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Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2019, 07:40 PM
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Introduction from a new poster here on DU:

To whom it may concern:

Hi. I'm a new poster here on DU. I'm a single woman in her late 60's, who lives in a large artists' community, in a blue-collar city just outside Boston, Ma, and who's artistically, musically, and physically inclined, as well.

I'm a silversmith, a knitter, a Tae Kwon Doist, and a huge fan of movies, especially older classic ones. West Side Story (the 1961 film version) is my all time favorite movie, hands down, however.

I also wish to say that I'm a liberal whose ideology was tempered by a good dose of realism, when Boston's Federal Court-mandated, large-scale, cross-city school busing edict (which came as a result of years of extreme recalcitrance by an opportunistic, politics-and-patronage-ridden, and racist all-white Boston School Committee that refused to knuckle down and comply with the Racial imbalance law at every turn) took the city of Boston by storm, beginning in the mid-1970's, a storm that lasted for over a decade (i. e. well into the 1980's).

Although I realized that, I never thought that the remedy that the courts were compelled to implement was the best way to go about it, but it was the best that could be done at the time, given the circumstances that many people were dealing with, if one gets the drift.

I also like to walk, listen to rock-n-roll, and I own an adorable pet female Congo African Grey Parrot, now 9 years old (who I purchased when she was a 2.5 month-old baby) named Aziza, who I adore the heck out of.

Anyway, I look forward to corresponding with everybody here more and soon.
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