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Not Heidi

Not Heidi's Journal
Not Heidi's Journal
March 28, 2024

Retrospective/Memories: Drive-In Movies

Do you have any memories about drive-in movies? Do post them, please.

If you don't know about drive-ins, ask about them. Someone will be sure to oblige with an answer.

In the summer of 1980, my hopes of going to Los Angeles Baptist College in the fall of 1981 were dashed by their financial assistance office. That summer, I went one night to the Fountain Valley Drive-In to console myself with Superman II. It worked a treat. That summer, in my screaming yellow Toyota Corona, I saw the film 22 times. My disappointment was numbed. (Why save money? I wasn't going to college. But in early 1981 I received a Pell Grant and my dream came true. (If only I'd known.))

A few years before this, they'd replaced all the heavy, clunky, metal sound boxes with little yellow clips that one attached to the car's aerial. The sound would then come through the car radio. It was said that one could pick up the sound without the yellow clip, and it proved true.

My favorite trip ever to the Fountain Valley Drive-In didn't involve paying at the kiosk or driving across the hilly rows to just the right spot. In 1977, in her very yellow Plymouth Arrow, my sister drove the two of us to the top of a hill just behind the drive-in. We could see the screen perfectly. She tuned the radio and we heard the sounds of the previews. I jumped when I heard the first notes of the Star Wars overture. (Who didn't?) That night with my sister is one of my best memories. It didn't matter that we'd cheated to see the movie. I was with my sister.

The Fountain Valley Drive-In opened in 1967 (with Snow White and Tammy and the Millionaire). It was demolished in 1984. I cried when I heard. In its place now sits the MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center. (If I have an emergency, I go about eight miles down PCH to Hoag Hospital ER. It would take a lot for me to go half a mile down the street to MemorialCare.)

Tell us your drive-in memories.

March 28, 2024

How to post a photo

I just wrote a post that requires a photo but I don't know how to post it. Help, please. Thank you.

March 20, 2024

My beloved wife.

Kathy is 72 years old. Five or six years ago, she was diagnosed with collagenous colitis. I'm not sure that's what the problem is today (but I'm not a medical professional).

I will be a discreet as possible in describing what she experiences.

It's been two or three months since she's had the kind of uncontrollable mess-the-bed, several failed bathroom trips per night and into the morning experiences. These months were a gift to her, a blessing - a very welcome, very rare blessing.

But this afternoon, it all fell apart. The first episode was so bad that she had to take a shower - and then she didn't have the strength to stand up (from the shower chair) and get out. I had to call the paramedics (fourth time this month) to help her out of the shower. They were kind enough to wait, to let me get her dried and dressed, and then, one on each side, they got her into bed.

Her strength has somewhat returned this evening. She's had to return to the bathroom three times more tonight, but neither trip has been nearly as bad as what she experienced this afternoon.

I have an Ativan prescription, and that helped me through much of the worst of the afternoon. The anxiety of this situation, these episodes, her weakness, confusion, inability to speak without forgetting words - all of this causes me great anxiety.

But then, I'm not the one who is debilitated by such a difficult illness.

Anything you want to say (unless it's unkind towards my wife) is welcome.

March 19, 2024

best free/low-cost budgeting app - not stressing credit

Mint is dying, and they shifted their business to Credit Karma. Last night, I made the mistake of getting busy setting up Credit Karma, without realizing (without paying attention, actually) that it's got nothing to do with budgeting. It's all about getting you roped into getting more credit cards and otherwise getting more into debt. I'm mad, but it's my own fault.

I'm looking at Quicken Simplifi. Not free, but so far it looks like the best option. But I don't know.

Any recommendations? Thanks.

March 13, 2024

How did you uniquely get your most prized possession?

How did you "uniquely get" your prized possession, I mean what odd or strange or weird things happened that resulted in you acquiring your item?

And if nothing odd happened, tell us about your prized possession anyway.

March 13, 2024

I learned a new description last night.

I believe the man who came up with this had been in CBT at some time in his life. This would be some pretty clever reframing.

"I don't say 'I struggle with anxiety' anymore. I say, "My mind sparkles with imaginary danger."

I LMAO'd. Seriously.

Comedian DeAnne Smith, on -Hannah Gadsby's Gender Agenda- (now playing on Netflix)

March 11, 2024

Best way to sell something online?

Is it eBay? Facebook? Craigslist? What?

March 9, 2024

Have Fire Stick - How to Watch the Oscars?

I don't know how to get a live show on ABC with my Amazon Fire Stick. I have until 4:00 PM Sunday. Can anyone help?


February 2, 2024

I'm being scammed and I don't know what to do.

I rec'd an email from a Sue Chez* which begins:

"I trust this email reaches you in good health. I'm pleased to report that the trade we talked about has been successfully concluded. The essential information can be found in the attached PDF."

I've never talked to anyone about any trade. With trepidation I opened the PDF. It is an invoice ostensibly from Norton Antivirus, stating that by auto debit I am paying $899.99 for subscription renewal.

I've never subscribed to Norton. I called the number on the PDF and got a guy whose first language is not English. First he argued with me, trying to convince me that I did indeed renew my subscription. Once I shut him up about that by insisting several times that I never subscribed to Norton (and I was growing increasingly rude, I confess), he said to go to this site: getmefixed.tech. I googled "getmefixed.tech scam" and this opened scam-detector.com -- which promptly froze.**

I asked the guy his name; it's "Mick Brown." I told him I'd have to call back when my computer stopped freezing (my computer is fine). He gave me his direct line -- and I hope someone else answers.

Friends, please help. What the hell do I do?

* I googled "Sue Chez" and found there are about two dozen businesses called "Chez Sue." What a coincidence, eh?

** This is what it froze on:
"Connection is secure

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