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Kid Berwyn

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Member since: Mon May 6, 2019, 08:01 PM
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I am the DUer who once posted as Octafish. Ask me about the BFEE.

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Did not see that. Thanks.

Don’t care much for those who were in Epstein’s orbit, no matter their party or nationality. And I’ve written about that for years.

Three Big Pols Who Won't Miss Jeffrey Epstein.


Let's add Rudy GIULIANI to the list of pols who won't miss Jeffrey Epstein.


Let's add Kenneth STARR to list...


Jimmy Savile wasn't mentioned much by America's MSM


His Honor may not be the worst on the Dixie Mafia bench. John D ''Roy'' Atchison is a name to know.


Godspeed, Michael Collins

About his spacewalk during Gemini X:

... Collins emerged from the spacecraft at dawn. Like Cernan on Gemini IX-A, he found that all tasks took longer than he expected. But he picked off the package from the spacecraft exterior. Next, he moved to the adapter to attach his zip gun to the nitrogen fuel supply. Back in the cockpit area once again, he held on while Young moved the spacecraft to within two meters of the Agena.

Collins pushed off from the spacecraft, floated freely in space, and grasped the outer lip of the docking cone on the target. As he clutched at the experiment package, he wished for handholds - or more hands. Cernan had warned him that it would be hard, and it was. He soon lost his grip on the smooth lip and drifted away from the package and from the Agena. He had to decide quickly whether to pull on the umbilical, coiling about like a snake, or to use the hand-held gun. Being about 5 meters away from the spacecraft, Collins chose the gun. It worked, and he propelled himself first to the spacecraft and then back to the Agena, using a series of squirts to get to the package. This time he clung to wire bundles and struts behind the adapter cone and grasped the S-10 experiment. Collins was supposed to attach a replacement device in its place, but he abandoned this idea, fearing he would lose the one he had picked up. Using the umbilical, he pulled himself hand over hand back to the cockpit and gave the S-10 package to Young.

So far, the umbilical had been snubbed so it would extend only 6 meters. The pilot now unsnapped the buckle that released the remaining 9 meters, intending to evaluate the gun. But the gun play stopped before it started. The Hawaii CapCom told Young, "We don't want you to use any more fuel (for stationkeeping)." Young replied, "Well, then, he'd better get back in." To Collins he said, "Come on back in the house."

Getting back into the spacecraft was surprisingly difficult. Collins had gotten himself tangled in the umbilical. Since the pressurized suit made it difficult to see or feel just where the line had wrapped itself about him, he had to wait while Young helped unwind him and got him back into the seat. But fuel remained the big question. Houston called them, "just . . . to confirm that you're not using any fuel." Young replied, "We've got everything shut off."

Source: http://astronautix.com/g/gemini10.html

Dmitryo Firtash hired Ms. Toensig and Mr. DiGenova

Indicted oligarch Firtash found to have accounts open at insolvent German bank as he fights extradition

By Mark Raczkiewycz
The Ukrainian Weekly, Feb. 12, 2021


Russian banks, mainly the state-run Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (VEB) and Gazprombank, have over the years primarily financed the growth of Mr. Firtash’s business empire in energy and chemicals.

Under former President Viktor Yanuko­vych’s truncated presidency in 2010-2014, the former fireman and soldier received credit lines of up to $11 billion from bankers close to Russian President Vladmir Putin, a Reuter’s investigation found in November 2014.
Leading up to 2009, Mr. Firtash was at the dead center of the biggest alleged corruption operation in Ukraine’s history in which he raked in billions of dollars by jointly running an intermediary company with Russian state-owned Gazprom to supply natural gas to Ukraine.

Mr. Firtash has defended the business arrangement as saving consumers money because the imported Russian gas was sold at prices lower than what official Kyiv had negotiated, albeit on the surface and when Ukraine was largely Gazprom’s second-largest customer in Europe.

Leaked U.S. diplomatic cables featuring his meeting with Washington’s ambassador in Kyiv have him admitting to associating with criminals, including Russian mafia kingpin Semion Mogilevich, to establish businesses.



Seems Old Joe is to be mixing conflicts of interest, the people’s bidniz, and treason. Da.

The Story

At the end of the investigation, America will remember Trump is owned by Putin.

