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Not Heidi

Not Heidi's Journal
Not Heidi's Journal
May 8, 2024

I want so badly to go to Pride. I can't.

I had foot surgery on April 23. Long Beach Pride is May 18-19; that's just eleven days away. That's too soon to be on my feet for hours.

Chances are I'll be able to go to Orange County Pride, which set for October 5. I really don't want to miss OC Pride. I live in Orange County, and OC was my first Pride. At the time, I'd only come out to my sisters. All my friends went to an evangelical church (so did I) and I hadn't yet come out to anyone there. I was terrified of taking that step.

I was very proud to be at a Pride festival, very proud of myself. Now I'm 61. I lived a whole lifetime in the closet and have lived a longer lifetime out. I know who I am - I'm powerful and free - and I want to spend a day with family.

This is a little disorganized; thanks for listening anyway. My peeps. My family.

May 6, 2024

Don't want to hijack mahatmakanejeeves's Hindenburg thread in American History, so . . .

. . . I'm posting this here. It's related, but not enough to include there.

I was 12 years old when the film The Hindenburg was released. I saw it once and became almost obsessed with airships. I read encyclopedias at home, and books that I was surprised to find in the library.

In the 1920s and '30s, the dirigible was in regular use by Nazi Germany and by the United States Navy. (Note: the US used helium to raise their ships.)

A few of the US Navy lighter-than-air ships were
USS Shenandoah, commissioned in 1923 and lost in 1925 in a storm, with the loss of 14 lives
USS Los Angeles, commissioned in 1924 and served until 1939; dismantled in 1940
USS Akron, aircraft carrier commissioned in 1931, lost in 1933 in a storm, with the loss of 73 lives
USS Macon, aircraft carrier commissioned in 1933, lost in 1935 due to structural failure, with the loss of 2 lives

Of course I don't remember all of this from my youthful research (I do remember the names of the ships), but reading about it today refreshes my memory and brings back a little of that sadness and strange excitement. What an odd thing for a 12-13 year old child to study as if a grade depended on it.

Adding to my fascination was the Goodyear Blimp. Living in Southern California, I was well acquainted with the blimp, which moored at a landing field about 15 or so miles from where I lived. It was just off the 405, so I saw it almost every time I went to Grandma's house in Long Beach. I also saw it in flight frequently; I knew the sound of its engines and I'd run out of the house and watch it until it sailed out of view. I'm 61 now and I still want to catch a ride in that blimp.

May 6, 2024

Would you support a rule that required owners to sell?

The rule would force an owner to sell if, for example, the team ended two or three consecutive seasons at, say .350 or .400.

It's late and I'm not feeling very creative, but maybe you can come up with some ideas.

I'd support this rule. Maybe I'll send a note to Rob Manfred.

May 6, 2024

Odd doings in FV: what's with Dutch Bros?

Strange car queuing is now a fixture at the NE corner of the intersection of Magnolia St. and Talbert Ave. in Fountain Valley.

A Dutch Bros Coffee - more an overgrown kiosk than a shop - was built in the parking lot of the corner strip mall there. It opened on February 9 this year.

People wait in unbelievably long lines for the drive through, snaking through the parking lot (across the painted parking spaces) in two improvised lanes. Dutch Bros employees stand in the lot, directing traffic. It seems that more cars are in line for Dutch Bros than are parked for the strip mall's other residents combined: Sprouts, fish & chips, pizza, ice cream, Thai food, children's martial arts, Dollar Tree, and more.

Most evenings there's also a very long line of standees awaiting their turn at the walk-up window.

The most absurd part of this coffee drink-driven spectacle is that, when the shop opened and for several weeks afterward, the line extended from the parking lot and east down Talbert Ave. Obtuse caffeine aficionados blocked driveways and entrances to residential streets. Fortunately, the city found a way to stop this.

I should note that I, too, love coffee. But I'm not going to waste 90 minutes of my life in my car, adding fumes to Earth's fragile atmosphere, just to satisfy my curiosity about the merits of a single cup.

All that (TL;DR?) is preface to my questions:

Why all the excitement about Dutch Bros Coffee? And do similar phenomena afflict cities in other states?

May 5, 2024

As of 5/4, the Halos are 12-20

Do you have an idea about why this is?

Mine (perhaps predictable as I'm probably the biggest Angels fan on DU) is a single name: Arte Moreno.

I wish they could force owners to sell.

April 28, 2024

Is depression a hangover/symptom of anesthesia?

I had foot surgery last Tuesday. I've been increasingly depressed since then. It's bad. Anyone got an antidote?

April 19, 2024

Happy Valley

"At the center of the story is police sergeant Catherine Cawood, a middle-aged, tough-as-nails woman with a tragic backstory and an itch for revenge. She’s played by Sarah Lancashire who, I must say, gives one of the best performances of any actor I’ve seen on any television show in my entire life. I cannot properly express the sheer brilliance of Lancashire’s work on this show. Her range is extraordinary."

So writes Erik Kain of Forbes. I agree with him.

Sarah Lancashire became one of my favorites as I watched Last Tango in Halifax, which also showcases her skill and sincerity amid a fun and very talented cast. (Do watch this comedy/drama, which has the added bonus of Nicola Walker.)

There are only three seasons, but I know you will enjoy them.

Thanks to Erik Kain for finding the words I couldn't.

April 19, 2024

I don't really dig costume jewelry, but

I like this so much, I had to get it. And Pride is almost here.

You were expecting maybe something outlandish?

(Don't mind the old hand it's on.)

April 14, 2024

Eff me!!

Your resident #1 procrastinator has committed an epic faux pas.

It's April 14. Today I will be doing our taxes.


I swear that I put them in a place I would not forget. I know just where they are, I told my wife, as I set up my desk for the task.

Well, I didn't forget. Only problem is - you guessed it:

They're not there!!

Mother effing . . . I-don't-know-what.

What say you, DUers? Where are our 1099s?! Hellllp!

April 14, 2024

I want to write more letters like this . . .

. . . but, through my own fault, I am undereducated. It's not that I can't write. It's that all I know about what's going on with Choice right now is headlines and the occasional video featuring some bloviating dipshit (including a former Dipshit-in-Chief).

Does anyone know if there's a primer of some kind that can catch me up with the issue of Choice and opposition to it?

(I wrote this at some time during the second Bush administration. )

Edit: printed in the Washington Post

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