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Hometown: Connecticut
Home country: United States
Member since: Sat Feb 2, 2019, 12:33 PM
Number of posts: 88

About Me

I've served on a few different Democratic Town Committees, and am a life-long Democrat.

Journal Archives

Sergeant at Arms of the United States House of Representatives

(a) Law enforcement authority
The Sergeant at Arms of the House of Representatives shall have the same law enforcement authority, including the authority to carry firearms, as a member of the Capitol Police. The law enforcement authority under the preceding sentence shall be subject to the requirement that the Sergeant at Arms have the qualifications specified in subsection (b).


Can Congress Jail Witnesses Who Refuse to Cooperate?
But, just because there’s no physical jail doesn’t mean there’s no right for Congress to detain individuals — and in fact the Capitol Police do maintain a holding cell a few blocks away.


Just sayin'

Proper Democratic Strategy (tm)

1. Start impeachment.
2. Before the impeachment hearing(s) are even over, begin discussion on whether he will get the death penalty or only jailed for life. Make sure this debate is vigorous, loud, and all-consuming at every opportunity to debate the punishment. Even have a few people suggest "25 years" only to have them shouted down as "crazy".
3. After impeachment is final, start a media cycle where the message is all about the House doing their part, and now "its time to see which punishment the Senate will deliver, the life sentence or death sentence." Talk about the sentence, never about "if" the Senate will convict. Make sure you have ad campaigns lined up in Republican districts/states along the lines of "Call your Representative (or Senator) and demand the death sentence!" and other ads like "The death sentence is off the table!" Stuff like that.
4. Also immediately start discussion about what kind of President Pence will be. Keep as much discussion on this as possible. Refer to him as "pending President Pence" and "soon-to-be President Pence." Choke down your vomit as you say these things.
5. Before the Senate trial even starts, begin to thank the Republican Senators for their promise of a conviction and laud them on their integrity to protect the Office of the President from someone who "betrayed" their party. Again, choke down your vomit as you say these things.

This strategy, if properly done, should guarantee the results we are after.

My analogy for explaining Climate Change to "normal" people

(by "normal" I mean everyone from people unaware of the issue, to people with "average-to-low" IQs who really can't understand the science, which may also include some non-rabid conservatives.)

Imagine driving a car. Imagine you are driving it up and down hills of different sizes, which slow you down or speed you up different amounts. Small hills slow you a little on the way up and give you a little speed on the way down, whereas big hills slow you way down on the way up and give you a big speed boost on the way down. You are naturally speeding up and slowing down every minute. I say "naturally" because hills are natural things.

Now imagine you are systematically pressing the gas pedal a tiny bit more every minute. Each minute, you press it a little bit more. And more. And more. Are you getting faster? Yes. But what if you measure your speed at the exact moment that you are going up a big hill? You'll be going slower at that moment. But that doesn't disprove that you are getting faster every minute that passes.

Trump didn't collude to get elected

We all know that Trump has admitted he never really wanted nor expected to actually win. He was in it for fame, and to get rich. He wanted to hurt Hillary as a way to gain stature, and therefore reputation, which he would turn into financial opportunities. That is all his brain knew or could really handle. It just so happens that Russia really did want to sway the results of the election. So, you put those two things together, and you get what we got.

Mueller's investigation was narrow (we said/heard this nearly daily): did the Trump campaign collude with Russia *to influence the results of the election*. In this regard, Mueller found no evidence of that specific thing.

What Barr is burying, however, is all the "mundane" criminal activity that Mueller found that was outside of his mandate. If it wasn't election collusion or obstruction, he had to refer it all. All of it. Even Trump's and his family's criminal acts.

This is why Trump was nervous the whole time - not because of collusion (which he knew he either wasn't guilty of, or knew the Feds didn't have the info about it due to all the leaks), but because of all the crime they would find. We'll see Barr and Trump fight hard to suppress all those parts of the report, arguing they are sensitive or secret. I am sure the Dems know all of this, and they will not stop until they get the unredacted report, even if its not publicly available to us.
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