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marie999's Journal
marie999's Journal
January 15, 2022

I had to copy this article in Pravda how can I just link it to DU. I will stop doing cut and paste.

AUTHOR`S NAME PRAVDA.RU 14.01.2022 18:52
Russia redeploys military hardware and personnel to western borders
Russia may increase the strength of its army on the western borders up to 500,000 troops.

Russia redeploys military hardware and personnel to western borders
For the time being, Russia has deployed as many as 100,000 troops and thousands of units of military hardware on the border with Ukraine. Many videos showing the transportation of military equipment from the eastern part of Russia towards the western borders have appeared on the internet recently. It appears that Russia is putting its troops on high alert against the background of a very high risk of provocations on the part of NATO.

Given the scale of the transfer of military hardware, it appears that Russia is taking efforts to build up the troops on its western borders to 500,000. Most of the Russian troops will thus be deployed in western regions of the country.

The videos that eyewitnesses made in different parts of the country show the railway transportation of tanks, multiple launch rocket systems, light armored vehicles, engineering vehicles, military trucks, field artillery, etc.

Earlier, many believed that the military hardware would be deployed on the border with Ukraine due to the risk of Ukraine's aggression against both Donbass and Crimea. It now appears that the Russian troops will be deployed in numerous military field camps along the entire western border, including even in Belarus, on the border with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

After the USA and NATO disregarded Russia's requirements at security talks, the Russian administration started taking active measures to get the country prepared for the defense of its borders.

USA says Russia working on false flag operation
Meanwhile, the United States believes that Russia has prepared a task force to carry out a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian military included in the group were trained for urban combat and the use of explosives, CNN reports with reference to an unnamed US official. According to the source, the Joe Biden administration believes that Russia may be preparing for an invasion of Ukraine, which could lead to massive violations of human rights and war crimes, should diplomats fail to achieve their goals in the talks.

On Thursday, January 13, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said during a briefing with reporters:

"Our intelligence community has developed information, which has now been downgraded, that Russia is laying the groundwork to have the option of fabricating the pretext for an invasion," Sullivan said. "We saw this playbook in 2014. They are preparing this playbook again and we will have, the administration will have, further details on what we see as this potential laying of the pretext to share with the press over the course of the next 24 hours."

Читайте больше на https://english.pravda.ru/news/hotspots/150055-russia_army/

January 13, 2022

I really would like an answer. Since I don't know anything about geopolitics, how about this.

Ukraine becomes a buffer zone. It does not join NATO and NATO doesn't put any troops in Ukraine. It is allowed defensive weapons worked out in an agreement. Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus only put token forces near their borders also worked out in an agreement. NATO does not trust Russia for good reasons, but Russia also has good reason not to trust NATO. Does anyone have a better solution to avoid a war? The Russian-Belarus border with Russia is over 1,600 miles. Russia will not stand for a 1,600-mile border with its enemy.

February 16, 2021

No, the president is not an officer of the United States.

The president is in the impeachment Article 2 Section 4 and not in the 14th Amendment. Why would they leave the president out of the 14th Amendment when Congress is in it. The 14th Amendment even lists state legislature and judicial officers, but it doesn't bother to list the president. Also in the Supreme Court case of Free Enterprise Fund V. Public Accounting Oversight Bid, Chief Justice Roberts wrote "The people do not vote for the Officers of The United States. Rather Officers of the United States are appointed exclusively pursuant to Article 2 Section 2 procedures.

July 10, 2020

No one is going to risk going to prison to help trump.

The cabinet serves at the pleasure of the president. Biden would just fire all of them upon taking office.

July 9, 2020

If they knew the target was not there,

why did they execute a no-knock warrant?

July 9, 2020

It's a spoon and a fork.

We had those in the psych ward in the Fayetteville, NC VA hospital.

July 9, 2020

It will depend on what the school is doing to protect the children and staff.

There is a neighboring county that is planning on having 1/3 of the students in classes for 1 week and 2/3 of the students online changing every week. This is to have 10 students in a classroom. I would prefer to having classes with 1/3 of the students online with a teacher and 2/3 online without a teacher again switching each week. But what do we do with the children whose only parent has to work?

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