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Gender: Female
Hometown: midwest
Home country: usa
Current location: ohio
Member since: Thu Mar 5, 2020, 02:11 PM
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Amy Siskinds Thread: Why Would Sinema Do It

Here's her info.
THREAD on Sinema:
Sinema's behavior has made no common sense to me. Surely she knows too that she would lose in the 2024 Democratic primary. Why would she do it?

I have info from an inside source who lives in AZ and has a direct connection. With his permission am sharing.
First, and this likely isn't breaking news to anyone: Sinema has a highly overinflated ego. She believes since she has been able to work her way up, and accumulate so many academic degrees in a short time, she is a true super star -head and shoulders above intellectually.
To Sinema, as many of us suspected, her term in the U.S. Senate, she believes is just a stopping ground for her next step. She doesn't assume she will need to be re-elected.

This is something I imagined, but assumed she would be a consultant or something of that variety.
But nope, I was wrong. That isn't what Sinema believes will be her next step. With her inflated ego and small circle of friends, many of whom she has alienated and lost, not pushing back, she has been living in an echo chamber. The big $$$ corp donors are happy to feed this.
Sinema believes she will be running to President in 2024 I am told. This self-styled bipartisanship she believes she speaks for, will be her brand to run as the candidate in the middle. Not far-left of far-right. She has convinced herself this is her calling and she has it.
And you can see why having alienated so many close to her, & believing she is smarter than everyone else in DC and beyond, and with the corporate donors feeding this too while she tows their line, this misguided fantasy can be her view.

This I am told is what is happening.
One postscript per my friend: Sinema believes MAGA elected officials will reject partisanship when they are given a choice of her or Trump.

Yes, the land of magical thinking. But here we are folks!
A little more at the link.

Posted by leighbythesea2 | Thu Jan 13, 2022, 10:16 PM (30 replies)
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