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Member since: Mon Oct 5, 2020, 02:05 PM
Number of posts: 226

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Trump trolls still lurk around white house YouTube videos

after Biden takes over and disliking everything the administration puts out.


My message is get a life trolls is in a new administration in town.

President Biden got the most votes of a President in History

Let’s not forget that, so Biden does have a mandate

All that kissing Greenwald did

to Trump's rear end and still did not get that pardon for Snowden and Assange.

Anyone have feed on the crowd at Andrew's base

just so we can see how little crowd there is.

And to think this man almost got reelected

after the destruction he has caused, which tells the state of our country.

Can't wait for us to reclaim White House.gov tomorrow

I remember on 1/20/2017 I checked out of White House.gov because of all the Trump proganda on there. I remember during the Obama years I always use to check their website to see all the beautiful pictures and videos on there. Now I can’t wait to see it again after 4 long dreadful years and their YouTube page.

What happened to the victory tour Trump was suppose to give

looks like Trump spent his last weeks in office pouting about an election.

24 hours left

until Trump is gone

Fox News acts like Trump supporters were gracious

To us when Trump got elected, I remember tweets from saying “f your feelings”, “end of an error”, and “get over it” and also Fox was saying before inguration that Liberals were being snowflakes.

No Fox I don’t think they deserve to be reached too, after they spit in our faces the last 4 years. They don’t even accept a legitimate election of a President that’s not Trump. They even tried to tried to do an insurrection on the Capital because they didn’t get their way. And they still believe in conspiracy theories about the election being stolen.

So screw them.
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