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Sun Jul 22, 2012, 03:54 PM Jul 2012

Do you respect your governor? [View all]

I don't have much respect for mine, really none. I'm just curious how other DU'ers feel about theirs ...

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30 (65%)
3 (7%)
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Do you respect your governor? [View all] RKP5637 Jul 2012 OP
we have Gov Snowflake Sammy Brownback we are living in Brownbeckistan demtenjeep Jul 2012 #1
He's a real POS. n/t RKP5637 Jul 2012 #5
Brown is ok, I guess Liberal_in_LA Jul 2012 #2
He's certainly better than Ah-nuld was. Initech Jul 2012 #91
no. texas. nt seabeyond Jul 2012 #3
That was easy!!! lol n/t RKP5637 Jul 2012 #7
grinnin... yup. nt seabeyond Jul 2012 #12
Registering my no. sadbear Jul 2012 #18
sayin.... lol. a hoot him trying to run for pres. the nation got to see seabeyond Jul 2012 #22
Not only what we have sadbear Jul 2012 #32
sigh... ya. i think the last one he cheated. nt seabeyond Jul 2012 #36
Why do people keep voting him into office. I saw what he was immediately when RKP5637 Jul 2012 #100
It kinda vindicates the trashing of Texas on DU sadbear Jul 2012 #103
O'Malley's pretty good. elleng Jul 2012 #4
Yes. Jerry Brown lunatica Jul 2012 #6
^^ abolugi Jul 2012 #45
Agree, n/t kiranon Jul 2012 #52
yes shanti Jul 2012 #60
Sam Brownback greymattermom Jul 2012 #8
That guy works hard to make Kansas look bad whenever he gets a chance. n/t RKP5637 Jul 2012 #10
agree, did you see the Eagle's article on the republican party demtenjeep Jul 2012 #11
I think he wants to take up back to the 1750s, not the 1950s. LonePirate Jul 2012 #37
Deval Patrick rocks graywarrior Jul 2012 #9
Yes. Martin O'Malley, Maryland. Bertha Venation Jul 2012 #13
Hell no n/t OhioChick Jul 2012 #14
Tom Corbett? Where is the "Hell No" choice? blue neen Jul 2012 #15
DITTO! BumRushDaShow Jul 2012 #40
Gov Corporate? Freddie Jul 2012 #54
Agree 100%. blue neen Jul 2012 #59
Gov. Gashole? No F'n way. femmocrat Jul 2012 #57
I'm in FL Incitatus Jul 2012 #16
Governor Voldemort is not on my list of people I respect OriginalGeek Jul 2012 #114
No! I live in Wi. old guy Jul 2012 #17
We have Rick 'We don't need to continue those film incentives' Snyder Siwsan Jul 2012 #19
Another "no" for fascist Snyder here! JNelson6563 Jul 2012 #118
That is a NO to Ohio's Kasich.... FarPoint Jul 2012 #20
Mark Dayton rocks! Odin2005 Jul 2012 #21
I totally agree Generic Brad Jul 2012 #72
Quinn (Il.) is a little dorky and arguably outgunned, but I think he's a good man. Gidney N Cloyd Jul 2012 #23
He may be the cleanest pol in Illinois making him exactly what we need right now. ieoeja Jul 2012 #116
respect Rick Scott? . . . hahahahhahahahahha sniff snortle hahahahahahaha DrDan Jul 2012 #24
Really....I almost choked on the question. BlueJazz Jul 2012 #94
Respect Nikki Haley? GoCubsGo Jul 2012 #25
Walker?......Hell no. yourout Jul 2012 #26
Jan Brewer? ChazInAz Jul 2012 #27
FUCK no DainBramaged Jul 2012 #28
!!! BumRushDaShow Jul 2012 #42
I guess. cali Jul 2012 #29
Governator "I want to secede" Perry? hobbit709 Jul 2012 #30
Not only no, but HELL NO. Blue_In_AK Jul 2012 #31
Absolutely NOT WI_DEM Jul 2012 #33
Peter Shumlin is handmade34 Jul 2012 #34
Yes. Mark Dayton is all that stands between us The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2012 #35
Yep. Thank God he was elected. Zoeisright Jul 2012 #67
though many don't barbtries Jul 2012 #38
Yes Missouri Nixon has been very good. rwheeler31 Jul 2012 #39
I like Nixon. I don't live in MO, but Nixon seems good to me, and I never RKP5637 Jul 2012 #68
Perry maddezmom Jul 2012 #41
