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Profile Information

Name: Marie Jacobs
Gender: Female
Hometown: Boston MA
Home country: USA
Current location: Maysville NC
Member since: Mon Jun 1, 2020, 10:06 AM
Number of posts: 1,437

About Me

My husband and I are both 100% service-connected disabled.

Journal Archives

Impeach now! n/t

Who was in charge of this police brutality, and what is the city going to do about it?

Are they so stupid that they don't understand that these protests are not going away? We have reached a point in this country that we are not going to go back to the way things were. We will not allow our government to tell us how to act and what we can and can not do. I am 3/4 Southern White and 1/4 Turkish and my husband is 3/4 Eastern European and 1/4 Persian so the government considers us White. We have never stood for and do not stand for now the way our government treats POC and LBGTQ. We do not have any friends that do not stand with us and that also includes some of our family.

Thank you, I will try it the next time. n/t

I just saw a video of Fauci on CNN with Elizabeth Cohen at 8:15 PM EST.

I am completely computer illiterate so I can't show you. I hope someone can bring it up. It looks like it was last night. One of the things that were brought up was a vaccine. He is hoping that they might have a vaccine by the end of this year or the beginning of next year. The problem he brought up is he hopes it would be 70-75% effective. Then they talked about how many people would get the vaccine and that was 70-75%. That would mean that only 162,190,000 to 186,187,500 people would be helped by the vaccine. If anyone wants to give me a quick course on putting up a video, I would appreciate it.

You are right.

I used a poor choice of words. Trump, of course, will not do anything.

The video clearly shows protesters jumping up onto the hood while the car is moving.

He did start to move with some in front of him but he also stopped and the protesters jumped onto his hood.

The US has been known to do a lot worse to its minorities,

and the mentally ill. Not condoning what China is doing.

If he had wanted to, the cop could have done a lot more harm.

If he wants to go, you let him, you don't jump on his hood.

You got the video, the guy reaches under his coat you run him over. n/t

There is just so much involved with this.

A traitor for a president, a pandemic without any leadership, an economy without any leadership, and no end in sight.
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