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Member since: Tue Aug 6, 2019, 12:25 PM
Number of posts: 1,403

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Expat Michigander living in the middle of England.

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Thoughts regarding our new American Secret Police...

(Apologies if this should be in the editorial section - but I am encouraging discussion so I guess it go to either. I'll let the moderators correct me if I've posted this incorrectly)

I don’t post very much – mostly responding and supporting others - but these last few days I’ve been thinking about these unmarked, masked federal agents/gestapo who are wandering around Portland…

Trying to view them as fellow human beings, I can’t help but consider the common humanity we share with them:

1) They have families and loved ones
2) They keep their job because they most likely need the income and security
3) They likely have a spiritual or intellectual way of rationalizing the wider world
4) They have hobbies and personal pursuits
5) They have favourite foods, music, movies, etc.
6) They feel pain when hurt (either emotional or physical)

But I’m also drawn to the differences and other observations concerning these agents/gestapo (can we just say Secret Police?)

1) They subscribe to the current right-wing zeitgeist - and most likely have had military training
2) They support the current government and its policies (assumption: They are white)
3) Their masks and lack of proper identification allow them full expression of their inner motivation (and aggression against something they distain)
4) They have consciously agreed to actually be Secret Police
5) They behave as if they are psychopaths (Which they likely are)
6) They lack the ability to consider others as human beings – rather “Objects” instead - they de-humanise us when they attack
7) They are acting as if they really are the gestapo – and so one could assume that they either lack a reasonable understanding of history, or they fully subscribe to the ideals of the history they are repeating
8) They probably do not appreciate that they represent a vast source of sarcasm and humour for our beloved late-night show hosts

So, my personal summary (and don’t waste time asking how I got here) is:

1) We have allowed a “Authoritarian Psychopathic Police State” (APPS) to birth itself over the past 40 years)
2) We must start planning and implementing any social actions with full understanding of how such authoritarian entity will behave (consult with social psychologists to ascertain appropriate and effective responses)
3) We should likely refrain from being “Shocked” about the most recent abusive behaviour emanating from our APPS and instead channel our rage into viable action via #2 above)
4) Admit and understand that our late-night comedy (Whilst entertaining) actually desensitises us (Sorry that should be Me!) in a slow and effective manner
5) Vote like you, your family, your friends, and our planet depend on it!
6) Don’t let the “Miniature Orange Foreskin” get you down!!!

Anyway, Thanks for reading and considering – my perceptions may be incorrect, and I also may be assuming things I should not. Please have a think and add any constructive thoughts/observations.

Kindest regards to all… (especially everyone standing up on the streets of Portland!)

Is it just me? Did trump say everything exactly opposite?

Every dart thrown at the left was in actuality a truth about his platform and followers.

Please reflect and discuss...

BONUS: WTF is up with Mary Hart? In my mind, only the Leprous Cantaloup would be thrilled about a woman who insured her legs for a million to be MC for a shit show like that?
Posted by Layzeebeaver | Sat Jul 4, 2020, 02:53 AM (6 replies)
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