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Budi's Journal
Budi's Journal
May 17, 2022

Perhaps someone should educate Ms Lee on Biden's 'racism' HERE!:

Cannot believe anyone on the political field does not know this about Joe Biden.
It was long before he even entered the Primary!
Pays to do some research before blurting out slanderous accusations, which one clearly knows nothing about.

Here. Pass this on to the people Ms Lee has convinced Joe Biden is a 'Raciist'.
Just so they know the truth that the rest of us know.

"Watching this 1986 clip, which features Biden tearing into former Secretary of State George Schulz for his refusal to condemn the apartheid government of South Africa. Watching this, it’s impossible to escape the conviction that Biden has a moral core, a fundamental belief that the U.S. government should stand against all forms of racism and oppression.

Thanks. That baseless insult better be made right.

May 9, 2022

Or the years long mass media mocking & protest against


WHO IGNORED THIS & Joined in the media frenzied mob against the one woman who tried to prevent this fiasco?
She was the only one who ran against Trump.
Everyone else ran against Her. HER LONE VOICE FOR WOMEN & HUMAN RIGHTS.

“In a single term, the Supreme Court could demolish pillars of the progressive movement. And as someone who has worked on every single one of these issues for decades, I see this as a make-or-break moment.” - @HillaryClinton in March 2016.


Protesting & mass media mocking Her was acceptable, encouraged even!, but not a word of protest in Her defense was to be spoken against those who mocked & debased her.

Women have lived experience of this oppressive behavior from misogynists & creatures throughout history.

But when iit comes from a mass of her own female gender as it did then & still does today, you really have to examine who the hell those women were really for.

It clearly wasn't the preservation of Roe & human riights.

Rather they stood on the same side that opposes those rights today.
They were always the same, just different methods of approach.

May 5, 2022

Your laying the failure of those who ignored Hillary Clinton onto the DEMOCRATS NOW!

Where tf was all the screaming "concern" then? Where were YOU?

Ths is fking gaslight sick.

Because it wasn't even on your radar when it was all on the line

“In a single term, the Supreme Court could demolish pillars of the progressive movement. And as someone who has worked on every single one of these issues for decades, I see this as a make-or-break moment.” - @HillaryClinton in March 2016.


Because y'all were too busy "BURNING IT ALL DOWN" to give a shit.
Too busy running a media smear campaign that matched the R's, against that one Woman. Rather than stand up & have her back against the mass campaign of mockery, debasement & hate as she tried to sound the alarm, y'all stood on the side of the gross misogyny.

Now here you come with your false talk & sudden "concern" for Women's Rights.
And you have the damned gall of such hypocrisy to dump your own failure at the feet of our Democrats.

Now you're blaming Democrats?
Gtfoutta here.

Ya I'm damned pissed at the hypocrisy of this blame shifting campaign game being played against our Democratic party, our President, our Vice President Harris & our solid guard of Democratic Legislative Leaders.

The DEMOCRATS, our Leaders, & especially Hillary Clinton have ALWAYS had the backs of women, children, men, Lgbtq & if you actually looked at their long history of such legislative good & fair works, rather than copy & paste the words of those Blame Shifters, you would agree.

Where tf were you when the warning was sounded by the one Woman who you all left standing by herself as you joined the tribal bonfire against her.

You have zero claim now, to come blaming The Democrats. We were with her.
Where were you.

Now you're all "concerned"?!

May 5, 2022

Hillary Clinton was their 1st Woman to be burned at the stake.

She was the 1st chosen as their trial run of mass media, foreign troll farms, Silicon Valley messaging & money devoured the powerful good she would bring & puked it back up as a mass smear & debasing image re-make.

They literally recreated a negative image of her to justify a reason to purge the country of That Woman.

And the opportunists of quick cash & instant celebrity fame, politicians with zero creds behind the pure populist picture of themselves they drew, jumped right in and cheered as the flames were lit & then grabbed up HER mandate from the ashes.

They all screeched, men & women included, danced & applauded in pure tribal fashion & fed that fire that Burned Her & America's Democracy to the ground.

There's not a GdDamn thing any of them can say nor do to ever atone for that tribal political bullshit against the one woman who had it right all along.

So far not one has offered so much as a whisper of a mea culpa.

Yet here they all come now, with their campaign & 'send money cuz we're fighting for you' statements of Rights & Roe.

The Hypocricy is galling.

This is why they had to burn it all down:


May 4, 2022

Not one them now shouting the cries against stripping of Women's & privacy rights..