When Dirty Russian-Connected Money Saved Trump’s Ass and His Ensuing Business Disasters Helped Destroy the Global and American Economies

September 27, 2020
Brian E. Frydenborg

As Trump’s taxes return to the news, here is the parallel context and setup where he went from failure on the verge of collapse to being propped up by money connected to Putin’s Russian government and the Russian mafia and then to failing repeatedly and spectacularly in those related business ventures, but in ways that allowed him to hide the dire straits of his finances and run as a “successful” “billionaire” for president in 2015-2016. And, oh, he managed to fail in these ventures in ways that helped to bring on the global financial crises and America’s Great Recession of 2008. As the house of cards image of Trump lied and cheated his way to building up comes tumbling down, a detailed look at that shady time when Trump was boosted by dirty Russian-connected money is essential.

Source: https://realcontextnews.com/when-dirty-russian-connected-money-saved-trumps-ass-and-his-ensuing-business-disasters-helped-destroy-the-global-and-american-economies/

Semion Mogilevich may or may not become a household name.

Why Rudy G, John Solomon, OAN, Fox Noise & Dip are in Deep Doo-Doo.

The 2021 FBI raid on Rudy Giuliani is relevant. something special.

Exposes the Big Lie Machine:

Trump's Ukraine scandal is a Fox News story

Fox helped get Trump into this mess, and it's the key to getting him out of it

PUBLISHED 11/13/19 8:05 AM EST


Fox supercharged Giuliani’s disinformation campaign

Giuliani, with the president’s approval, developed a shadow foreign policy campaign in Ukraine, working with corrupt officials to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, undermine the U.S. intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia had interfered in the 2016 presidential election, and remove U.S. and Ukrainian players that posed obstacles to that effort. That disinformation campaign played out on Fox.

Giuliani filtered the results of his investigation through John Solomon, a conservative writer with a long record of serving as a mouthpiece for right-wing opposition research. Solomon would write up aspects of Giuliani’s work in columns for The Hill, then go on Fox, where his scoops were woven into the network’s conspiracy theories. Over a six-month period, Solomon appeared on Fox News or Fox Business at least 72 times; 51 of those appearances were on Hannity’s program. (Solomon’s role as a Giuliani henchman led to him landing a contract as a Fox contributor last month.) As Fox’s feverish coverage of the Bidens crescendoed, Trump and Giuliani both appeared on the network to bolster the smears.

Depositions from witnesses before the impeachment inquiry reveal that top administration figures at the White House and State Department were forced to monitor Fox for clues about the shape of U.S. foreign policy toward Ukraine. George Kent, a State Department official with oversight over the country, reported tracking extensive coverage from Hannity and Fox host Laura Ingraham. Fiona Hill, a former National Security Council official, testified that she and then-national security adviser John Bolton both regularly tuned in to Fox to keep abreast of Giuliani’s antics, adding that the network’s coverage began to “have an impact obviously on our work.”

Notably, Kent and former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch each testified to an effort by the State Department to contact Hannity in order to thwart what Kent termed a “campaign of slander” against the ambassador. Yovanovitch had apparently become a thorn to Giuliani’s effort to conduct a shadow foreign policy, and so he promoted lies about her that made their way into Solomon’s columns and then onto Fox’s airwaves.

Joseph diGenova, a frequent Fox guest who is Solomon’s lawyer, argued in March on Hannity’s program that Yovanovitch “needs to be called home to the United States for consultation” in order to “answer a slew of questions about her conduct and her assault on the president of the United States.”

According to Kent, State Department counselor Ulrich Brechbuhl subsequently “reached out and suggested to Mr. Hannity that if there was no proof of the allegations, that he should stop covering them.” (Hannity has since denied that State contacted him about Yovanovitch.) In any case, Giuliani’s smear campaign apparently had its intended effect, as Yovanovitch was recalled from her post in May.

SOURCE: https://www.mediamatters.org/fox-news/trumps-ukraine-scandal-fox-news-story

Now consider the Messengers, armed with disinformation — a clear and present danger to Democracy.

Professional strength propaganda...

A Dozen Questions for John Solomon

by Sidney Blumenthal
November 5, 2019


Solomon began his career as a reporter for the Associated Press, but subsequently bounced around in right-wing media from the Washington Times to a website called Circa News (owned by Sinclair Media and now defunct). In 2012, the Columbia Journalism Review concluded that Solomon “has a history of bending the truth to his story line” and “distorting facts and hyping petty stories.” Among his claims to infamy is publishing the debunked Uranium One conspiracy.

