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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 06:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,332

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If the government can force you to carry a baby, it can force you to do anything. nt

Voting: have we forgotten that Texas voting machines were flipping votes to Ted Cruz?

This is outrageous and everyone is just sitting around like it never happened.


Texas voters experiencing issues with voting machines used in that state have been told by election officials that they are the problem, not the machines. The state says voters are inadvertently touching the machines in ways they shouldn't, causing the machines to alter or delete their vote in the hotly contested senate race between Republican incumbent Ted Cruz and Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke.


The issue in the senate race has occurred when voters chose the option to vote a straight-party ticket—that is, to vote for only candidates from a specified party. Depending on whether the voter indicates they want to vote Democrat or Republican, the machine will automatically populate all races with candidates in the chosen party. But the multiple-page ballot can take several seconds to complete—in Houston the ballot runs 16 pages long. The Secretary of State and county election officials have blamed the issue on voters touching the machines while the systems are still rendering the ballot on screen—thereby inadvertently de-selecting their vote in the critical senate race. They say voters who touch the "enter" button while the system is still filling out the ballot can cause the machine to de-select their chosen candidate or change the vote to the other candidate in the race. ....

Leah McElrath, a freelance writer who specializes in political analysis, is one voter who experienced the problem in Houston. She waited 45 minutes in line to cast her ballot, she told Motherboard in a phone interview, and when she got to the machine, she selected the option to vote a straight-party Democratic ticket. She's positive the first page of the ballot then showed a vote cast for O'Rourke because when she saw the machine highlight his name, she says she did "a happy dance" in her head. But when she got to the review screen at the end of the ballot, she saw that the machine had given her vote to Cruz instead. McElrath says she did manually change some of her selections on the ballot to Republican candidates after the machine filled out her straight-party choices—something the machine allows voters to do—but insists she didn't do this in the senate race.

If the Mueller Report "totally exonerates" him, why does he need or want Executive Privilege??

are we to believe that trump is NOT cooking the books on the jobs numbers?

he corrupts everyone who works for them.

he orders them to lie and break the law.

CERTAINLY he has told the Labor Department to deliver a number to his liking.

There is probably 0% chance any numbers released by his administration are not a lie.

Unemployment low? 3 jobs for 1 living wage. nt

Posted by EveHammond13 | Sun May 5, 2019, 01:34 PM (3 replies)

So important - Judd Legum explains: "WTF is going on with Trump's social media accounts?"


1. WTF is going on with Trump's social media accounts?

Let me explain in plain English.

2. Social media is central to Trump's reelection strategy. He made the guy in charge of his 2016 social media strategy, @parscale, his 2020 campaign manager.

Trump is spending 500K per week on Facebook and Google and he doesn't even have an opponent yet.

3. Trump's strategy on social media, particularly Facebook, involves him breaking all of the platform rules.

They bragged about this last time -- suppressing African-American votes with fake information
This time they started targeting seniors w/fake promises about the border.

4. But after all the criticism of 2016 Facebook is more sensitive now about how its platform is being used for elections.

When I pointed out hundreds of rules violations by the Trump campaign, Facebook acted and took the ads down
UPDATE: Facebook admits it ran hundreds of Trump campaign ads that violate Facebook rules

5. This is what is unacceptable to Trump.

He needs to be a VICTIM of Facebook censorship so that it's IMPOSSIBLE for Facebook to enforce their own rules

6. So Trump took a routine announcement by Facebook it was permanently banning several accounts that traffic in racism and conspiracy theories and made it a HUGE DEAL.

It makes him the victim again.
Facebook banned dozens of liberal last year on thinner grounds w/no fanfare

7. Trump's goal is to make Facebook's rules UNENFORCEABLE.

In Trump's mind there is no difference between NBC and InfoWars and if Facebook tries to create one its CENSORSHIP.
That's the political space he needs to operate.

8. The problem is that the media is complicit. There is almost no coverage of how Trump is spending money online

I'm filling in the gap w/my newsletter, Popular Information. I spend hours reviewing the Trump's social media ads
You can subscribe at
Popular Information
Original research and fresh insight into the political news that matters most.

9. A big part of the problem is the social media company themselves. Twitter, Facebook and Google won't enforce their rules.

They are scared are regulation and Trump is a very good customer. They have every incentive not to act.

