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Member since: Thu Nov 21, 2019, 10:58 AM
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I was WaitWut several years back. When the 'blackout' happened, I sort of drifted away. Now, I'm back at DU.

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Look at us...

There's been some handwringing, a lot of sniping, chastising, finger-pointing, blocking, fighting and even some good debating.

Stop for just a minute and look at us. Look at who we are, not as DUers, but as Democrats, Progressives, Liberals or whatever left-leaning-label you identify as. Look at our candidates...all of them. They all have a wart or two (or three). BUT...look again.

We're damned lucky to be on their side. Every single candidate (past and present) has something to offer to the Democratic cause. They all have bright ideas and attainable hopes and dreams. Some may dream bigger or more expansive, but vision is what moves us forward. Some may have experience, and experience is welcome trait after the past 3 years.

Look at us having the best of the best on our side. I will be proud to vote for any of them and I look forward to seeing how they all fit in over the next four years.

Cheers to y'all

My son will vote for the Democrat.

This is sort of a big deal.

Here's a quick timeline of the past 15ish years to give you an idea.

Joined Marines as a left-leaning Dem so he could fight for women's and girl's rights to an education and freedom in the Middle East. (this is a really long story that I'll spare sharing here )

4 years in, he was a right-leaning Independent who still called his mother to ask her to fact-check bullshit lies or stretched truths about our President (Obama, of course).

8 years and out...came out a centrist Conservative that would argue with his Mother about guns, politics and minimum wage.

Today..."Mom, I don't care who it is, I'm voting for the Democrat. I'll even vote for Sanders." (I don't mean that as a dig, it's just a huge step for my kid).

Now, to be fair...he was a horrible Conservative. He's always supported gay rights and women's rights, believes in fair immigration and rights for the undocumented. He's a diehard climate change believer and will ridicule any deniers into the ground (he was a 'weatherman' in the Marines).

I'm so glad he's back. I got tired of avoiding talking to him about politics. Now, he listens to me rant and...agrees with me.
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