Starting in March of this year, Solomon’s articles in The Hill and his tweets spun out a web of conspiracy theories, in some cases then tweeted by Trump: that parts of the Ukrainian government in coordination with the U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch colluded to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign by leaking financial records of Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman (who had been a consultant to the Russian backed Ukrainian president deposed in the 2014 revolution Viktor Yanukovych); that the U.S. ambassador had pressured the Ukraine prosecutor not to investigate a George Soros-backed group and “Soros-connected names” who helped the Clinton campaign in the alleged scheme; and that the ambassador told the prosecutor not to investigate a list of individuals and that, according to the prosecutor, former Vice President Joe Biden was supposedly attempting to quash the prosecutor’s probe of his son Hunter’s involvement with Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company.

Solomon depicted a second innocent victim of these conspiracies in addition to Trump: Ukrainian oligarch Dimitry Firtash, “a major target of the Soros group.” Firtash — close to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian mafia kingpin Semion Mogilevich, and a chief financier of former Ukrainian president Yanukovych — is fighting extradition to avoid U.S. federal charges of bribery and racketeering. Solomon wrote that Robert Mueller’s investigation was attempting to frame Firtash to get “some dirt on Donald Trump,” but that the case against Firtash was “falling apart.” Solomon stated, “The oligarch’s defense team told me that Firtash rejected the deal because he didn’t have credible information or evidence.”

The State Department labeled the charges in Solomon’s initial article about Yovanovitch “an outright fabrication.” Later, the Ukrainian prosecutor Solomon quoted as his source, Yuri Lutsenko, was dismissed from his position and disavowed Solomon’s reporting, saying that Hunter Biden “did not violate anything” and now said that his statements to Solomon about a do-not-prosecute list were false. Lutsenko is now under criminal investigation for abuse of power. Meanwhile, the effort to extradite Firtash to face corruption charges continues.


7. You claim that you met Parnas through Congressman Pete Sessions. When did you first become aware of the Parnas and Fruman financial contributions to Sessions? What other favors has Sessions done for you?



Garland has the goods on these traitors. There is nothing FOX, OANN, the Moonie Times, etc etc etc can do about it. So, let’s get busy with the indictments already. The future of democracy is at stake.

Santorum is a dangerous NAZI moron.

We want to build a sustainable future, we need to model it upon Native American culture.

“Indians walk softly and hurt the landscape hardly more than birds or squirrels.” — John Muir


Art to Make America Great!!!!

Very powerful work I missed...

An Anarchist Art Collective Transformed a Trump Tower Hotel Suite Into a Prison Cell for the President

The guerrilla art project turned a luxury suite into a 24-hour art pop-up, with a Trump lookalike jailed inside a prison cell with live rats.

Sarah Cascone
Artnet, April 2, 2018

Is Donald Trump a prisoner of his own gilded cage? One anarchist art collective seems to think so.

Operating with the utmost secrecy, the anonymous group INDECLINE infiltrated Trump International Hotel and Tower last week and turned a $1,000-a-night suite into a radical art installation titled “The People’s Prison,” locking a Donald Trump impersonator in a cage full of live rats. The room was transformed into a jail with bleak cement walls featuring the work of 13 artists, each of whom painted a portrait of an American activist or revolutionary on an American flag.

“ We were inspired by the Russia investigation. The walls are kind of closing in for Trump,” an INDECLINE member told artnet News of the project, the culmination of six month’s planning. “We wanted to imprison him within his castle.”

“Throughout American history, there’s been a very vibrant political resistance culture,” he added, pointing to the portraits of Hunter S. Thompson, Betty Friedan, Muhammad Ali, Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, and others. “Trump is the antithesis of what actually makes America great. So we wanted to surround him with these people. This is the America that we’re proud of, this is part of our history that we are inspired by, these are the people we look to as an example in these turbulent times.”



An ignorant, depraved con man not so much.

The rats are deep.

True, what you wrote. Great image, too.

Details and the memo, courtesy of Greenpeace:

The Lewis Powell Memo: A Corporate Blueprint to Dominate Democracy

Additional important history to know...

