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29. I say show all the pictures. Show what guns really do.
Thu Feb 15, 2018, 11:09 AM
Feb 2018

Show the maimed and deformed bodies. Show the faces turned into a pink pulp, and the blood-soaked corpses.

Hollywood has romanticized the idea of getting shot. It’s not just a body with a small hole in it that looks like it’s sleeping. People have no idea how messy gunshot wounds really are.

Though the bullets are tiny, wounds left by AR-15 rounds create a mess. A lot of families won’t even be able to have an open casket. Their last memory of their loved one will be gruesome and horrible.

People need to see what these destructive devices do. Hollywood has sanitized them. I’m not for banning guns (even AR-15s), but we need to lose the romanticized view of guns that our society has.

The Cleaners begin their work. [View all] Fred Sanders Feb 2018 OP
It will be the same old shit again. America is a nation of professional mourners, and then it ends. RKP5637 Feb 2018 #1
Students streaming out schools on a video loop is the best they can do...always the same. Fuckers. Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #3
I don't think they're allowed to, by FCC rules. bearsfootball516 Feb 2018 #2
But Saying Pussy & Shithole, Perfectly Acceptable SoCalMusicLover Feb 2018 #4
It's a completely propagandized nation. It's damn disgusting. The chief pussy grabber can say RKP5637 Feb 2018 #8
Fucking NRA and fucking corrupt politicians at ththe fucking trough: Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #13
Yes, from Russia. htuttle Feb 2018 #14
It's just about a totally corrupt place. I would get the hell out of I could. I think the future for RKP5637 Feb 2018 #15
More like NRA and corporate media rules. We need a light. Not more blackouts of the violence. Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #5
I used to think that might spur some gun control, but after the first 100 or so pictures of Vinca Feb 2018 #6
If I were a younger person and had the chance, I would be out of the US damn fast. The RKP5637 Feb 2018 #10
I have to agree with you completely. Vinca Feb 2018 #12
He Was Not Even The First SoCalMusicLover Feb 2018 #11
It will be kids with phones taking pictures that finally get the cruelty trc Feb 2018 #7
And start televising executions. marble falls Feb 2018 #9
No way... Blue_Tires Feb 2018 #16
Thats a good articlethank you renate Feb 2018 #17
That is very true that it would be up to the family members of the victims. logosoco Feb 2018 #32
It was images of the horror of war that turned the tide of public opinion in Vietnam. The graphic Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #35
Here you go, OP: Blue_Tires Feb 2018 #18
Sounds of gunfire and terror are not near enough to shock the nation to action. To the contrary Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #19
The blood (and presumably dead bodies) weren't enough for you? Blue_Tires Feb 2018 #20
Thanks. I have a small phone. I see it now. It is good start but will it be broadcast? Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #21
Please watch it closely all the way through Blue_Tires Feb 2018 #22
Yes I did. Truly shocking...almost exactly what is needed. Also this: Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #23
Creative movement of your goalposts from their initial location. LanternWaste Feb 2018 #24
?? Goalposts were where and where are they now. Same goalposts! Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #25
Horrible underpants Feb 2018 #27
+1 uponit7771 Feb 2018 #28
Everyone should see this. berni_mccoy Feb 2018 #33
I voted malaise Feb 2018 #26
I say show all the pictures. Show what guns really do. Oneironaut Feb 2018 #29
It is harsh,but we as a society do need to see the real brutality. logosoco Feb 2018 #30
"It does seem harsh, but when it is sanitized it is not hitting folks hard enough...." Fred Sanders Feb 2018 #31
Turned The Tide In Vietnam ProfessorGAC Feb 2018 #34
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