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Member since: Tue Oct 30, 2018, 05:39 PM
Number of posts: 233

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Cancel Culture?

All this blather about Cancel Culture. Are you kidding me? Hawley and you Gym Jordan? What was that Jan 6 bullshit? Trying to cancel the free and fair presidential election and you're crying victim here of cancel culture?

First McConnell then Haley and now Thune

Republican leaders beginning attempts to phase out Loser 1 while trying to secure his base. It's the smart play but can they pull it off? Not if Loser 1 knows about it. His legal battles will diminish his sway eventually. How much is hard to say with his most loyal. I look for Haley's 'Trump Lite' platform to grow. All the good things about Loser 1 without all the bad.(I know. What good?) It should be a balancing act for FOX while Newsmax and OANN take their chances with Loser 1.

Introducing Kerry Donovan


When in history?

has the former vice president (Pence) had to go into hiding due to the death threats from the former President's (Trump) followers?


The DOJ needs to make an announcement

If Trump is cleared of impeachment in the Senate the DOJ will pursue criminals charges for inciting a riot and domestic terrorism. Now the lesser of two evils will be a guilty verdict in the Senate. Republicans will be doing him a favor by voting for impeachment. Pssst, they really would convict in the Senate if not for their Trump loving constituents.
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