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Tue Nov 20, 2018, 09:46 PM Nov 2018

These Avenatti post have got to be trolling! [View all]

I just do not do OPs because I don't normally have anything that I think is of value. But all the post about this guy for the last 6 months is really pissing me off.

So this dude represents a porn star that Donald Trump fucked. And then in public defense of his client he goes on a twitter war with Trump and all the talking heads have him on because, you know, Porn Star. And he loves the publicity as defense lawyer do, for good reason.

So now he is representative of the Democratic Party? Total Bullshit.

I can't believe there are still so many post about him on DU, and even people here talking about him as a Democratic candidate for president? It boggles the mind.

Meanwhile, we have real public servants like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Marcia Fudge and so many more fighting to right this totally fucked ship of state?

I for one will fight against the attempt to turn DU into a reality TV talking platform. I am going to post a version of this post on every Avenatti OP that my time allows.

I love DU because it is a group of serious thinkers talking about serious subjects.

Stop talking about this clown.

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So you start... oh never mind Hassin Bin Sober Nov 2018 #1
Really...I get what you're saying without saying it.... Kajun Gal Nov 2018 #5
I get your point. And it has validity. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #9
I come to DU for the unsolicited advice... SixString Nov 2018 #46
Even though aimed at me. That's funny. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #49
It's more about DU in general. SixString Nov 2018 #50
Bookmarking for later warmth Dennis Donovan Nov 2018 #2
Add a spoon with this OP and one could freebase some Democratic Party descension from it. TheBlackAdder Nov 2018 #19
What if he's being falsely accused of domestic violence? Yosemito Nov 2018 #3
Not sure why all the haters. Anyone who calls out Trump is a friend of mine. nt USALiberal Nov 2018 #7
There is that. He deserves credit for dogging trump. But, running for Prez? Hoyt Nov 2018 #35
My post and discomfort with him has nothing to do with that GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #12
Most threads about him today are about the allegation Yosemito Nov 2018 #14
My beef is that the guy gets so much air time representing or positions GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #16
Who is tying YOU to the guy? No one. He is a voice against trump, a loud one, one Squinch Nov 2018 #43
Then he should go after whoever did it. But he's still got all the OTHER decisions against him. 7962 Nov 2018 #21
I totally agree. He's a complete dirtbag. Oneironaut Nov 2018 #4
Why? Because he's bald? luvtheGWN Nov 2018 #59
Defense attorney? jberryhill Nov 2018 #67
Yup - I am feverishly anti-bald people. Oneironaut Nov 2018 #69
No, I'll keep talking about him. And maybe will do it more often now. nt USALiberal Nov 2018 #6
As you are welcome to do. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #10
Post removed Post removed Nov 2018 #33
Exactly, and that will get at least an alert. n/t Hoyt Nov 2018 #36
Hoyt. You are one of the reason I love DU. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #42
Oh well. It would put to rest the idea that he is not a Democratic figure GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #37
Post removed Post removed Nov 2018 #66
Lots of hair on fire hysteria over how awful it is that a two day old Squinch Nov 2018 #72
The post I replied to was pintobean Nov 2018 #88
And it is so terrible how you all have been so persecuted with censorship and hides, as you were so Squinch Nov 2018 #89
Now, you're just fabricating shit. pintobean Nov 2018 #90
WTF. It's right there in black and white. Squinch Nov 2018 #91
And just for the record, that wasn't me. I found that post hilarious, especially as it lasted as Squinch Nov 2018 #92
He was on CNN and MSNBC a lot oberliner Nov 2018 #8
And if you are pleased with him representing the Democratic Party. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #11
I don't recall Fuzzpope Nov 2018 #18
I agree with lots of what you say about the media GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #24
If the DV allegations are true I'm done with him JonLP24 Nov 2018 #75
Wow. Apt metaphor. Beartracks Nov 2018 #52
Nice post! ZZenith Nov 2018 #53
Thank you, ZZenith. Fuzzpope Nov 2018 #54
I love short novels! ZZenith Nov 2018 #64
No real data to back this up, but it has seemed to me... Pacifist Patriot Nov 2018 #87
Quite the opposite oberliner Nov 2018 #34
DU savior says don't talk about things MyNameGoesHere Nov 2018 #13
I thought this site was to discuss all kinds of things. blueinredohio Nov 2018 #15
It is. And I was discussing how tying ourselves to a guy like this is a bad idea. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #17
I beg to differ. Fuzzpope Nov 2018 #20
The dude has flirted with running for President on our ticket GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #39
So what? If he can put a campaign staff together... DonViejo Nov 2018 #44
Well of course. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #47
His campaign bid is DOA blue cat Nov 2018 #63
Any American can run for President. He's a Democrat, nothing stopping him from running on the Autumn Nov 2018 #74
Showing exculpatory evidence is not "tying oneself? To anyone Yosemito Nov 2018 #68
BS. He represents himself and his clients. He's not an elected Dem official. brush Nov 2018 #81
Post removed Post removed Nov 2018 #25
Yup jberryhill Nov 2018 #32
I understand how you feel, but just ignore it. marylandblue Nov 2018 #22
Oh, I agree. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #27
Post removed Post removed Nov 2018 #23
I stated an opinion. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #40
Post removed Post removed Nov 2018 #62
You feel bullied by an op? Tipperary Nov 2018 #65
I'm kind of mixed on him melman Nov 2018 #26
As a defense lawyer I would want him in a heartbeat GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #30
He's not a defense lawyer. He generally represents plaintiffs in civil cases, The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2018 #85
OMG OMG OMG sheshe2 Nov 2018 #61
He's just angling for his TV show down the road. Likely on MSNBC. 7962 Nov 2018 #28
I bet he just blew his chance for that. NBC, maybe. Hoyt Nov 2018 #38
Buh Bye! RandiFan1290 Dec 2018 #93
So now he is representative of the Democratic Party? Total Bullshit. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #29
Thanks for the support. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #31
The stars are pretty. A little glitter hurts no one. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #41
Proud democrat but losing patience bpositive Nov 2018 #45
We just won huge victories GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #48
He and Trump are cut from the same cloth. Kaleva Nov 2018 #71
As a lawyer and attack dog, I haven't minded him Jarqui Nov 2018 #51
If he's been set up to take the fall on a fake domestic abuse charge, The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2018 #55
What I find really depressing jberryhill Nov 2018 #70
Avenatti is also an example of why so many people don't like lawyers. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2018 #73
I think Gloria Allred does a good job JonLP24 Nov 2018 #76
My impression is that most of the lawyers here on DU are not Avenatti fans onenote Nov 2018 #83
Bingo. He seems to be failing at the one thing he is obligated to do, The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2018 #86
"the enemy of my enemy is my friend" Demonaut Nov 2018 #56
i come to du for the laughs elmac Nov 2018 #57
remember when wikileaks assange was the darling of progressives mastermind Nov 2018 #58
Here's my feelings on the guy. BlueStater Nov 2018 #60
Your opinion is yours but I don't think he's a clown. He's a bulldog who has been useful... brush Nov 2018 #77
I don't think telling DUers who to NOT talk about is gonna work RiverStone Nov 2018 #78
After 2016, how could anyone think it possible kcr Nov 2018 #79
Bait, point, click GusBob Nov 2018 #80
He's already over-exposed MountCleaners Nov 2018 #82
No need to try to control what people post, but your concern is noted. Doodley Nov 2018 #84
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