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6. DU is like the Hotel California...you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.
Fri May 25, 2018, 09:16 PM
May 2018

Just because you aren't posting doesn't mean you are gone because I am sure there dead DUers still listed as active members and you can't get more gone than that.
Now I am a DU member even though I don't consider myself a DUer, I just post here even though I've been a "member" for years. So after my next post, hitting 19,000, I will take a time-out until the midterms are over since the echo chamber is reeling in my ears.
It will be interesting to come back after the midterms when it will either be strutting and celebrating here or wailing and gnashing of teeth punctuated by finger pointing and conspiracies.
As an atheist I don't believe in an afterlife once I'm dead or a pre-life before I was born, but I know I will never be dead here at DU as long as I can pad the membership list.
To paraphrase Garrison Keillor, the Democratic Underground-where all the members consider themselves smart, good looking, and above average. And I resemble that remark.

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