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Member since: Sat May 16, 2020, 10:20 AM
Number of posts: 17

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An insurrection of upper-middle class white people Will Bunch Newsletter


That explains a lot. It explains why the Republican Party, arguably in a long downward moral spiral, lost its mind when America elected its first Black president in Barack Obama. It explains why so many people with the luxuries of a laptop and free time (things that actual poor folks have in short supply) look for conspiracies like QAnon to explain a society that no longer makes sense for them, or why so much of the hatred on the right is expended not at the CEOs who outsourced American jobs but at the cap-and-gown-wearing eggheads like journalists or scientists they find intellectually arrogant.

I wish no one pay attention to drumpf any more

The more people make fun of him, the more he is going to be riled up.
He is not going to give up. Even if he loses he might contest again. He is not going to go away. Instead of talking about progress we will be stuck talking about one person.

It’s time for the country to move forward and focus on progress.

Hi, a new but not really new here

Hi everyone
I joined DU recently. I am not new to DU. I think I got stumbled upon DU in 2008 when I was keeping myself update with President Obama’s first election.
I have saved DU as a bookmark and I get my daily news from here.

I am from the blue side of WA.
After reading for many years on the site, I thought I will join DU and be part of this community.

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