down again in three weeks but he ended this negotiation by telling the country that the shutdown wasnít worth it. What an idiot.

I see no other way than for him to call a national emergency. Itís going to be interesting to watch. Itís going to come at a time when Trump just starts getting pounded by our house committees. These committees are going to start releasing dirt quicker than people think. Itís also going to be a situation most Republicans will be completely against. Will they act like they oppose it? I donít know. They appear to be spineless in the face of Trump. It would set a precedent that could pave a path for a number of things we want. I see cracks in the Republican foundation. This could do even more harm.

Trump is temporarily negotiating the Republican Party out of existence. He is not a negotiator and has never had to be one. His claim to fame is a massive joke that was just put on full display. We just watched his personal best effort.

The Clinton Foundation


NEW: Next week, @HillaryClinton joins President @BillClinton and hundreds of leaders in San Juan, Puerto Rico. See how the @ClintonGlobal community continues to support recovery and resilience in the region:

Child accidentally shoots mom while sitting in backseat of car outside Norwalk preschool

NORWALK, Calif. (KABC) -- A mother in Norwalk was hospitalized after her child accidentally shot her while he was in the backseat of their car Wednesday.

Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies and crime scene tape surrounded Ramona Preschool in the afternoon hours following the shooting in the parking lot.

"We received a call of an assault with a deadly weapon gunshot victim. When deputies got there, they found an adult female Hispanic with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to her upper torso," Deputy Marvin Crowder said.

The woman was shot while sitting in the driver's seat of a black Honda outside the school. Her children were in the backseat when her son, who is under the age of 5, somehow got hold of a shotgun.


U.S. military leaders 'embarrassed' by Trump's Syria plan, Kurdish commander says

KOBANE, Syria ó American military leaders are "constantly apologizing" for President Donald Trump's Syria withdrawal plan, according to the commander who oversees a force of 65,000 U.S.-backed fighters that's battling the Islamic State.

ďIt was a joint war, but they left us in the middle of the road,Ē said Gen. Mazlum Kobane, who is in charge of the coalition of militias known as the Syrian Democratic Forces.

U.S. troops and Kurdish-led fighters were "brothers in arms" as partners on the ground in the war against ISIS in Syria, he added.

But Trumpís announcement that he was withdrawing all U.S. troops from the country immediately has left the Kurds feeling abandoned. The president tweeted on Dec. 19 that the U.S. had ďdefeated ISIS in Syria,Ē adding that was the ďonly reasonĒ to have troops on the ground there.


Michael Cohen paid IT firm to tweet that he was sexy

Michael Cohen is a sexy pit bull terrier with a fantastic smile, according to a Twitter account that it turns out was started at the instruction of one Michael Cohen.

Cohen Ė Donald Trumpís former friend, attorney and fixer, now flipper Ė hired an IT firm called RedFinch Solutions to manipulate an online CNBC poll about the countryís top 100 leaders, and later to run a sock-puppet Twitter account, @womenforcohen, to promote his sexual desirability, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Cohen began his working relationship with RedFinch in 2012, when the companyís owner, John Gauger, helped Cohen set up his Instagram account.

In 2014, Cohen reportedly asked Gauger to manipulate a CNBC poll asking people to identify the countryís top 100 business leaders. Cohen asked Gauger to write a script to repeatedly vote for Trump, according to the WSJ. His efforts were unsuccessful, as Trump did not finish even within the top 100, but it began a relationship in which Cohen would pay Gauger to engage in acts of online deception on behalf of himself and Trump.

The Guardian

The right likes to discount anything attached to Cohen by calling him a liar and a fraud.

And to their credit Cohen is both. Yet there are two things they don't seem to get. 1) It's why Cohen was Trumps personal lawyer and VP of the Trump Organization for over a decade. Being the VP of the Trump Organization and Trumps personal lawyer is not a job an honest and ethical person can hold. 2) I don't see anyone simply taking the word of Cohen. That isn't happening because he is a know fraud and liar. He is also a great point of first source information. Trump seems to have had damn near absolute trust in the guy. All of that information must be verified. As a trusted insider verification will often need to go no further than Cohen himself. Email, texts, phone records, contracts, etc. Some with have to be verified through third party sources.

Of course Cohen is a liar and a fraud. He was Trumps right hand man.

In May of 2018 Giuliani called Cohen an "honest, honorable, lawyer." Giuliani also said ďI have no concern that Michael Cohen is going to do anything but tell the truth.Ē

At one point, when the WH was asked if Trump would sit for a deposition if a subpoena was issued, they referred reporters to ask Cohen.

Q If subpoenaed, would the President sit for a deposition?

MS. SANDERS: Again, Iím not going to get into a hypothetical question, and I would refer you to Michael Cohen on that matter.

White House

And don't forget that they made Cohen Deputy Director at the RNC. Another job that requires one to be a liar and fraud.

Ronna McDaniel, the RNC Chair, said this about Cohen after she was asked if he was still working there. ďMichael Cohen has not been charged with anything, heís under investigation. I believe in due process, Iím sure you do too, so weíll see what happens.Ē

Why were they willing to go so far for Cohen? They knew then that he was a liar and a fraud. They also knew he had first hand knowledge as to where the bodies are buried.

Yes. Cohen is a liar and a fraud. They knew it then and they know it now. Cohen is not to be trusted by anyone. I think the only person blindsided is the person Cohen is going to play a pivotal role in bringing down. Don the Con.

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