10. In the meantime, what's happening online in advance of 2020 is shaping up to be even worse than 2016.


If you are on twitter you surely noticed all major right-wing twitter accounts are 100% aligned and pushing this "censorship" message hard for the past 24 hours at least. Harassment and bald threats at @CNN and other media is a part of what they are doing right now.
Posted by EveHammond13 | Sun May 5, 2019, 01:25 PM (5 replies)

#4 political advert on FB last week: trump-aligned EpochTimes spreading Biden-Ukraine conspiracy


Donald Trump’s campaign digital spending ticked up slightly over the past week, and he’s now spent over $8.5 million on Google and Facebook since the midterms.


We noticed The Epoch Times, an international news outlet with a pro-Trump bias was one of the top spenders of the week on Facebook. Last week, it ran hundreds of Facebook ads (some of which are still active) boosting Donald Trump and floating conspiracy theories about Joe Biden…and they even promised a free poster. Here are a few of their ads:

Posted by EveHammond13 | Fri May 3, 2019, 07:14 PM (1 replies)

Chotiner rule: max 3 issues in any election (trump: Socialism, Late Term Abortion, Open Borders)

I found this commentary from Chris Matthews to be pretty interesting:

The Chotiner rule: voters can take up no more than three issues in any election

Air date 4/24/19

Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016 with three winning arguments. He would do

something about illegal immigration. He would oppose abortion. And he

would not be Hillary Clinton.

It worked because a lot of blue collar voters have come to believe the

Democratic Party of their parents had grown too elite and took working

people for granted. As the Pittsburgh friend of mine said, people don`t

mind being used, they mind being discarded.

Well, heading into 2020, another trio of targets awaits Donald Trump. He`s

made clear he would readily hit the Democrats for open borders, late term

abortion and socialism.
The theory of why this trifecta would work was

propounded 70 years ago by a Beverly Hills public relations guy named

Murray Chotiner. He was Richard Nixon`s first campaign adviser.

The Chotiner rule was that voters can take up no more than three issues in

any election, the goal of any campaign should therefore be, to make sure

all three issues are about your opponent and that all three issues are

In the early 1950s, the Republicans destroyed the Democrats with

communism, corruption, and Korea. Those are three reasons why the eloquent

Adlai Stevenson never got to speak to the country from the Oval Office.

In the 1980s, the Republicans hit Michael Dukakis for letting lifer Willie

Horton out on weekend furloughs, refusing to fine teachers for not leading

their classes on a Pledge of Allegiance, and being a, quote, card carrying

member of the ACLU.

Well, that trio took Dukakis, his lead of 17 points in August down to an

eight-point deficit by election.

And right now, the one Democrat who might be bulletproof on the

Republicans` big three targets, illegal immigration, late term abortion and

is a man who`s announcing his run tomorrow. Joe Biden can beat

Donald Trump in Pennsylvania. And I said that because maybe other

Democrats can, too, but Biden definitely can beat him there.

It`s worth thinking about this because without the Keystone State, the

Democratic Party is not getting through the Oval Office door.


If Dems had to make a Chotiner list aimed at trump, what would it be?


alternatives? what are the 3 best??

Posted by EveHammond13 | Fri May 3, 2019, 06:44 PM (4 replies)

FWIW, Dr. Jack Brown analyzes trump's dilated pupils


MEGA-THREAD: Body Langauge Analysis No. 4221: Why are Donald Trump's Pupils Intermittently So Large? - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence
#DonaldTrump #Pupils #LargePupils #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #bodylanguage #EQ

1/ Why are Donald Trump's pupils intermittently so large?

You probably haven't noticed, but President Trump's pupils are intermittently much larger than normal (the intermittent pattern is crucial).

2/ From a medical standpoint, this is not at all subtle or to be dismissed - on the contrary, it is glaring. Sirens Blaring. Red flashing lights.

I write this article with the expertise of both an ophthalmologist as well as a body language expert.

3/ In the image above Trump's pupils are approximately 8.0 mm. The dark-adapted eyes of a healthy 12-year-old may have 8.0 mm pupils - but in an unmedicated 70-year-old with healthy eyes, in a well-lit room - the statistical odds of such large pupil size approaches zero.

4/ Why is this significant? Dilated pupils, to this degree, would not occur in a 70-year-old, in a well-lit room unless there is either disease, injury or a pharmacologic cause present.


41/ Are Trump's large pupils caused by Systemic Drugs? (medications not used in eye drops [as mentioned above], but taken by mouth or by other means) - From a medical standpoint, this is highly probable.

42/ Here's a of list of the possibilities (of course, anesthesia and those labeled with "poisoning" and "overdose" don't apply):

5-HT2A receptor-mediated psychedelic drugs

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