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Member since: Sun Jan 8, 2023, 01:18 AM
Number of posts: 1,273

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Random Thoughts On Young Voters, And Me... And Maybe Even You

I joined up with a group of young people years and years ago.
The older generation ridiculed them...
But they grew in numbers, and people started to listen.
They were funny looking, and listened to music that was loud and bothered people.
They were super welcoming, and accepted everyone.
They had NO political backing, but their numbers kept growing.
And because their numbers kept growing and growing, things started to change
The politicians started backing these young people because their number grew again and again
And they learned from their elders, who usually had good and valuable advice
And the elders somehow felt younger, and the young ones sometimes felt smart and maybe even wise
And they changed race relations, and became brothers and sisters
And they changed gender relations and became brothers and sisters
And they changed politics by running for office
And they ended an unpopular war
And they started talking world peace
And they advocated for the health of their planet...

So even though the calendar tells me I'm 67, I'm gonna hang with this new group of kids.
They seem pretty hip, and who knows... maybe I can learn a thing or two from them, if they'll have me.

Anybody Have Any Idea On The Actual Mechanics Of Arresting A Former President ?

This was brought up on one of the MSNBC shows the other day. I was trying to hear from the kitchen, so I just got a few snips.

Somebody was saying, that just like any other arrest, they would be booked, fingerprinted, mugshot and arraigned.

And the other person quipped, "All the while being followed around by the Secret Service."

They laughed and the segment ended. I need more info !!!

I later caught a partial bit of some discussion of whether Desantis would honor the turning over of Trump (From Florida to New York).

So seriously... especially with Secret Service protection... How DOES one arrest a former President of the United States?

Hmmm... NY Crimes May Be More Than Just Hush Money...


Destroying independent courts is essential to the attack on democracy - David Pepper


Biden in 2020: "No more drilling on federal lands. Period. Period. Period. Period." - YouTube

Biden in 2020: "No more drilling on federal lands. Period. Period. Period. Period."

Now THAT, Is A Positive Attitude... "Every day is a good day..."


Iran: Child detainees subjected to flogging, electric shocks and sexual violence... (Amnesty Intl.)

Iran: Child detainees subjected to flogging, electric shocks and sexual violence in brutal protest crackdown - AmnestyInternational
March 16, 2023

Iran’s intelligence and security forces have been committing horrific acts of torture, including beatings, flogging, electric shocks, rape and other sexual violence against child protesters as young as 12 to quell their involvement in nationwide protests, said Amnesty International today.

Marking six months of the unprecedented popular uprising in Iran, sparked by the death in custody of Mahsa (Zhina) Amini, Amnesty International reveals the violence meted out to children arrested during and in the aftermath of protests. The research exposes the torture methods that the Revolutionary Guards, the paramilitary Basij, the Public Security Police and other security and intelligence forces used against boys and girls in custody to punish and humiliate them and to extract forced “confessions.”

“Iranian state agents have torn children away from their families and subjected them to unfathomable cruelties. It is abhorrent that officials have wielded such power in a criminal manner over vulnerable and frightened children, inflicting severe pain and anguish upon them and their families and leaving them with severe physical and mental scars. This violence against children exposes a deliberate strategy to crush the vibrant spirit of the country’s youth and stop them from demanding freedom and human rights,” said Diana Eltahawy, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa.

“The authorities must immediately release all children detained solely for peacefully protesting. With no prospect of effective impartial investigations into the torture of children domestically, we call on all states to exercise universal jurisdiction over Iranian officials, including those with command or superior responsibility, reasonably suspected of criminal responsibility for crimes under international law, including the torture of child protesters.”

Link: https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2023/03/iran-child-detainees-subjected-to-flogging-electric-shocks-and-sexual-violence-in-brutal-protest-crackdown/

Some Economic Facts On The Willow Project:

The dubious economic calculus behind the Willow Project - TheGrist
The ConocoPhillips venture is supposed to secure energy independence and Alaskan prosperity. It probably won’t achieve either.

Some estimates say Alaska could see $6 billion in revenue from the Willow Project, but that payout is years away. In the short term, the state may actually see a decrease in revenue. Because the project is on federal land, the state can only collect production taxes on the project and can’t collect royalties on the oil produced there. More importantly, ConocoPhillips can use a carveout in the state’s tax law to write off its expenses for this project against the taxes the company pays on its other oil developments in the state. One analysis, conducted by the governor’s office in 2018, forecast that the state wouldn’t see a positive economic impact from the Willow Project until 2026 and that the development would result in up to $1.6 billion in negative revenue through 2025 — a 6 percent decrease to the state’s overall revenue. An analysis from this year, conducted by Alaska’s Department of Revenue, says the project wouldn’t become “cash flow positive” for the state until 2035.

While the state would see negative revenue from the project’s first years of operation, municipalities will admittedly see more immediate positive benefits. Production taxes from the project are earmarked as grant programs for local communities, especially in the North Slope borough. The Department of Revenue’s recent analysis shows the North Slope will get $1.3 billion through 2053, and the cash will start flowing in the coming months. Communities impacted by the project will get an additional $3.7 billion over the next three decades.

Of course, the communities closest to drilling face a complex and sobering set of tradeoffs. The Alaska Native Village of Nuiqsut is going to be virtually surrounded by oil fields as a result of the approval of Willow, which threatens the subsistence hunting and fishing that has long sustained the town’s households. Nuiqsut’s mayor has been vocally opposed to the Willow Project, and local tribal leaders passed a resolution opposing it in 2019.

Zooming out, Wight said, the project signals to Alaskans, oil companies, and the rest of the world that the United States believes there will still be a market for Conoco’s oil three decades from now. At that time, however, the world’s governments should be completing a transition to clean energy. Indeed, President Biden recently signed a law that puts the nation on track to slash emissions 50 percent by 2030. How can that be the same world that needs 600 million new barrels of oil from Willow?

Link: https://grist.org/energy/willow-project-economic-benefits-alaska-energy-independence/

My Pillow Guy Whines, Seems They're Going Broke ?


Feb. 9, 2020, New Hampshire Town Hall, Candidate Joe Biden:

As he campaigned for president in 2020, Joe Biden responded to a New Hampshire town hall question unequivocally, adding repetition for emphasis.

"No more drilling on federal lands," he said Feb. 9, 2020. "Period. Period. Period. Period."

Biden repeated his stance a month later, saying at a presidential primary debate: "No more drilling on federal lands. No more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, period, ends."

Link: https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2023/mar/15/joe-biden/president-joe-biden-flip-flopped-allowing-new-oil/

He asked us to believe him. And ya know what ? I did.

180 degree turns come with a lot of g-force, ya know ?

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