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Member since: Mon Apr 12, 2021, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 501

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Raygun was poison

every bit of this selfishness we see in today's society is directly attributable to this asswipe.

Scalia's fingerprints are all over Texas abortion law

Jonathan Mitchell is the key architect of the law. He clerked for Scalia and of course a federalist society member. These people think they are so shrewd but have absolutely no morals and no courage. If they actually believed they could win the day the would make the argument in front of the supreme court. They just have no courage and donít believe they can win the argument.

Joe Rogan's a comedian

could have fooled me.

monoclonal antibodies

I just got off the phone with a guy wo got the antibody treatment. He is in Florida. Hw knows it saved his life and his entire family's lives.

Raygun's greatest contribution

is the message that the individual is more important than the country. He is directly responsible for the shredding of patriotism and sacrifice for the greater good. Not taking the vaccine is the mindset that the individual is more important than the country. What a POS.

LL world series

I am watching the LL world series which I really like but it is almost exclusively white. Baseball today is so expensive. Bats are $300 and gloves are $200. Travel baseball is easily $2,000. Such a shame.

Forty years of Raygun- an unmitigated disaster

I hope when history is finally written that Raygun will be recognized as the worst influential President in modern American history. Any unbiased reading of the last 40 years will show that we retreated in every way from the shrinking of the middle class to race relations and unity in America. God I hated him then and I hate him more now. What we are seeing today is all Raygun.

May Covid take down DeSantis like it did Trump


Watching the HR derby in Colorado

I live in Atlanta and you should see the whining by the republicans. They are trying to blame the democrats for losing the game. I wrote to two of the senate candidates who are running to take out Warnock. I told them that baseball is played by republicans and the owners are republican and they made a decision to move it. I let them know that they buckled like the republican party buckled to Trump.

How much alcohol will be consumed

In Wembly today?
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