..stepped up to stand by the one woman who held the power to stop it from coming down on us.
The more she warned, the more they joined the mob against her. Lobbing derrogatory lies about her professional & personal life.
As she bore the brunt of blatant misogyny, mockery directed at the entire female gender to silence her warnings of the SC & Roe & human rights at stake, every single one of these public women stood not by her side in support against the cruelty she never ever deserved, but they all stood on the side of the mob shouting her down.
They turned their backs rather than embrace her dire cause.
They sold out their own entire gender & those now in the firing line of this catastrophic decision for their own celebrity fame & fortune.

And now here they emerge, chest beating & proud of their newfound power.
Yet when they were needed to stand with women to preserve these rights that hung in the fragile balance, they chose to direct face & point at her with the same mockery as the men of the good old boys club.

They are an opportunistic self serving pathetic lot of betrayers to their own gender.

Ask any one of them today:

Do you Remember this? No? Why not?
“In a single term, the Supreme Court could demolish pillars of the progressive movement. And as someone who has worked on every single one of these issues for decades, I see this as a make-or-break moment.” - @HillaryClinton in March 2016.

May 4, 2022

You watched it all burn down in 2016. You participated.

You, wise old sage of politics, Mr Reich.

Your contempt for a woman candidate for President, who warned about the loss of Roe & the SC, was so good old boys club that you, Mr Reich, let it all burn down.

Now here you come with words for the $$ press.
You fking liar.
When did you start being concerned about abortion bans?
Yesterday when it hit the headlines?

You sure talked about a lot of political deep thoughts in 2016 Mr Reich, but The SC & warnings of the catastrophic loss of Roe was NEVER ONE OF THEM.

Why Not, Mr Reich.
If there was ever a time in history for you to speak to your audience, it was then.
You sat there in all your wisdom & knowledge of politics & you found No REASON TO SPEAK ABOUT THE SC WARNINGS OF YOUR OLD FRIEND HILLARY CLINTON?


Now here you come, fresh writings for the pre$$. Its not YOU this decision will ever ever affect. You sit in that protected upper eschelon of mult-millionares of society.

Your words today are pathetic.
You make me want to vomit.
You gathered in your protected men's club & pissed on & mocked the one woman, the last & only person standing, who had the power to prevent this collapse of our American human rights laws.


I renember what you did say about your old friend Hillary Clinton. And it surely wasn't about the loss of Roe & the Supreme Court.

How bout writing a #1 best selling masterpiece on the real betrayal of 2016.

The Betrayal of Women by the media & the good old boys club of 2016, & how their relentless mockery & silencing of one woman was allowed to become a high dollar political blood sport.

She stood on that public stage while you & the club had your good old boys fun.
Crood, vile, debasing & lies.
Hillary wasn't the 1st woman in history to be treated as such by the mob of townspeople. But she damned well was a woman of such strong purpose, to speak & warn of what the good old boys had in store for women & human rights.
The more she tried to warn, the louder the mockery grew.

Here's your real non-fiction best seller, Mr Reich.

Spare us this debasing pat on the head today.
It never mattered to you when the moment came to protect those rights.

May 3, 2022

Remember this? No? Why not?

“In a single term, the Supreme Court could demolish pillars of the progressive movement. And as someone who has worked on every single one of these issues for decades, I see this as a make-or-break moment.” - @HillaryClinton in March 2016.

April 25, 2022

What? Nothing here in this long list of accomplishments worth noting to the Media?

