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RNC flag burner sues Cleveland, InfoWars for 2016 convention arrest
Jan 11 - Cleveland.com

White House does not deny Trump 's---hole' comments
Jan 11 - The Hill

Pelosi, Dems accuse GOP of moving goalposts on DACA deal
Jan 11 - The Hill

Dem lawmaker: Why do we allow presidents from 's---hole companies' like Trump Org?
Jan 11 - The Hill

Texas failed to educate, monitor disabled students: federal report
Jan 11 - Reuters

Pelosi: 'Five white guys' leading DACA talks should open a 'hamburger stand'
Jan 11 - Politico

UPDATED: Trump accuses ex-Mueller team member Peter Strzok of treason
Jan 11 - RawStory

Trump attacks protections for immigrants from 'shithole' countries in Oval Office meeting
Jan 11 - Washington Post

Trump Is the Last Person Who Should Have Power to Start a Nuclear War, Says Former Missile Officer
Jan 11 - Newsweek

Trump allies urge him not to talk to Mueller
Jan 11 - CNN

Dem pledges to ask all court nominees about sexual harassment history under oath
Jan 11 - The Hill

GOP lawmaker proposes bill to grant residency for Salvadoran immigrants
Jan 11 - The Hill

Putin says 'shrewd' Kim Jong Un has outwitted Trump in nuke standoff between North Korea & U.S.
Jan 11 - Newsweek Magazine

DOJ: Kobach Can't Speak To What Will Be Done With Voter Fraud Panels Data
Jan 11 - Talking Points Memo

Bannon to appear before Congress committee for Russia probe
Jan 11 - Reuters

Trump lauded delivery of F-52s to Norway. The planes only exist in 'Call of Duty.'
Jan 11 - The Washington Post

Trump hits the brakes on Senate immigration deal
Jan 11 - The Hill

Trump Administration Gives Lucrative Waiver To Trumps Bank
Jan 11 - National Memo

Walmart quietly lays off thousands of workers after bonus announcement
Jan 11 - Think Progress

Paul Ryan says Trump knows what FISA provision is
Jan 11 - CBS News

New Trump administration tax guidelines rely on workers to double-check their paychecks
Jan 11 - WAPO

Another GOP governor wants state excluded from Trump offshore drilling plan
Jan 11 - CBS News

'World's Most Magnificent Time Machine,' the James Webb Space Telescope, Leaving Houston
Jan 11 - Space.com

Bannon Lawyers Up; Russia Investigators Ready to Pounce
Jan 11 - The Daily Beast

Democratic leaders face internal mutiny over Dreamers deal
Jan 11 - Politico

Dayton Mayor Whaley expected to drop out of governors race
Jan 11 - Dayton.com

Exclusive: Issa mulls running in neighboring district
Jan 11 - The Hill

Sam's Club stores close around the country
Jan 11 - KSWO.Com ABC 7 News

Health & Science Trump administration freezes database of addiction and mental health programs
Jan 11 - Washington Post

Jerry Browns Legacy: A $6.1 Billion Budget Surplus in California
Jan 11 - WSJ

Trump tweets poll that gives Obama credit for economy
Jan 11 - Newsweek Magazine

Actor James Franco Accused by 5 Women of Inappropriate or Sexually Exploitative Behavior
Jan 11 - LA Times

A Fourth Young Immigrant Woman Is Being Blocked by the Trump Administration From Obtaining...
Jan 11 - The ACLU

GOP's Cramer won't run for ND Senate
Jan 11 - The Hill

Sessions assembles team to probe support for Hezbollah
Jan 11 - The Hill

Trump urges House to reauthorize NSA surveillance after ripping it in a tweet
Jan 11 - The Hill

Trump team: Memo will show transition emails should not have been given to Mueller: report
Jan 11 - The Hill

Pope to meet with victims of Chile's dictatorship on trip
Jan 11 - Associated Press

Walmart is raising wages and giving bonuses, citing tax cuts
Jan 11 - Axios

Teacher accused of telling black student he might be lynched
Jan 11 - Associated Press

Ex-S. Carolina Detective Facing Misconduct Trial Found Dead
Jan 11 - Associated Press

Treasury yields rise after another central bank considers taking the punch bowl away
Jan 11 - CNBC

Kremlin: U.S. report accusing Russia of election meddling harms relations
Jan 11 - Reuters

Trump administration opens door to let states impose Medicaid work requirements
Jan 11 - Washington Post

Doctor charged in radio host wife's slaying due in court
Jan 11 - Associated Press

Sessions telling allies he hopes recent moves will get him back in Trump's good graces: report
Jan 11 - The Hill

U.S. deploys three powerful B-2 stealth bombers to Guam amid cooling tensions on Korean Peninsula
Jan 11 - Japan Times

Britain rejects request to grant Julian Assange diplomatic status amid report of Ecuador citizenship
Jan 11 - The Telegraph

Conway: Trump 'Discovered' a Wall Not Needed Across Entire Border
Jan 11 - The Daily Beast

Trump Goes After FBI and Clinton After Watching Fox & Friends: 'What a Mess!'
Jan 11 - Mediate

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