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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 1,692

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DeathSantis trying to pass law to allow killing people on the streets

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis 'to allow armed citizens to shoot suspected looters and rioters'


Man arrested for threatening to kill Sen. Schumer


And Republicans have the audacity to whine about BLM and Antifa.

Best Democratic states to live or retire?

I just noticed that Massachusetts went entirely blue this election. It's obviously a very blue state, but even in 2016, a few counties went for Trump. Not this year.

What do you think are the best Democratic states to live or retire that have good quality of life and aren't astronomically expensive? I realize Democratic states and expensive usually go hand in hand, but are there any that are better than others?

I live in Maryland right now which I'm kinda bored with, so looking to move. And my parents are retired and want to move next year some place really blue. They're leaning towards Massachusetts or New Hampshire, but New Hampshire isn't super blue - it's more purple.

What states do you all like the best?

Cabinet Frontrunners per Politico


Do you all think Doug Jones will be an aggressive enough AG? He seems too moderate to really go hard after Trump and his enablers. I would prefer an Adam Schiff, Preet Bharara, Glenn Kirschner, Sally Yates type.

I was also hoping Maria Yavanovitch would be considered for Sec. of State.

Trump vowing to bribe electors to vote against Biden


Just found out my cousin is a Trump cult member.

I only have 1 cousin that I see more than once every 5-10 years. I figured he was a Republican, but he just posted on Facebook over the loss that now we're all going to lose our 401ks, and Biden is a pedophile who sniffs children's hair, etc.

I'm so disgusted I don't even want to go to anymore holiday family gatherings. And I think his new wife is a Democrat. I had no idea he was drinking all the kool aid.

Make sure to remind all Trump supporters if they accuse us of rigging this:

Trump might be prepared to concede.


Biden will be next President!!


How did Trump gain ground with minorities?

Joe Crapborough was just talking about the fact that Trump got like 20% of black men, some Muslim increases, obviously the Latino increase, etc.

How do all those groups support a proven white supremacist and in the case of Muslims, banned them from the country and wanted a Muslim registry?

While I'm thrilled Biden is winning, the fact that it was so close and Trump gained supporters just makes me so depressed about the future of this country.
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