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Member since: Sun Sep 23, 2018, 11:09 AM
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Kavanaugh Lost the Catholic Vote - The Jesuits have spoken

This happened late last night 9/27/2018


The Lady Red- the night is dark and full of terror
Replying to
Last hour:

Alan Dershowitz: No vote until FBI investigates

The Jesuit Review: Pull Kavanaugh Nomination

American Bar Association: FBI must investigate Kavanaugh allegations

Doug Jones: I’ve called for everything and now I’m a NO vote

Previously : Mormon Women urge delay

From Scott Dworkin Twitter Link

LoL - Look at their faces! This is what the whole world looked like today


I Cannot watch Brett the Rapist testify.

I simply cannot do it.

I'll rely on DU's comments.

After being so proud of Ford earlier, her testimony somewhat cathartic for all victims like herself, listening to Kavenaugh would be like being assaulted again and again.

No thanks

GW Bush, Kavanaugh & the Fraternity Cover-up


Twitter Thread

"Judicial Crises Network, --Show America your filthy underbelly"

I follow Spicey Files Twitter. If you are not familiar with Spicey Files, please get to know the detailed, intricate work she/he presents on behalf of the long on-going threat to our country.

This is an amazing piece.
Please read & become familiar with the dark underbelly that took hold years ago.
Dark money, anti-democracy.
Who they are, yesterday & today, their shadowy ops & proof of it all.

Posted on September 24 2018

Dear Judicial Crisis Network,

It is time for a more fulsome and deeper dive in to your shadowy organization. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Spicy. I am not a paid reporter, nor am I payed to blog, research or tweet, everything I do is done pro bono. I have a unique skill set, I am is a dogged receipt hunter and it’s time to pull back the curtain and show America your filthy underbelly

Quotes From SpiceyFiles Link

JCN’s IRS-990, 2005 Filing
"Sometimes to better understand how complex and vast an organization is, you need to start at the beginning. Then you can work your way forward. It is vexing to me that since JCN’s inception there has been a thick cloak of secrecy surrounding this organization. Case in point we have no idea who or what organization gave JCN their “seed” money, in 2005 JCN’s Filing shows they had >$827K in cash on the books."

Ann Corkery & Robin Arkley
WellSpring and a complex web of countless dark money groups
circa Q3 2008-present

"This is where things become triplicate complicated, from what I can discern the “dark” money flowing came from two primary sources: The Koch Brothers and the Mercer Family Foundation."

In Contrast: President Obama's Final Speech to the UN 9/20/2016


Foghorn Leghorn is my favorite cartoon of all time

The Best of Foghorn Leghorn

Republicans Eye Kelly Ayotte to Question Kavanaugh Accuser


Daily Beast

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