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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 06:36 PM
Number of posts: 2,651

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Election day protection.

If I were in an area that faced the possibility of any thuggery by Proud Boys, etc., and I were planning to vote on election day, I'd put on a MAGA hat, maybe even put a MAGA sticker on my car, and head to the polls....I'd take the hat off within the 100 ft. required distance to the entrance of the voting place, and then go in and vote a straight blue ticket.

Two-fer: The thugs leave me alone, and they get a false impression of a red vote. If enough people did this, and the voting skewed blue, we could always say it's the "secret Biden voters"....

On day one, Joe should fire any Trump hire since

the executive order purging civil servants who are not loyal to Trump. They will be there only to disrupt the Biden administration.

So how far back do we set the clocks on Sunday

now that Amy Coney Barrett is on the Supreme Court?

Did any of the Senators ask Barrett if she would recuse herself in the event

of a contested Presidential election?

I was thinking that in FL, Joe needs to meet with

the kids from Marjory Stoneman Douglas school (or at least the ones who emerged as leaders) and explain that he got the first assault weapons ban passed and will do it again....That should fire the young voters up even more.

Yesterday I saw a post that said 45 is claiming he'll win CA....

I know, insane....

But it has stuck with me and is making me very suspicious of possible GOP theft and cheating tactics we haven't imagined or anticipated.

Someone want to talk me down about this?

What I think Joe should do at the next debate:

When Trump interrupts, immediately stop talking and just look at Trump. Don't resume until Trump stops talking. If that's never, so be it. People will see and people will know what they're seeing.

IOW, disengage.

Joe is still taking questions from the audience.

The town hall has ended, and he still wants to talk with "the people."

He's such a decent man!!!

Joe is doing great!

Very believable, personable, in command of the facts, and very presidential.

Biden 2020!!

Has/will anyone ask Judge Barrett

if Trump asked her for a loyalty pledge?

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