Alex Carey: Corporations and Propaganda

The Attack on Democracy

The 20th century, said Carey, is marked by three historic developments: the growth of democracy via the expansion of the franchise, the growth of corporations, and the growth of propaganda to protect corporations from democracy. Carey wrote that the people of the US have been subjected to an unparalleled, expensive, 3/4 century long propaganda effort designed to expand corporate rights by undermining democracy and destroying the unions. And, in his manuscript, unpublished during his life time, he described that history, going back to World War I and ending with the Reagan era. Carey covers the little known role of the US Chamber of Commerce in the McCarthy witch hunts of post WWII and shows how the continued campaign against "Big Government" plays an important role in bringing Reagan to power.

John Pilger called Carey "a second Orwell", Noam Chomsky dedicated his book, Manufacturing Consent, to him. And even though TUC Radio runs our documentary based on Carey's manuscript at least every two years and draws a huge response each time, Alex Carey is still unknown.

Given today's spotlight on corporations that may change. It is not only the Occupy movement that inspired me to present this program again at this time. By an amazing historic coincidence Bill Moyers and Charlie Cray of Greenpeace have just added the missing chapter to Carey's analysis. Carey's manuscript ends in 1988 when he committed suicide. Moyers and Cray begin with 1971 and bring the corporate propaganda project up to date.

This is a fairly complex production with many voices, historic sound clips, and source material. The program has been used by writers and students of history and propaganda. Alex Carey: Taking the Risk out of Democracy, Corporate Propaganda VS Freedom and Liberty with a foreword by Noam Chomsky was published by the University of Illinois Press in 1995.

Source: TUC Radio

Part 1: https://tucradio.org/podcasts/newest-podcasts/alex-carey-corporations-and-propaganda-part-one-of-two/

Part 2: https://tucradio.org/podcasts/newest-podcasts/alex-carey-corporations-and-propaganda-part-two-of-two/

White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement

A little-read FBI report from 2006...


This all was/is a powder keg in a dumpster warehouse fire. So, perhaps, she was following orders.

PS: A hearty welcome to DU, AverageOldGuy!

Why We Don't Know Much About Right-Wing Terrorists

Conservatives Fired The Guy Studying Them in 2009

Why Don’t We Know Much About Right-Wing Terrorists?

Conservatives Fired The Guy Studying Them

AddictingInfo, JUNE 18, 2015 4:41 PM

After a mass shooting at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, left nine people dead and a right-wing white supremacist arrested, the country once again faces the uneasy question of just how many so-called “home-grown” terrorists are out there – heavily armed, ideologically driven, and violent.

It’s a good question, but it may be tough to answer because for reasons that are astoundingly dimwitted, the Department of Homeland Security pushed out the guy who was in charge of watching them, and dismantled his team all the way back in 2009.

The beleaguered hero of this story is Daryl Johnson, a top government counterterrorism analyst working at Homeland Security who spent six years with the agency amassing a wealth of data on far-right extremist groups that posed various degrees of threat to citizens in the United States. In 2009, in the months after President Obama assumed office, he watched as these groups veered even further right, and began to fear that America’s first African-American president could be the catalyst of a major uptick in hate crimes and anti-government attacks.

In a landmark report released just months into Obama’s term, and now looks downright clairvoyant, Johnson made the case that radical Islam is only a small piece of the terrorism pie:

“Do not overlook other types of terrorist groups,” the report warned, noting that five purely domestic groups had considered using weapons of mass destruction in that period. Similar warnings have been issued by the two principal non-government groups that track domestic terrorism: the New York-based Anti-Defamation League and the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center.

An annual tally by the latter group of what it calls “Terror From the Right” listed 13 major incidents and arrests last year, nearly double the annual number in previous years; the group also reported the number of hate groups had topped 1,000 in 2010, for the first time in at least two decades.

In response to that report, Johnson was destroyed. It wasn’t his integrity or claims that got him in trouble, his facts were solid. Instead, it was the inconvenient truth that much of the threat comes from right-wing conservatives, and even more awkwardly, radical right-wing conservatives who say and think a lot of the same things mainstream right-wing conservatives say and think.

CONTINUED w/links...


That was from 2015.

Internet Archive Waybac, if link doesn’t work:

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