VA here, not one tiny bit. obxhead Jul 2012 #43
What you said about Governor Transvaginal Ultrasound. n/t phylny Jul 2012 #61
Agreed. The only thing worse than our gov. is our attorney general! Va Lefty Jul 2012 #64
Washington State loves Governor Gregoire. She has done an excellent job. Evergreen Emerald Jul 2012 #44
The only bright spot in Kentucky.... CherokeeDem Jul 2012 #46
Agreed. We could have it much worse. nt Comrade_McKenzie Jul 2012 #49
NO = Bobby = Louisiana = another NO Laf.La.Dem. Jul 2012 #47
Beshear is quite moderate. But it could be worse in Kentucky. nt Comrade_McKenzie Jul 2012 #48
Sometimes Marrah_G Jul 2012 #50
Fucking HELL NO! IMO Rick Scott is a sociopath! L0oniX Jul 2012 #51
Yes - WA - Christine Gregoire KT2000 Jul 2012 #53
Terry "I started ALEC and now I can't play" Branstad rurallib Jul 2012 #55
Hell, NO! MarianJack Jul 2012 #56
Yes. Jerry Brown is kicking ass. vanlassie Jul 2012 #58
Paul LePage. peacefreak Jul 2012 #62
Gov Jerry Brown - and yes Taverner Jul 2012 #63
Yes, I do. IrishEyes Jul 2012 #65
Jerry Brown ... he beats the alternative of Meg Witless nt Raine Jul 2012 #66
I decline to vote since FUCK NO wasn't an option Major Nikon Jul 2012 #69
O'Malley wipes the floor with GOP hacks on political shows Kingofalldems Jul 2012 #70
He sure does. Funny how Bobby Haircut has disappeared leaving Michael Steele to madinmaryland Jul 2012 #88
Nathan Deal? cordelia Jul 2012 #71
I second that! gademocrat7 Jul 2012 #77
No way. n/t RiffRandell Jul 2012 #105
ditto! n/t ablamj Jul 2012 #119
Nope...we're in Iowa Bettie Jul 2012 #73
My gov is Dan Malloy (CT) a Dem. I voted for him. I like what he is doing. CTyankee Jul 2012 #74
Tom "The Fracker" Corbett - So no. GoneOffShore Jul 2012 #75
Jan Brewer? not one teeney bit of respect for her. jillan Jul 2012 #76
Well mine just went on national isuphighyeah Jul 2012 #78
MA - Gov Patrick has done and is doing YankeyMCC Jul 2012 #79
You mean J.R. Simplot's former son-in-law? No. jmowreader Jul 2012 #80
Goodhair Perry? Skittles Jul 2012 #81
ditto catrose Jul 2012 #83
now the whole f***ing country knows he is the intellectual equivalent of a fencepost Skittles Jul 2012 #87
Um...Rick Perry. Need I say more? w8liftinglady Jul 2012 #82
My Governor is a great person Bjorn Against Jul 2012 #84
My gov is GOP from new mexico nmbluesky Jul 2012 #85
Martin O'Malley: Yes JaneQPublic Jul 2012 #86
YES! Martin O'Malley! madinmaryland Jul 2012 #89
Same here n/t deutsey Jul 2012 #108
Me too! Xyzse Jul 2012 #111
Yes Governor Brown-D CA PufPuf23 Jul 2012 #90
Yes, Cuomo. stevenleser Jul 2012 #92
I agree. HappyMe Jul 2012 #112
No. UnrepentantLiberal Jul 2012 #93
Andrew Cuomo's mine customerserviceguy Jul 2012 #95
He's been gunning for teachers, wants to be president nt adigal Jul 2012 #98
No, and I SO SO SO miss Jennifer Granholm. n/t gollygee Jul 2012 #96
True Blue in Oregon - I like it OutNow Jul 2012 #97
Terry Braindead, Mr. ALEC? NO!! Cairycat Jul 2012 #99
You can not use the word "Respect" and the name "Joe Manchin" in the same sentence 1-Old-Man Jul 2012 #101
There isn't a "Are you fucking serious?" option demwing Jul 2012 #102
I Live In Ohio, So Not Only "No," But "HAYELLLLLL NO!!!" ChoppinBroccoli Jul 2012 #104
I do. Mark Dayton is a good man and a good governor. nt hifiguy Jul 2012 #106
Rick Scott- what number is less then zero percent? KaryninMiami Jul 2012 #107
Hickenlooper bluedigger Jul 2012 #109
I'm from MD Xyzse Jul 2012 #110
Guess how I responded to Perry being the governor? LOL nt snappyturtle Jul 2012 #113
Jerry Brown - CA Mz Pip Jul 2012 #115
Hell no. I live in Ohio. rexcat Jul 2012 #117
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