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42. Because "what constitutes health care" HAS BEEN DEFINED BY A FOR PROFIT SYSTEM, up to this point,
Sat Aug 4, 2012, 11:14 PM
Aug 2012

and, ergo, "what constitutes health care" has NOT been defined by what necessarily benefits patients or improves their health, "what constitutes health care" NEEDS to be re-defined.

The fact that "what constitutes health care" HAS been defined by for profit systems means that PROFIT is the primary characteristic of "what constitutes health care" and IF we want to proceed toward a real possibility of Single Payer Health Care, we must address rising COSTS especially as the PROFIT motive contributes to those rising costs. If we don't do that, that is address rising costs as they are produced by profits, if we don't do that, Single Payer WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE, . . . ergo "what constitutes health care" as it has been defined by FOR PROFIT systems, NEEDS TO BE REDEFINED to place the care of patients as the highest priority, not profit, and thus not only do better for patients (in health care resources that are widely recognized to produce some of the worst results on earth - BECAUSE "what constitutes health care" has been defined by PROFIT, not by patients), but also reduce costs thus making it possible to provide more coverage for more people.

You can read more about that from the primary source on that subject of redefining "what constitutes health care", which should be a little more complete than and provide at least some balance to a secondary source such as Common Dreams:


Keep kicked for answers goclark Aug 2012 #1
Thank you I don't want to sound like a bitch but it is just hard especially since right now he Justice wanted Aug 2012 #2
You can't work? I don't see how anyone makes it these days w/o both spouses working. nt Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #51
I CAN work I CAN'T find a job Justice wanted Aug 2012 #56
what kind sweetapogee Aug 2012 #77
Right now I'm looking for anything. I have a BA in Travel and tourism! I don't see what that has Justice wanted Aug 2012 #84
try this handmade34 Aug 2012 #3
Was your husband's company subsidizing his insurance? enlightenment Aug 2012 #4
We live in the Great state of PA where Corbett is screwing over the people left and right just like Justice wanted Aug 2012 #6
kick lunatica Aug 2012 #5
One's a Repub the other is Casey and if I remember correctly he was against the bill (please Justice wanted Aug 2012 #7
Casey voted for the health care bill. appleannie1 Aug 2012 #30
Thank you. I should hopefully get the truth from his office and some help. Thank you. Justice wanted Aug 2012 #31
The ACA state based Insurance Exchanges are supposed to be set up by 2014. patrice Aug 2012 #8
That's a long way away from now. And it doesn't explain the $150 to $300 price increase. Zalatix Aug 2012 #9
Ins Co must spend 80-85% of premium dollars on the client's care or refund it. patrice Aug 2012 #11
Yes, so why did costs go from $150 to $300 suddenly? Zalatix Aug 2012 #12
Most likely his company was paying part of that and quit. Fuddnik Aug 2012 #39
The law is not fully in effect yet. ACA can't enforce premium requirements without the exchanges. patrice Aug 2012 #40
I am absolutely gobsmacked by the sheer fuckedup-ness of that move. Zalatix Aug 2012 #48
And your subject matter expertise on insurance is? There are opinions & then there are opinions. patrice Aug 2012 #58
Not all states will have exchanges. Texas won't. Don't know about PA. BUT fed will subsidize... Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #49
I am informed that at least some states, such as Kansas, will get the basic exchange structure patrice Aug 2012 #71
Thx. It was in our paper this weekend...the fed will do the exchanges here in TX. nt Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #93
All states will have exchanges. bornskeptic Aug 2012 #72
I hope you're right. But I've read that's not true. It's part of the opt-out part. The state won't Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #73
+100 for dispelling disinfo. n/t lumberjack_jeff Aug 2012 #74
I looked that up. You're right! What a relief. Texas will have exchanges, thank goodness. Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #75
The bill says if the states don't set up the exchanges, the fed government does it for them! ala fla SugarShack Aug 2012 #90
Thx. nt Honeycombe8 Aug 2012 #92
mind you hubby gets paid every 2 weeks. right now $150 comes out of each pay making it $300 a month Justice wanted Aug 2012 #13
The ACA is supposed to prevent price increases like that. Zalatix Aug 2012 #15
It needs the exchanges up and running in order to do that. They're scheduled to be so by 2014. patrice Aug 2012 #41
I doesn't sound like a policy increase, it sounds like a who pays increase. n/t A Simple Game Aug 2012 #47
If my husband has to give up the insurance will it be harder for him to get the exchange in 2014 Justice wanted Aug 2012 #10
No. There is no possibility they can turn him down for a pre-existing illness lunatica Aug 2012 #14
I know and the two types of medicine he needs is a total of $300.00 a month. We are Justice wanted Aug 2012 #16
Get a hold of the drug companies--find out if they have a hardship program. Many do. MADem Aug 2012 #26
