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ihas2stinkyfeet's Journal
ihas2stinkyfeet's Journal
October 13, 2020

how about some cole porter?

taking voice lessons and tried to get my teacher to tell me what HE like to sing. he is being cagey.
but he did musical theater in hs, so it occurred to me that he might like cole porter.

this is an aids fundraiser concert that i had a disc of back when i was working for christine cegelis back in '06. (old timers here will remember that war.)
i was driving from the ne corner of chi out to the western burbs, and planting signs in my old chevy suburban art car- the obaminator. long, slow boring drive.
i wore this disc out. covers of cole porter.

my fave is david burn's 'dont fence me in'. the drums. omg.
ordered the dvd today. cant wait to see what those drums look like.

also have 2 discs of ella sings cole porter. her voice is right where teach says mine needs to be. so, belting that out to the best of my ability today.

what's your fave?
October 11, 2020

how about farmer jokes? anyone got a good farmer joke for me?

i'm an urban farmer. i think it would be a good idea to here them all.
i can tell the good ones, and step on the bad ones before they get to the punchline.

October 9, 2020

a funny family story, with a point for today. my nephew served in the obama wh.

he was the liason to jsoc. after a career in the army, including getting his ranger tab, and doing cere, and 2 tours of iraq, and being a hero in afghanistan, it was the vids of danny pearl's execution that gave him ptsd.
anyway, at the time most of the fam got private ww tours. i was on the outs w them at the time, so i didnt.

my only brother was, and still is, on a crusade to get college credits for military training. his son wanted to be a nurse. said nephew convinced him that he could get no better training that to join the army, and be a medic. he ended up serving as a surgical nurse at walter reed.
but when he got out and returned to cali, he got zero credit for that, nor credentials. he applied to nursing school and was told he had to start at square one.

now, if an irishman like the ones in my family are on a mission, look out. just get out of the way.
so, in the ww, the only publicly available bathroom is the pres's bathroom.
brother knew this, so he penned a note about the bill that was later passed, then rescinded in cali.
he left it in obama's medicine cabinet.
after he got home, he got a visit from the secret service.

this post was prompted by a post just now about a threatening letter to biden and harris.
get out there, ss. lock those assholes up. rfn.

October 6, 2020

these guys are from my hometown.

i found out about them from an article from the show 'curious city' from wbez on dances invented in chicago. their fans invented a dance that translates- the little step from durango. it is basically a close up polka.

eta the article-

there is a vid of the dance.
October 5, 2020

watched 'harlem nights' last night. what a hilarious movie.

watched it on amazon. at first the little popups that come up every time i bumped the screen bugged me. till one of them said- eddie murphy said that the jokes on set between him, della reese and redd foxx were funnier than anything in the movie.

the black 'sting', except you arent in on it till the end.

October 5, 2020

fucking sedate him. the roids are making him nuts. put pence in charge.

cuz it was reported here yesterday that jared is in charge at the white house.
pence is at his residence worrying about amy covid barrett.

call nurse ratchet. shoot him up w some thorazine before the quisling starts a fucking war.

October 4, 2020

mushrooms in chili- yeah or nay?

gonna make a big pot of black bean chicken chili today. i have a half dozen perfect shitakis.
it's tempting. what do you think?

October 3, 2020

how's everybody doing in here?

seems kinda quiet in here. w so much stressful shit going on, i dont want to worry about you all too.

me, i have been mostly happy, tho quite sick. i had a ct scan yesterday to see if we can figure out why i have lost so much weight, 20 lbs since dec, and accelerating, and feel so tired.
it has been stressful here. so used to having my block to myself all day while everyone is at work, and now they are in my face. and i am in theirs.
feeling shitty is making me cranky af and my impulse control is shot to hell.
i dont regret some of it, like buying myself a few too many bday presents. you only turn 66 once, and most of what i got was not a lot of money.
but not getting along w folks is hard. and i cant find it to apologize to people who actually did shit they ought to be called out for.

but i am coping and that feels pretty good. it has been a tough year in the garden, but progress has been made on a lot of fronts. hoping for a little indian summer. then some cold weather to discourage the maskholes.

so check in peeps.

October 3, 2020

holy cow. i sent a message to my nearest dna match. she is adopted.

second cousin, or second cousin once removed.
i mentioned a few family names. she replied she didnt know them. then sent a message that she was adopted and didnt know her bio family.

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