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Not Heidi

Not Heidi's Journal
Not Heidi's Journal
September 20, 2021

Is this a hack? Malicious apps? In any case . . .

. . . how do I get rid of them?

This weather app appeared one day, and along with it several other apps. None of them allowed uninstallation. What can I do? This thing wants to lead me down a path of evil and darkness, I just know it. . . .

What can I do?!



September 11, 2021

Know what's weird about death?

If you're conscious and aware that you're dying, you won't know that you're dead when you die.* There won't be any -

Huh. I'm dead.


*That is, in my way of thinking about death. YMMV

September 10, 2021

Canyon Ridge Hospital - my [first] Yelp review

I spent six days at CRH, and was discharged on Monday, September 6. I admitted myself voluntarily,** as I have some severe trauma to work through and needed a safe place in which to do it.

I gave two stars only because some of the staffers were outstanding. They are in the right profession.

I do not recommend this psych hospital for anyone. I could tell you of specific experiences, and may yet, in an additional review. Suffice, for now, to say that I saw some patients treated cruelly (emotionally); I had innocuous personal items withheld, as did everyone;* I saw patients locked out of their rooms during the day, one result being that they had to ask permission to use a locked bathroom (so much for trying to retain some dignity); rules - which vary from staffer to staffer - are applied arbitrarily; the only fresh air available was taken on a walled square of concrete - and that air was usually thick with cigarette smoke; and the only exercise provided was the walk to and from the cafeteria.

I could go on, and will another time.

* Example: my deodorant. I was told by another patient that it was withheld because it has alcohol in it. First: I don't know if that's the reason. Second: it does not contain alcohol. Third: who drinks deodorant for alcohol?

** Redundant, I know. Can't figure out how to edit a post on Yelp, if it's even possible.

September 9, 2021

Was discharged from Canyon Ridge Hospital on Monday night.

I was there for a week.


https://www.yelp.com/biz/canyon-ridge-hospital-chino (Haven't posted my review yet.)

Word of advice: do not recommend Canyon Ridge Hospital in Chino, CA to anyone. Mine wasn't a good experience. In the days to come, I'll tell you about it, if you'd care to read. I'll write about it anyway, to help get it out of my system.

Best part was the food.

A one-star Yelp review contains this plaint: "I left a PTSD group for triggering my PTSD." I didn't experience this, but I'm not surprised at all. It's typical of my overall experience.

August 30, 2021

checking myself in today

I'm checking myself into the psych hospital today. I need a safe place. Too hard to contain any longer the trauma of giving up my cats five years ago, and how I had to do it.

Cats? Pathetic. But I can't dismiss as pathetic something that's killing me.

I was in a psych hospital 35 years ago, at age 23. I expect some things to be different, but I wish I knew what those would be.

I'm nervous, scared, excited, anxious, apprehensive, terrified.

I want one specific thing to happen there today. I desperately want to be given a private room. My time there will be a lot easier if I don't have to contend with a stranger in close quarters. Trying not to get my hopes up, though.

I wonder: as in 1986, will they take away my belt and shoelaces? . . . pfft. Of course they will.

August 28, 2021

I need a good and *free* password manager - not a "free preview" offer. Can you help?

I don't know where to start, and I have a lot of other research to do tonight and tomorrow. I'll appreciate any suggestions you can make. If there are any big red flags, I hope folks will pile on so I don't miss them, heh.

I'll be on most of the night. Thanks for your help.

August 11, 2021

I'm in Orange County. CA's 48th.

We turned out Dana Rohrabacher in '18. Michelle Steel took back the seat last year, but Christ, she's not so beloved of Putin that she's considered "an intel source worthy of [her] own code name." (The Hill, 11/22/17)

They had protests against masks....

Yeah, I was at PCH & Main for a couple of those. We progressives who live here know our strength and value. We show up. The right doesn't go unchallenged here.

Orange County is another RWNJ location to avoid.

Maybe a thing to avoid would be blanket statements like this.

I wouldn't step foot into their county if you paid me.

No? Bummer.
August 11, 2021

"Leave the mask. Take the cannoli." Clever.

"Leave the mask...." The restaurant's billboard. Tried but failed to post an image.

See Jim G.'s thread re O'Connell's Pub:[link:https://democraticunderground.com/100215720898|]

There's O'Connell's in St. Louis, and then there's Basilico's, in my hometown.


If you're vaccinated, you're not welcome. This restaurant's Facebook and Instagram pages make it clear: they mean to lead the charge to new depths in "destructive irrationality."*

The proprietor of Basilico's Pasta e Vino in Huntington Beach, California, has posted a message in the restaurant's window that reads:



Ponder, indeed. 🤔

Basilico's owner, Tony Roman, states that he's not "anti-vaccine" but "pro-freedom, anti-tyranny."

I called the restaurant this evening to ask if it is true that they won't serve anyone who has been vaccinated against Covid-19. The gentleman I spoke to answered, "no." He asked where I'd "heard that." I told him that I'd been looking at their social media and have received the message loud and clear. He said (and this is as close to verbatim as I can get):

"No, we don't have any requirements like that, unlike a lot of other places in the United States" -- clearly referring to places such as O'Connell's Pub in St. Louis. I bit back some bitter snark and thanked him for his time. (I hope I was able to keep my tone neutral. Confrontation isn't my bag.)

If you were to call Basilico's, what would you say? Would you try to dine there? How do you imagine that would go?

Do you know of other businesses whose owners flaunt similar sociopathic/psychopathic idiocy?

[link:https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-07-26/huntington-beach-restaurant-wants-unvaccinated-diners|] Paywall, sorry. Hopefully some of you can read it.

* Paul Krugman: Climate Denial, Covid Denial and the Right’s Descent
Aug. 9, 2021

Also see Chris Cuomo and Tony Roman on CNN last week:[link:
December 2, 2020

Bertha Venation Returns

I don't know how many of you will remember me. I've been away for a few years. Upon returning, although I've tried (and asked DU's leaders for help), I've found no way to revive Bertha.

But I'm still Bertha Venation, the one and only, the original. 😎

My new username is something I need to say to people at least once or twice a month. Honestly. I have to include in a reply to an email or say to a person, "my name is not Heidi."

Please, call me Bertha. It's a pleasure to be back.

For example, I frequently get letters or email replies that begin with, "Dear Heidi . . . ." At new doctors, I've been called in with, "Heidi?" I can't begin to list all the circumstances in which I've been called Heidi. If I weren't to be cremated, I'd direct that the phrase "This is not Heidi" appear in small print at the bottom of my headstone.

If there were a way to make an announcement targeted at everyone who's ever called me Heidi, I'd say this:

"People! Look at my name again. If you pay attention, you'll see my first name. Now look at my last name. May I suggest that you were so flummoxed by my semi-difficult last name that you didn't even look at my first name? It's there, and it's NOT HEIDI."

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I am the former Bertha Venation. My Congressperson, Michelle Steel (R-CA-45), took money from MAGA harridan MTG. She will pay for it. (Please, please, make her pay for it.) The Angels do not play in Los Angeles, or even in Los Angeles County. They play in Anaheim, Orange County, California.
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