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Member since: Wed Nov 6, 2019, 11:33 PM
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Covid and Storm season

Hey Joe get ahead of this.

Joe has a town hall tonight and would be well served to get ahead of the crisis. Tornado, fire and hurricane season is coming and the effect on strained resources, shelter in place and first responders will be severe.

Get this out now and some helpful ideas about how to handle it. Make Trump follow.

Amy's Husbad improves. (update Now at home)

I am very happy for her and her family, but this also is a big part of the tale. He is a "moderate" case. Not on a ventilator but looks to be in the hospital for some time to come, unless of course where he is becomes way overcrowded in which case they will probably try and get him home much more quickly then is medically indicated.

This is the story for many more the ICUs taking up resources and personal in may more numbers then looking at just the toplines indicate.

Slate has a good Idea about Warren and Klobuchar as the face of the party durring the crisis.

Why not turn over the party’s messaging about the pandemic to the two-woman team of Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren?

That the piece makes some really good points.

Anyone who saw Amy on Maddow the other night saw the emotional impact of her husband's situation has. We have a country longing for some sort of unity in the face of the crisis and having those two working together putting out a clear message with real information could just end up saving lives.

Biden Sends Klobuchar to Michigan

Joe takes no time getting his new surrogates out on the trail for him. Once a candidate withdraws they a somewhat short self lif unless used right away.
I wonder if Pete will get dispatched and where?

But getting Amy in the field this soon and running in advance of his own trip makes a ton of sense. If I was Joe I'd have her stop in North Dakota on the Way to Spokane and the Seattle suburbs.

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