1.9T American Rescue Plan
$1400 stimulus checks for adults, children, and adult dependents
1 year child tax credit expansion – $3600 0-5, $3000 6-17, removed income reqs and made fully refundable
One year EITC expansion
$350 billion state and local aid
$130 billion for schools for safe reopening
$40 billion for higher ed, half of which must go to student aid
Extended $300 supplemental UI through September 2021
Expanded eligibility for extended UI to cover new categories
Made $10,200 in UI from 2020 tax free
$1B for Head Start
$24B Childcare stabilization fund
$15B in low-income childcare grants
One Year Child and Dependent Care credit expansion
$46.5B in housing assistance, inc:
$21.5B rental assistance
$10B homeowner relief
$5B for Sec 8 vouchers
$5B to fight homelessness
$5B for utilities assistance
Extended Eviction moratorium through Aug 2021 (SC struck down)
2 year ACA tax credit expansion and ending of subsidy cliff – expanded coverage to millions and cut costs for millions more
100% COBRA subsidy through Sept 30th, 2021
6 month special enrollment period from Feb-Aug 2021
Required insurers to cover PrEP, an HIV prevention drug, including all clinical visits relating to it
Extended open enrollment from 45 to 76 days
New year round special enrollment period for low income enrollees
Restored Navigator program to assist with ACA sign up
Removed separate billing requirement for ACA abortion coverage
Eliminated regulation that allows states to privatize their exchanges
Eliminated all Medicaid work requirements
Permanently removed restriction on access to abortion pills by mail
Signed the Accelerating Access to Critical Therapies for ALS Act to fund increased ALS research and expedite access to experimental treatments
Rescinded Mexico City Policy (global gag rule) which barred international non-profits from receiving US funding if they provided abortion counseling or referrals
Allowed states to extend coverage through Medicaid and CHIP to post-partum women for 1 year (up from 60 days)
42 Lifetime Federal judges confirmed – most in 40 years
13 Circuit Court judges
29 District Court judges
Named first openly LBGTQ woman to sit on an appeals court, first Muslim American federal judge, and record number of black women and public defenders
$1.2T infrastructure law, including $550B in new funding $
110B for roads and bridges •$66B for passenger and freight rail
$39B for public transit, plus $30.5B in public transit funds from ARP
$65B for grid expansion to build out grid for clean energy transmission
$50B for climate resiliency
$21 for environmental remediation, incl. superfund cleanup and capping orphan wells
$7.5B for electric buses
$7.5B for electric charging stations
$55B for water and wastewater, including lead pipe removal
$65B for Affordable Broadband
$25B for airports, plus $8B from ARP
$17B for ports and waterways
$1B in reconnecting communities
Rejoined the Paris Climate Accords 50% emission reduction goal (2005 levels) by 2030
EO instructing all federal agencies to implement climate change prevention measures
Ordered 100% carbon free electricity federal procurement by 2030
100% zero emission light vehicle procurement by 2027, all vehicles by 2035
Net Zero federal building portfolio by 2045, 50% reduction by 2032
Net Zero federal procurement no later than 2050
Net zero emissions from federal operations by 2050, 65% reduction by 2030
Finalized rule slashing the use of hydrofluorocarbons by 85% by 2036 – will slow temp rise by 0.5°C on it’s own.
Set new fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks, raising the requirement for 2026 from 43mpg to 55mpg.
Protected Tongass National Forest, one of the world’s largest carbon sinks, from development, mining, and logging
Revoked Keystone XL permit
Used the CRA to reverse the Trump administration Methane rule, restoring stronger Obama era standards.
EPA proposed new methane rule stricter than Obama rule, would reduce 41 million tons of methane emissions by 2035
Partnered with the EU to create the Global Methane Pledge, which over 100 countries have signed, to reduce methane emissions by 30% by 2030 from 2020 levels
US-EU trade deal to reward clean steel and aluminum and penalize dirty production
Ended US funding for new coal and fossil fuel projects overseas, and prioritized funding towards clean energy projects
G7 partnership for “Build Back Better World” – to fund $100s of billions in climate friendly infrastructure in developing countries
Restoring California’s ability to set stricter climate requirements
Signed EO on Climate Related Financial Risk that instructs rule making agencies to take climate change related risk into consideration when writing rules and regulations.
$100M for environmental justice initiatives
$1.1B for Everglades restoration
$100M for environmental justice initiatives
$1.1B for Everglades restoration
30 GW Offshore Wind Plan, incl:
Largest ever offshore wind lease sale in NY and NJ
Offshore wind lease sale in California
Expedited reviews of Offshore Wind Projects
$3B in DOE loans for offshore wind projects
$230M in port infrastructure for Offshore wind
Solar plan to reduce cost of solar by more than 50% by 2030 including $128M in funding to lower costs and improve performance of solar technology
Multi-agency partnership to expedite clean energy projects on federal land
Instructed Dept of Energy to strengthen appliance efficiency rules
Finalized rule to prevent cheating on efficiency standards
