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Home country: USA
Current location: California
Member since: Tue Jan 26, 2021, 10:27 PM
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Cable news viewership:

Aug 31, 2021

In the 25-54 demo, Fox News averaged 394,000 viewers, down 38%, compared to CNN with 191,000, down 58%, and MSNBC with 163,000, down 55%. In total day, Fox News averaged 1.42 million, down 20%, compared to MSNBC with 732,000, down 41%, and CNN with 621,000, down 39%.


I think with Dems mostly running things, lefty voters are taking a break and watching less news in general so it makes sense that the more left-leaning channels are losing viewership.

Explaining the need for a national vaccination mandate to 2nd Amendment extremists

and other patri-idiotics

"Present arms!"

Explaining the need for a national vaccination mandate to 2nd Amendment extremists and other patri-idiotics.

Before I get to that, let's not forget that 99.99 percent of we Americans have had our polio and small pox shots in the arms, and our kids have to receive more than a dozen immunizations before they can even step inside a school room. These successful national vaccination mandates are never mentioned by Fox News hosts and the conservative media.

The Reality: we are under siege . . . by a virus. The COVID virus makes it's way mostly unseen through cities, schools, factories, retail businesses, restaurants, homes and anywhere people gather. Those of us who have been "armed" with a vaccination are afforded some protection that the unvaccinated are not. However, the unvaccinated make life far more dangerous for everyone because the unvaccinated are unarmed against this invading virus. Being unarmed against this invader allows for COVID to spread out through homes, schools, sports teams and businesses rapidly. Once established in a populated area this viral invader camouflages itself as new variants to infect and potentially kill its victims while the unarmed and unvaccinated stand by and say "I'll never be attacked" or "the numbers are faked, doctors get paid more if they say victims were killed by COVID" or "Fox And Friends hosts know more about viruses than Ouchie Fauci" or "a friend of a friend of a friend got vaccinated and died!".

A Story for us all: Imagine an invading force of people with rifles and other firearms making their way through schools, factories, homes and businesses whose only goal is to kill us. The President of the United States takes a bold step and mandates that all citizens over twelve years old take up firearms to fight back against this invading force, but half of the population says, "No, we will NOT take up firearms to fight off this invading force who wants to kill us!" These unarmed (unvaccinated) citizens are a danger to everyone. The invading force wounds or kills them, then slips by with ease to kill other unarmed citizens, filling the hospitals with so many wounded, sick and dying citizens that there are no beds for cancer patients, accident victims, new mothers or others in need of emergency services not caused by the invading force. The unarmed (unvaccinated) are allowing the invading force to gain control of vast regions of 'pro-freedom / anti-mandate' counties and states, and crippling their economies. Job losses and production of goods comes to a halt in many sectors. More people are killed than during the entire Civil War. Those who are armed (vaccinated) and fighting off the invading force then blame the unarmed (unvaccinated) for the damage and death caused by them for not fighting back. Protests against the national mandate ensue. This causes an unnecessary culture war between the armed and unarmed, vaccinated and unvaccinated, masked and unmasked. This continuing culture war delays and hinders our collective need to fight against the invading force (ie: COVID) to this day.

A Quote For The Day

Animal factories are one more sign of the extent to which our technological capacities have advanced faster than our ethics. -Peter Singer, philosopher, professor of bioethics (b. 6 Jun 1946)

- Yah, and when man learned to create fire, that was another!

ProFa conservative idiots aren't willing to listen.

Sure, to 'hear the music' one has to listen. So yes, we who are always willing to listen will get it.

The problem is, has been and will always be, that a lot of ProFa conservative idiots aren't willing to listen or they simply tune out anything that requires thinking.

"Thinking is hard, vote TRUMP" was never more true.

I have a thought. Imagine if dems wrote a law in an attempt to eliminate much racism, that declared

that Americans can only marry outside of their race. Caucasians have to marry Asians, or Blacks or Browns and vice-versa.

I can clearly hear what the Cons would say "You can't tell us who we can and cannot marry!"

Oh really? So okay, you Cons agree then that my gay stepson can marry whoever he wants including his male partner, right?

No one wants a homogenized society but the hate derived from all the stupid friggin' fear has to stop.

When GA-14 or CO-3 Districts send us their people, they don't send us their best.

They send their tax-lien public money thieving fraudsters, their indecent-exposure hubbies, gun nuts, conspiracy-to-commit treason against the U.S. Constitution, drunk drivers, illegal user of tax payer PPP money, harassers of victims of gun violence and those who make threats of violence on public officials. THAT, is who these districts send us.
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