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Stare Decisis

Stare Decisis's Journal
Stare Decisis's Journal
March 30, 2019

If You Watched The End of The Kentucky-Houston Game

and you think for a second that was remotely even tell me why!

March 28, 2019

Terry for the win

Looks like Joe is out. Establishment blesses McAuliffe. If he consolidates the party middle he is the nominee and next President. Laugh but watch this space.

March 24, 2019

We Tried It That Way-It Is Time For A Political Thor.

For too long the Democratic party has been infected with a moral martyrdom complex, a toxic mix of political correctness, weakness, and some long held belief, probably borne of some misguided overpriced education, that in the end, it will all work out as long as we stay on the high road.

Ya, it works out for those on the high road, the overpaid advisers and politicians, but for the rest of us? It is a motherfucking flood down here. Because in the real world, we have to paddle our asses off. This means being rude at times. This means saying nasty words.

And yet every time I try to speak honestly, I get some scarf wearing Berkeley type nutcase talking to me about how we are "better than that."

John Crawford and Philando Castile won't get to walk the high road. Hillary Clinton is not going to be President. This wimp ass group may find a way to lose and give a buffoon two terms, but don't "act like them "don't say "balls" and by all means cede the middle to the result of an investigation run by Republicans. That sounds like a good idea.

The time for false piety is over. The reason this party falls victim to circular firing squads is because elites in it are constantly telling the rest of us how awful we are. Or that we went to a state school, or that we need more patience, when what we need is the mindset of a striking union worker, what little of that base we have left.

Most of you will clutch some pearls, publicly, but the vast majority of those reading this will NOD if not thunderously applaud in approval privately. And my advice to the latter is that if you want to take this country back, make your voice heard. There is a reason Rogan and Jeselnik are so popular-there is a reason Trump is hard to beat, and it has nothing to do with talent. It has to do with this notion that we have to constantly parse every word or every action in order to please some soccer mom focus group.

The Democrats have to decide if they worship Berkeley or want to play in Peoria. Not enough people care about climate change-so be unflinching. Show the fucking models. You know the ones I have seen, way back in the day when I was on a campaign. The one that shows NO FLORIDA because of sea level rise. NO HOUSTON because it is then ocean? Stop police brutality. Fight for the American worker. Stop hiding behind some false notion of piety every time someone says something remotely "insensitive". Grow a pair.

YES GROW A MOTHERFUCKING PAIR. And guess what? Balls don't have to be exclusive domain of the straight or even male. It is called a euphemism. But moreover, the vast majority of this country, even our own voters, view the direction of this party as being one of naive children leading themselves off of a cliff.

Do you think in your heart of hearts you can beat Trump being nice? Being above board? Being better than them? Would you rather be validated by the problem or anonymized by the solution?

Look I don't want you to confuse my rebellion against political correctness with a desire to use slurs, or insult oppressed classes. Fuck no. But this constant condescending tut tutting by those who think they know better has to stop. The soul of this party must be unleashed in order to save itself. For the sake of two monkeys fucking do you realize some Twitter morons tore apart Alyssa Milano on Twitter for trying to empathize with Transgenders? Do you realize we spend as much time fighting each other over a GARBAGE parsing of words as we do a very dangerous enemy?

I rarely call out Dems. However our persistent naivete has to stop. Our hand slapping, and finger pointing, belittling has to stop. The next election is not going to be decided by professors. It will be decided in trenches, like always, the coffee shops, the bars, the American Legions, the salons, the streets, by people who care very little to be slapped down due to using a few words that one can to be offended by. They care about their pocketbook. Food. Maslow's hierarchy. That's it. They won't march in mass because some toy insensitively recreated a racial face structure.

They might if they realize just how royally fucked they are. But for us to win a fight, we have to show up to the right ones, and quite frankly, take the gloves off and stop criticizing each other's tactics.

Consider this-the best option to beat Trump Gillibrand proudly cost us, Al Franken. For what? We don't know-he was pushed aside before a full investigation could get done. Meanwhile a man who openly commits obstruction, and ADMITS to RANDOMLY sexually assaulting women..you see where this is going?

Now this is a test. What percentage will report this because of my language, more concerned with some linguistic policing than the overall message. Despite the fact I advocated on everything we believe in. Despite the fact it needed to be discussed, despite the fact I AM RIGHT. That's a fact. Not an opinion.

There is ONE critiera for this next party's nominee. Beat Trump by representing the true spirit of our party. That might be Pete. That might be Beto. It might be Kamala.

But it had better be someone that wants to go bare knuckled toe to toe. Dukakis or Kerry won't cut it. Now you know just how badly rigged this country is. Old school spooks tend not to be patriots, they tend to be bagmen. Lesson learned.

Male or female, we best figure out who in this process is Thor or Thorette. Because if we have learned at all, any fucking thing through this process, it is that the era of bipartisanship is over, statesmanship died with McCain, and there is no time to argue about the petty.

Game on. Balls required.

March 23, 2019

Trump Is Probably Being Advised To Stay Quiet

1. Self-incrimination.
2. Witness or evidence tampering if he comments about anything in the report.

IF this report clears him, there will be a wave a Tweetstorm you have to assume.

Maybe this is all we need to look at-

That looks like a man with a very difficult dilemma to me. I believe the most likely outcome is a deal is being cut. It may be done in such a way as to look unrelated to the report. At any rate, that looks like a man who is very shaken.


March 23, 2019

HE. Has. Not. Tweeted.

And there is a large rule regarding sealed indictments like not revealing their existence.

March 23, 2019

This is DU At It's Worst

Many good people here but this kind of investigation is next level stuff I seriously doubt we understand how it all works so we should be patient and stop with the negativity. This is not a time to rely on Google law degrees. We have to remember justice is slow and what we think is worthless compared to what they know.

March 22, 2019

Don't Confuse Bob Mueller for Jerry Orbach-This Ain't Law and Order

And these things don't get solved before the end of the commercial break. But if I had to guess a deal has long since been done and we will be dealing with President Pence quite soon. We don't know if he sent a referral for impeachment, if he outsourced indictable information, if he decided not to indict a sitting President but allow the public to force him out.

We don't know. Maybe they fucked us over. Maybe not. Pour a drink. This is just the end of the beginning. This fight is just heating up.

March 22, 2019

An interesting discovery in a change research poll

For some reason they included mike pence and a horse race match up against top contenders for the democrats

March 22, 2019

The electoral bottom line on Pete

If brilliant can't win because of gay this country will have chosen bigotry over ascendancy. So why compromise for people unwilling to save themselves?

March 14, 2019

As Of Now I Feel The Favorite Is Warren-Liz Ain't Playing

Elizabeth has her finger on this party's pulse. Quite frankly I don't give a low altitude fuck if she wrote "martian" on a license application. She isn't throwing shade she is throwing political punches.

I want someone who is about it. Other than Kamala and Liz and ahem, Bernie, who is? I want to know my nominee is going to go political John Wick on anybody and everyone in their way.

That doesn't sound nice.

This isn't a nice election.

Yes I know my selection says Biden. Can't bring a corsage to someone not RSVP'd to attend the dance now can I?


In the meantime-imagine an unleashed Liz Wick in the White House.

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