Finalized rule to expedite appliance efficiency standards
Repealed Federal Architecture EO that made sustainable federal buildings harder to build
Reversed size cuts and restored protections to Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monuments
Restoring NEPA regulations to take into account climate change and environmental impacts in federal permitting
Extended public health emergency through at least April 15, 2022
$50B in funding for FEMA for COVID Disaster Relief including vaccine funding
Set 100% FEMA reimbursement to states for COVID costs, retroactively to start of pandemic
$47.8B for testing
$1.75B for COVID genome sequencing
$8.5B to CDC for vaccines
$7.6B to state and local health depts
$7.6B to community health centers
$6B to Indian Health Services
$17B to the VA, including $1B to forgive veteran medical debt
$3B to address mental health and substance abuse
Over 500 million vaccine shots administered in a year
Established 90,000 free vaccination sites
Raised federal reimbursement from $23 to $40 per shot for vaccine sites
6000 troops deployed for initial vaccination
Cash incentives, free rides, and free childcare for initial vaccination drive
400 million vaccines donated internationally, 1.2 billion committed
$2B contribution to COVAX for global vaccinations
Funded expansion of vaccine manufacturing in India and South Africa
Implemented vaccine mandate for federal employees, contractors, and employees at healthcare providers that receive Medicare/Medicaid funding.
•Implemented vaccine/test mandate for large businesses (SC struck down)
Invoked DPA for testing, vaccine, PPE manufacturing
Federal mask mandate for federal buildings, federal employees, and public transportation
Implemented test requirement for international travel
Implemented joint FDA-NIH expedited process to approve at home tests more quickly
Over 20,000 free federal testing sites
8 at home tests per month required to be reimbursed by insurance
1B at home tests available for free by mail
50M at home tests available free at community health centers
25M high quality reusable masks for low-income residents in early 2021
400M free N95 masks at pharmacies and health centers
Military medical teams deployed to help overburdened hospitals
Rejoined the WHO
Ended the ban on trans soldiers in the military
Reversed Trump admin limits on Bostock ruling and fully enforced it
Prohibited discrimination against LGBTQ patients in healthcare
Prohibited discrimination against LGBTQ families in housing under the Fair Housing Act
Prohibited discrimination against LGBTQ people in the financial system to access loans or credit
Justice Department declared that Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in education.
Revoked ban on Federal Diversity Training
Instructed the VA to review its policies to remove barriers to care for trans veterans
First Senate confirmed LGBTQ Cabinet Secretary
First trans person confirmed by the Senate
Extended birthright citizenship to children of same sex couples born abroad
State Department allows X gender marker on passport for non-binary Americans
Banned new contracts with private prisons for criminal prisons
Justice Department reestablished the use of consent degrees with police departments
Pattern and Practice investigation into Phoenix, Louisville, and Minneapolis
Banned chokeholds and limited no-knock raids among federal law enforcement
Initiative to ban modern day redlining
Doubled DOJ Civil Rights Division staff
Increase percentage of federal contract for small disadvantaged businesses from 5% to 15% ($100B in additional contracts over 5 years)
Sued TX and GA over voting laws. Sued TX over abortion law. Sued GA over prison abuse.
Signed law making Juneteenth a federal holiday
Signed EO to use the federal government to improve voting access through federal programs and departments.
Signed COVID-19 Hate Crime Act, which made more resources available to support the reporting of hate crimes
Signed EO for diversity in the federal workplace
Increased federal employment opportunities for previously incarcerated persons
Banned ghost guns
New regulations on pistol-stabilizing braces
First annual gun trafficking report in 20 years
New zero tolerance policy for gun dealers who willfully violate the law
Signed COPS act, ensuring confidentiality for peer counseling for police officers
Signed Protecting America’s First Responders Act, expediting benefits for officers disabled in the line of duty
Signed bill making it a crime to harm US law enforcement overseas
Student loan freeze through April 30th, 2022
Changed criteria so an additional 1.14M borrowers qualified for the loan pause (retroactively forgave interest and penalties)
Forgiven $11.5B in student loans for disabled students, students who were defrauded, and PSLF
Fixed PSLF so that it is much easier for previous payments to apply.
Determined that the paused months will apply to PSLF
Student loan debt forgiveness is tax free through 2025
Ended Border Wall emergency and cancelled all new border wall construction and contracts
Repealed Trump’s Muslim Ban
Set FY 2022 refugee cap to 125,000, the highest in almost 30 years
Prohibiting ICE from conducting workplace raids
Family reunification taskforce to reunite separated families. Reunited over 100+ families and gave them status to stay in US
Granted or extended TPS for Haitians, Venezuelans, Syrians, and Liberians
Lifted moratorium on green cards and immigrant visas
Ended use of public charge rule to deny green cards
