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Casady1's Journal
Casady1's Journal
July 5, 2023

People forget lifetime caps on health insurance

was how we used to have insurance. My wife was in the hospital for 25 days 2 years ago. The cost was $700,000. Since then she has had chemo and now radiation. I would owe a million dollars today. Thank you Obama.

July 4, 2023

On this July 4th- Celebrate John Roberts

dedication to equal rights. As we remember Conservatives marched and fought in the streets demanding equal rights for African American's and without the dedication of conservatives the Civil Rights, Fair Housing and Voting Rights acts would not have passed.
That is why we understand the emasculation of the Voting Rights act and the end of Affirmative action because John Robert's has realized his life's work and his dream of a color blind society.

This is also the dream of Kavanaugh, Alito, Barrett and Gorsuch. Their families were dedicated to achieving a color blind society and we can thank them and all conservatives to being the group most dedicated to achieving a color blind society.

RIGHT. name a conservative who ever did anything for Civil Rights. Name jut one.

This 40 year quest of Robert's to me means that Robert's never thought the African American's he went to college were his equal and has had this ax to grind since Yale.

June 30, 2023

John Danforth- nominated for worst judge of character

Clarence Thomas and Josh Hawley- need I say anymore.

June 22, 2023

President Biden should have a press conference

on the supreme Court addressing gifts and ethics. He should simply state that as part of the job one should not accept gifts and travel from anyone. He should simply state that as soon as you accept the position of an associate justice that you have to divorce yourself from politics and association with political organizations. Furthermore, he should emphasize that no one should need to be told that and as a person with a lifetime appointment one has to abide by these rules. Finally he should say "We are not 5 years old where we ask our parents if this is okay"

June 20, 2023

DU locking up Iphone

Has anyone had their iphone locked up by the DU website?

June 13, 2023

If any drug should be outlawed

it is alcohol. That drug has the ability to confuse people enough to make really bad decisions. Recently, A young man who played football at UGA was killed as a passenger in a racing accident after a celebration of their national championships.
Two days ago my sister in-law's sisters best friend was killed by a women who jumped the curb and hit her on the sidewalk. The women who was killed was also good friends of my brother and his wife.

This drug is easily the most destructive drug of them all. This is in response to how we demonize all the other drugs.

June 12, 2023

Liv Golf following republican stealing

An Argentine corporation has filed a federal trademark infringement lawsuit against the LIV Golf League and its HyFlyers GC team captained by Phil Mickelson, accusing them of copying its 20-year-old logo for a popular skateboarding and lifestyle apparel brand.

As it typical republican fashion Liv and Phil are stealing IP or in many cases songs for rallies. Why do these people think it is okay to use someone's property.


June 11, 2023

American's should boycott golf

for the next year. Don't go to any tournaments including the majors. Tank the TV ratings I think this is one of the few times that the fans could affect this merger.

June 8, 2023

The new boss is not that same as the old boss- PGA

Imagine on Sunday you were your own boss. You decided where and when to play. When you won it was clean money. You were helping with charities. You were proud to be in control of your own life.

Now you work for the House of Saud. The money you make is dirty. You are helping the terrorists and murderers wash their image.
You now feel dirty.
As opposed to you Phil they do not like to swallow Saudi sperm.

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