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Scottie Mom

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Sep 27, 2018, 04:11 PM
Number of posts: 5,048

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Wasn't it Merrick Garland?


I'm sorry, but IMO, there is no way the House Repukes believe...

...one word of the crap they are saying in the hearing this morning.

Maybe some are that dumb...but all of them??? IMO, the are liars and MF45 enablers.

Wow, the Minority A-holes seem to be panicking

I wonder how much pressure the orange asshole has put on them -- like blackmail info -- to have grown adults act like two-year-old spoiled children who are not getting their way. This is totally disgusting,

I watched and listened to everyday of the Nixon impeachment, I do not remember childish conduct like this.

Remind me again how both parties are basically the same


Kamala is out so I picked someone else.


We MUST defeat that POS in the WH and IMO Joe has the most promise of doing this.

I am really stumped why college educated/intelligent persons support Trump.

I know someone, he is a very nice man...EXCEPT...he spouts the RWNJ crap all the time.

Yesterday re Trump's head photo-shopped on Rocky's body, his response? "Trump's a fighter."

What he hell gives with someone like this???? He's not religious, never has been, not an anti-abortion nutcase, does not think that women are lesser creatures and I have not seen any bigotry.

Can anyone not only explain this? I am totally puzzled why anyone with an education -- UCLA grad -- and not on drugs or insane would be so clueless!

Asshole at Subway Shop

So, I'm working today and on my way I decide to stop for food at Subway. Talking to a really nice young lady behind the counter and we got into politics. Young lady is black and other patrons are a several black females, me (old white female) and a Hispanic man seated at a table.

Well, in walks a Mike Pomeo clone and hears what I said about Fox -- the Russian TV station. He pipes up and says, "Are you the one with the Kamala Harris bumper sticker?" I replied that it was me indeed. So, the clone says, "Did you know she got her first job by sleeping with Willie Brown?"

I told him,"Great, so you think that women have no brains and only genitals?"

He was speachless...and I left with my bag of goodies to fist bumps and applause!!!!!

Edit for typo.


Please add time zone on time, I think it's 9:00 EST.

TIA for the info!

Castor losing it.

He is not questioning -- he is arguing with the witness.

Also: He is speaking quickly and his tone of voice is higher than usual -- indicates panic to me.

This is not going well...when your own atty is panicked...it's time to try a new strategy.


This is the day that we have looked forward to since MF 45 became POTUS.

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