Loosened the criteria to qualify for asylum
Changed ICE enforcement priorities
Reinitiated the CAM Refugee program for Northern Triangle minors to apply for asylum from their home countries
$1B+ in public aid and private investment for addressing the root causes of migration
Ended family detention of immigrants and moved towards other monitoring
HHS prohibited working with ICE on enforcement for sponsors of unaccompanied minors
Got rid of harder citizenship test
Allowed certain visas to be obtained without an in person consulate interview
Rescinded “metering” policy that limited migrants at ports of entry
Ended the War in Afghanistan
First time in 20 years US not involved in a war
Ended support for Saudi offensive operations in Yemen
Airstrikes down 54% in 2021 from 2020.
Issued policy restricting drone strikes outside of warzones
Restored $235M in aid to Palestinians
AUKUS defense pact with Australia and UK
New rules to counter extremism within the military
Signed law funding capitol police and Afghan Refugees
EO on competitiveness to write consumer friendly rules, such as right to repair
EO on improving government experience, incl
Social Security benefits will be able to be claimed online
Passports can be renewed online
Makes it easier for low-income families to apply for benefits
Increase telehealth options
WIC recipients can use benefits online
$7.25B in additional PPP funds
Signed PPP extension law to extend the program for 2 months
Changed criteria to make it easier for small and minority businesses to qualify for PPP loans
$29 Restaurant Recovery Fund to recover lost revenue
$1.25B Shuttered Venue fund
$10.4B for agriculture
30 year bailout of multiemployer pension funds that protects millions of pensions through 2051.
Pro-labor majority appointed to NLRB
Established task force to promote unionization
Restored collective bargaining right for federal employees
Negotiated deal for West Coast Ports to run 24/7 to ease supply chain
Signed EO to secure and strengthen supply chains
Investing $1B in small food processors to combat meat prices
Extended 15% SNAP benefit increase through Sept 30, 2021
Made 12 million previously ineligible beneficiaries eligible for the increase
Public health emergency helps keep benefits in place
Largest permanent increase in SNAP benefit history, raising permanent benefits by 27% ($20B per year)
Made school lunches free through for all through the 2021-2022 school year
Extended the Pandemic EBT program
Largest ever summer food program in 2021 provided 34 million students with $375 for meals over the summer.
Restarted the FHA-HFA risk sharing program to finance affordable housing development
Raised Fannie/Freddie’s Low-Income Housing Tax Credit from $1B to $1.7B a year to invest in affordable housing
$383M CMF grant program for affordable housing production
Prioritizing owner-occupants and non-profits as purchasers of FHA-insured and Distressed HUD properties, rather than large investors
Paid a 10% retention incentive to permanent federal firefighters and a $1000 bonus to seasonal firefighters
Transitioned hundreds of federal firefighters from part time to full time and hired hundreds more
$28.6B in supplemental disaster relief approved for natural disasters
$8.7B in funding to increase lending to minority communities
Released $1.3B in Puerto Rico disaster aid previously held up by Trump admin and removed restrictions on $8.2B housing disaster aid
Forgave $371M in community disaster loans in PR
Released $912M in previously withheld education aid to PR
Permanently made all families in PR eligible for the CTC (previously only families with 3 or more children were)
Provided permanent funding to quadruple the size of PRs local earned income tax credit
Permanent $3B per year boost to funding for PR’s Medicaid program
Raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour for federal contractor, eliminated the minimum wage exception for certain contractor positions, and ended the tipped contractor wage.
Ordered the minimum wage for federal employees to be raised to $15 an hour
Medicaid drug rebate change to discourage excessive price increases and save Gov $23.5B
Incentives for states to expand Medicaid
Finalized the rule that bans surprise medical bills for out of network medical services
Instituted a moratorium on the federal death penalty...
And more ...

This is just Biden & his DEMOCRAT's 1st year accomplishments.
It doesn't include Ukraine, Supreme Court, nore his recent nomination of ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink, currently the U.S. ambassador to Slovakia, since "The U.S. has not had a Senate-confirmed ambassador to Ukraine since then-President Donald Trump fired Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch in 2019.

Perhaps there is something in this long list that is commendable. Biden & his DEMOCRATS, his Cabinet, his Admin have done nothing noteworthy?
How many legislative bills have those rushing to condemn Biden & the DEMOCRATS on the Media Shows written & gotten to His desk for signature? How much of what they've demanded of Biden & The DEMOCRATS, have they also used their own legislative powers to secure?
What is thei own legislative record?


March 10, 2022

Then remove that D from their political identity.

Not sure who they actually represent, but they do not represent the tenets of the Democratic Party.
Perhaps they can find a better fit with another political party.

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