then it would be silly to give up the insurance mzteris Aug 2012 #57
Not being able to turn someone down is one thing. Making the premiums prohibitive is another... truth2power Aug 2012 #37
Because "what constitutes health care" HAS BEEN DEFINED BY A FOR PROFIT SYSTEM, up to this point, patrice Aug 2012 #42
No doubt it needs to be redefined. But in this case it's still the insurance company truth2power Aug 2012 #44
I read the entire article the other day when it was being used to "prove" what a bad person Obama is patrice Aug 2012 #45
Where in that article does the author even mention Pres. Obama? She directs all of her anger truth2power Aug 2012 #60
All good points, but missed by those who are more busy "proving" their own predictions about how patrice Aug 2012 #70
I'm sorry.. I don't understand what you're saying in that second paragraph... truth2power Aug 2012 #79
It looks as though there is assistance for those who are un-insured because of pre-existing patrice Aug 2012 #27
If he survives without insurance until Jan 2014, nobody will be able to kestrel91316 Aug 2012 #76
First of all, she said she lives in PA Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #17
I know this sounds impossible, but Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #18
We know what it will be a month $300 dollars and We already are having a tight budget Justice wanted Aug 2012 #19
I am sorry for your situation. Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #23
What if it is a mix in which Hubby pays half and company pays half. Justice wanted Aug 2012 #20
The problem as I see it is Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #24
Which I would not be surprised is happening. This should be investigated BECAUSE every job Justice wanted Aug 2012 #25
Are you certain that your husband's company is getting a rebate? WillowTree Aug 2012 #63
I don't know but they way I've heard people talking a lot of insurance companies are going to have Justice wanted Aug 2012 #66
But not all companies are going to have to. WillowTree Aug 2012 #68
I found some information for you. Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #65
Thanks for the info but unfortunately the fact remains that my hubby is screwed (and not the way he Justice wanted Aug 2012 #67
it should be by percentage then, if the company pays half they get half the rebate you the other loli phabay Aug 2012 #50
It should be. Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #64
What kind of a sick country is this where this sort of thing happens? Patiod Aug 2012 #21
My friends living in europe and canada will not come back here if they were forced too. Justice wanted Aug 2012 #22
I think it depends on your situation, if you have good coverage and can afford it then the system loli phabay Aug 2012 #52
well, I have no coverage Patiod Aug 2012 #53
never said anyhting different, personally my circumstances at the moment i prefer the system here loli phabay Aug 2012 #54
Not pointing the finger at you - pointing at the current system Patiod Aug 2012 #59
"...and can afford it..." What it comes down to is MONEY. And it shouldn't be that way... truth2power Aug 2012 #61
totally disagree, if someone wants to pay over the odds for elective surgery then they should be loli phabay Aug 2012 #62
I'm not talking about people for whom money is no object. They're fortunate enough to have a choice truth2power Aug 2012 #78
i dont disagree with that just that i dont think you can shut of private medicine as well loli phabay Aug 2012 #82
There's supposed to be an ACA appeals portal somewhere: patrice Aug 2012 #28
I'd move out of Pennsylvania jerseygal Aug 2012 #29
I live on the border of Ohio.. Justice wanted Aug 2012 #34
I too will kick this to keep info. on this topic coming in.... midnight Aug 2012 #32
I have BC/BS of FL HMO , and i only pay $140 a month darkangel218 Aug 2012 #33
His employer is a corporation that is based out of New York they took over his hotel and they Justice wanted Aug 2012 #36
Sometimes paying it yourself is cheaper than the ppo. darkangel218 Aug 2012 #38
individual plans can turn you down mzteris Aug 2012 #55
I'd love to see some substantiation that employers are lowering premiums. riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #81
I'm telling the honest truth mzteris Aug 2012 #85
I'm the owner/operator of a small biz and my rates are going up 8% this year riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #87
My company's premiums just went up 10%. MadrasT Aug 2012 #83
what can I tell you . . mzteris Aug 2012 #86
Okay, the ACA provisions you need aren't in effect until 2014, but I'd still find out more about patrice Aug 2012 #35
Will keep looking. Justice wanted Aug 2012 #46
omg. I hope he's able to keep his insurance Liberal_in_LA Aug 2012 #43
you indicated you are not on his plan ProdigalJunkMail Aug 2012 #69
Have you checked out the the Canadian pharmacies for his medicines? RebelOne Aug 2012 #80
We all lost our insurance benefits at our little non-profit today. Gone. 27 staff, top down. Zorra Aug 2012 #88
If it makes you feel any better, I believe this may be another way to get single payer riderinthestorm Aug 2012 #91
just remember that people make money off of us when shit goes badly fascisthunter Aug 2012 #89
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