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Member since: Mon Apr 12, 2021, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 1,831

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David Crosby at Santa Monica high school

Rex Chapman- Great Dude

People who follow Basketball knows who this high flyer is. This is a great interview. Rex has supported liberals and democrats forever and at the end he has a great story about Mitch McConnell. He is from Owensboro and I have v been there as a salesman. It is a small city in rural Kentucky.

As a 16 year old McConnell was elected as a Senator for he first time. They are all at the football field and Mitch Helicopters in. Chapman sees Mitch's briefcase and it has a confederate flag on it. Rex said" Eff this asshole" and walks back into school. He was suspended for doing that.

This is one of the biggest stars that came out of Kentucky. He was also Steph Curry's babysitter.

Tiny D wants America to be like Florida

A state with no industry, no high tech and no modern businesses. Florida is most similar to a third world country that relies on tourism and agriculture. If somehow we could put this into a campaign I think it may enlighten people.

The greatest version of "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

To think Rolling Stone did not include her in the top 100 singers.

The Federalist Society

Is the beginning of white victimhood. It was formed because a bunch of white upper class kidís in college felt sorry for themselves and instead of individually standing up for themselves they had to start a group because they were weak.

Charlie Scott- unsung hero

Charlie was the first African American basketball player at UNC.

I was commenting on youtube to all those people who love Sowell and I wrote this.

To all you people who love Sowell please take a look at a real hero who is also from Harlem. This is what heroes did in the sixties. Charlie Scott also went to Stuyesant so intellectually he is on par with Sowell. Sowell did nothing(he hung out with William F. Buckley).

Charlie has way more influence than Sowell will ever have. For you basketball people Charlie could play in the NBA today and dominate
Watch the video..

Artificial Intelligence

is way oversold. I work in high tech and our software has AI. We tell every prospect that AI has limitations even though ours appears to be the best in our vertical.

My brother worked at AT&T and he was involved in this area. He agrees. I would never trust FSD from Musk at this point.

Thank you for all the hearts

It is lovely to get these.

I just saw Stephanie Ruhle's

arms. I'm preparing to get smited.
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