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Not Heidi

Not Heidi's Journal
Not Heidi's Journal
April 14, 2024

Two Hills in Huntington Beach, California

There are two not-too-steep hills in Huntington Beach that gave me surprisingly detailed memories that I'll never forget.


The first hill is Ellis Avenue. My mother was driving with my sisters and me. As we got to the hill on Ellis, my mom said something like, "You girls wanna take a little ride?" She was smiling (wow).

She did something to the car that made it quieter, and the car felt different as we went down the hill. I looked over and saw that she was still smiling.

At some point after I began driving, that memory came back to me, and I realized that she'd put the car in neutral. The simple act of coasting made her happy.


The second hill is Yorktown Avenue. My sisters and I were leaving the Huntington Bowl on our bikes after our league game was over. I was seven years old.

To the right of the road was an open field, with a ravine separating it from the asphalt. We were about halfway down Yorktown when my front wheel began to wiggle. I lost control of my bike and flew over the handlebars into the trash and glass in the ravine.

My sister ran across the street to a house, where she called our mother, then came back to my other sister and me. Before long our stepfather pulled up in the station wagon.

My mother sprung into action. She dressed my cuts, then pulled out the sofa bed and laid me down under the covers. She was very kind to me, which I remember so well because she wasn't usually kind towards us.


I have very few memories of my mother, and most of them are aren't very good. But these experiences were notable for her enjoyment in sharing something fun with us, and for her caring for me as she did. I won't ever forget.

Oh, yeah - if I'm anywhere near Ellis or Yorktown at Beach Blvd, I coast down those hills. Can't do it without coasting; can't coast without remembering.

April 13, 2024

Any aquarium aficionados out there?

I'm thinking of adding air stone bars in the back of my aquarium, to make a wall of bubbles. I wonder if my fish will like it. Their home is rather boring. What do you think?

April 10, 2024

Swipe vs Type

I have swiped on my phone instead of typing for years. Never had a problem. But now, on my new Galaxy S23, swiping causes a problem.

I can concentrate like hell to be sure I'm swiping across all the correct letters, and still the phone writes what it wants.

Here are several examples. Many, in context, are hilarious.

against --> shaitan

always --> skagen

amazing --> snazzy

appreciate --> Shoreview

can --> CSN (my phone likes great music)

correct --> chieftain

even --> recently

forget --> dirge

forgive --> diuretics

gravy --> heavy

nephew's --> nettles

others --> outgrew

potato --> heavy

program --> origami

remember --> entebbe
remember --> tenebrous

wonderful --> windflower
wonderful -->winery

April 10, 2024

New blood work: A1c is . . .

My new A1c is 6.5, one-tenth higher than the previous. Just one-tenth; still I'm unhappy - probably because I gave up Coca-Cola about six weeks ago. Maybe that's not enough time for the benefit of reducing sugar to show up.

I don't think the surgeon will have a problem with the higher number. Cross your fingers. I'll find out in a few days. Surgery's on the 23rd.

April 9, 2024

Angels: did you hear about that call

against Nolan Schanuel of the Angels?

In short: a play in which he reached first when the first baseman dropped the throw was ruled a hit, extending the rookie's on-base streak to 30.

Then the review: not a hit. An error.

Why it matters: " . . . all the positivity surrounding Schanuel and his attempt to break the all-time on-base record to start a career was derailed because of MLB's foolish decision . . . ."

MLB is getting a lot of crap already this season, and from what I hear, it's well-deserved.


(I don't know how to shorten a URL.)

April 8, 2024

Best Food and/or Water Tracker?

What would be your recommendation, and why? Include paid and free apps.


April 7, 2024

Is an A1C of 5.9 good or bad?

My A1C was 6.4 about a year ago. My foot surgeon said he'd like to see it a little better - not higher, not lower, but "better" - before surgery on April 23rd.

I had ECT* treatments between April and August last year. Rather than giving me some relief from depression it wiped out much of my memory - including information about my health problems. I looked it up, but I'm so confused right now that I couldn't understand what I read online.

If you don't mind, diabetes sufferers, could you help me out with this, please? I figure it's an easy answer for those of you in the know. Thank you.

* Electroconvulsive Therapy

April 3, 2024

Erik is a veritable god.

Erik and I sang together in the South Coast Chorale (out of Long Beach, CA) in the 90s. I haven't seen or communicated with him since then. We've reconnected recently on FB.

On March 23rd, I went to the concert of the Orange County Women's Chorus. Their performance was devastating. The theme was Arms - firearms and their unconscionable use in the US. It broke my heart for two reasons.

First, this highly trained and professional-sounding chorus gave heart and soul to their performance. Second: not just the skill and emotion with which they sang, but the words, oh, god . . . . The shortest lyric of all their songs was this:

Mom, they are shooting up the school . . . I'm hiding in a closet . . . I love you, Mom*

Ok, TL;DR. Sorry. To the point.

I'd been hoping for about a year to audition for them. The farthest I've gone is to fill out their audition application. After experiencing this concert, though, I realized that I'd never pass the audition. I don't have a trained voice; I don't read music well; my range has shrunk by at least half an octave, since I haven't sung for about 15 years.

Erik read my paean to the OCWC and sent me a PM. He exhorted me not to give up. He said that I should audition. Further, he offered to work with me on my voice.

Last night I asked him what he charges for voice lessons. This was his response:

"No charge for you sweetie .. I just really want you to do it [to audition]. No need to wait. Find out what is expected for the audition so we can focus. I'm excited."

HE'S excited?!

I. Will. Audition.

So I guess this was TL;DR. If you made it all through, I commend you.

*The young girl who sent this text survived.

April 2, 2024

How do I know if I'm an alcoholic?

All I have to go on are these:

1. I usually have a drink at any opportunity: out to dinner, offered a beer at a friend's house, having a shot if there's any vodka in the house . . .

2. I try to keep vodka in the house. My roommate drinks it, too

3. Sometimes, when I'm buying a bottle at BevMo, I'll get a couple of those tiny bottles - and drink them on the way home. Yes, while driving home

I know I can live without it. I don't crave it; I don't get drunk - I don't even get tipsy. My roommate can buy her own.

But being able to quit (as I know I am) doesn't equal quitting. These are my questions for the ether: am I an alcoholic? Do I need to quit?

Please offer your opinions.

March 29, 2024

A1C and knee surgery

I've been informed today that my A1C has to be under 7.0 or my surgeon won't replace my right knee. (It sounds like it's full of dry corn flakes, and I can't describe how it feels but to say ouch.) Last time my A1C was tested, about eight months ago, it was 6.4.

My surgery is scheduled for July, so I have plenty of time to keep it under control. But it has been so long since I paid attention or even tested regularly that I don't really remember how to keep my blood sugar under control. I feel like a dolt.

Do you have any advice, links, books or other materials I can look up - anything you think might help me get back to where I should be with this disease? Think of me as a beginner. And think A1C below 7.0.

I'd be so very grateful.

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