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Trump would beat a Washington (Pres), Lincoln (VP) ticket by 40%

Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦
Trump says pollster told him: “If George Washington and Abraham Lincoln came alive from the dead and formed a President and VP team, you would beat them by 40%.”

A Russian tank surrenders in Kherson.


Mehmet de Vil

(Doing the rounds on social media) 😭

4 DU Brits out there, would you like (cough) to say something 'bout Suella Braverman?

More Bad News: COVID may trigger an Immune Attack on the Brain.

(what, me worry?) Young people take note.

Immune reactions to severe Covid may trigger brain problems, study finds

Severe Covid infections can cause immune reactions that damage nerve cells in the brain, causing memory problems and confusion, and potentially raising the risk of long-term health issues, research suggests.

Scientists at King’s College London found that a wayward immune response to the virus increased the death rate of neurons and had a “profound” impact on regeneration in the hippocampus region of the brain, which is crucial for learning and memory.

The findings are preliminary but suggest Covid can trigger neurological problems in patients without the virus having to infect the brain itself. The process is believed to underpin delirium in Covid patients, but may also contribute to brain fog and other problems experienced by people with long Covid.

“These neurological symptoms are very concerning for patients and their families, and the hope is that our research can help identify which treatments would be most appropriate to lessen or prevent these symptoms,” said Carmine Pariante, a professor of biological psychiatry at KCL’s Institute of Psychiatry, and senior author on the study.


Joan Mitchell's 'dazzling' Untitled (Diptych) (ca. 1989) goes to auction at Christies [$10-15m]


'My kid could have painted that in kindergarten'? Au Contraire. But Joan could have painted it in 15 minutes.

Ukraine / Kherson region - The Russian army is on the run.

Michael MacKay
The Russian invaders are retreating chaotically and abandoning the north of Kherson region. Ukrainian defenders are chasing them to Beryslav.
Davydiv Brid, Velyka Oleksandrivka, Starosillya and other settlements have been liberated.
(Ukrainian Armed forces have advanced 40 miles in 2 days)

What are the borders Russia is claiming in 'annexed' Ukraine? Russia says - 'We don't know'.

In terms of the borders, we’re going to continue to consult with the population of these regions.

Well here's a hint you guys. You are going to be 'consulting' with the Ukrainian Army. Go ahead and ask them what they think.

In Retreat on Ukrainian Fronts, Russia Shows Signs of Disarray

IZIUM, Ukraine — Russian forces in Ukraine were on the run Monday across a broad swath of the front line, as the Ukrainian military pressed its blitz offensive in the east and made gains in the south, belying President Vladimir V. Putin’s claims to have absorbed into Russia territories that his armies are steadily losing.

Following the capture over the weekend of Lyman, a strategic rail hub and gateway to the eastern Donbas region, Ukrainian forces showed no sign of stopping, pushing eastward toward the city of Lysychansk, which Russia seized three months ago after bloody fighting. Any loss of territory in the Donbas undermines Mr. Putin’s objectives for the war he launched in February, which has focused on seizing and incorporating the region.

The Kremlin reflected the disarray of its forces on the ground, where territory was rapidly changing hands, acknowledging that it did not yet know what new borders Russia would claim in southern Ukraine. “In terms of the borders, we’re going to continue to consult with the population of these regions,” Mr. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitri S. Peskov, told reporters on Monday.


The UK Secretary of State for Business 'would be delighted to have fracking in his back garden'

Here is Jacob Rees-Mogg’s remarks that he would be ‘delighted’ for his back garden to be fracked, as he risked deepening divisions within the Conservative party by deriding those who oppose the controversial practice as ‘socialists’.


Despite sanctions, Russian made answer to HIMARS will soon arrive in Ukraine.

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