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Member since: Sat Sep 28, 2019, 04:10 PM
Number of posts: 5,026

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Positive Energy Thread

This is a positive energy thread for Jamie Raskin and his team.

Go Get'em Jamie, we are sending out a wave of positivity. Give em hell, convict the traitor.

RepubliQAnon Party,

Shame the hell out of them. The Lizard people who shoot space lasers. Don't try to reason with them.

Call every member of Congress a RepubliQanon, every Republican member.

Jeebus, they had a special on about QANON tonight, I couldn't watch all of it. Calling them a cult doesn't do justice to how crazy dangerous they are.

A coup question.

Why shouldn't everyone who stormed the Capitol be arrested? I mean even for trespass for crying out loud. They could all be charged with much more serious crimes but back to my question, why can't they all be arrested?

What if DC was Open Carry?

It doesn't take a whole lot of imagination what would have happened if DC had an Open Carry law.

The coup would have succeeded. Bloodshed would have been enormous.

To the Trump loving cult, Trump's mob would have killed law enforcement. One of the big lies out there is that the right is pro police.

The police are a part of government and the far right hates government.

Maybe states should consider implementing some sensible gun laws? The idea for doing it has a majority behind it, maybe now is the time to get it done?

Karma is a beoach,

Republicans fucked Stacy Abrams out of being governor and she came back with a vengeance.

Karma is a beoach Republicans.

Georgia election,

I don't want to turn on cable news, I don't want to listen to Kornacki.

I want boots on the ground to tell me how it looks? How is Democratic turnout.


Letitia James is on the prowl

A New York state judge just ordered the Trump Organization to turn over all documents regarding a property at the heart of a civil investigation by New York Attorney General Letitia James into the company’s financial and tax practices.

I heard rumors that Trump was going to pardon his money guy Allen Weisselberg, but is that smart? Couldn't they force Weisselberg to testify against Trump if he is pardoned?

Pinochet Did Nothing Wrong

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I saw that at Raw Story, on a Tee Shirt of a Proud Boy. Pinochet Did Nothing Wrong.

It says a lot about how these people think. Pinochet conspired with Nixon, Kissinger and our CIA to overthrow the thriving Socialist government of Chile, with a thriving middle class. Pinochet used the military, he drove tanks down the main thoroughfare and fired 24 missiles into the federal building in his coup to gain power. Pinochet, either imprisoned or killed anyone who was on the left.

The Libertarian, Chicago School of Economics, Milton Friedman, went to Chile to set up its economy. Everything was privatized, only the rich were educated, safety rules were tossed, women could only work in certain jobs. Chile lost its thriving middle class under Milton Friedman's economics.

This is what the Proud Boys want for America? They are so stupid if they don't know the history of Pinochet and what he did to Chile.
They only react to a word, "Socialism." Their goal is to destroy Socialism because they were told that it is bad and of course Democrats are Socialists.

I worked in Chile in 2002 and 2003 and I saw the effects of Pinochet.

Election fraud purpose

I mean I wish that the MSM, cable news, CNN, MSNBC, would just stop covering it. Mention it and laugh, call it dangerous but stop making it a 24/7 news item. The purpose of these election fraud claims is the exact same thing that Republicans did after Obama was elected president, they met and agreed to obstruct everything. People, this is going to serve the same purpose. We have seen it for the past 10 years, Republicans are not ever going to work with Democrats, not ever. This election fraud nonsense will be used as an excuse for not working with the Biden administration.

Joe can reach out to Republicans but I don't foresee any reach back. I saw this suggestion on cable news last night. What Trump did with his one after the other controversies and dirty deeds, so many that we couldn't keep up, one bad policy was followed by another bad policy and the old bad policies were forgotten.

Biden needs to same thing Trump did, fire one good policy after another, rapid fire them so that the media can't keep up. Deluge us with Biden policies, get everything you can get that doesn't need Republican approval, because Joe isn't going to get any, ever.

I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist, I watched what Republicans have done the past 10 years.

Where is Bill Barr?

The 2nd most dangerous man in America.

When a "consigliere" loses his job what happens to him?
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